Wordless Wednesday: Muppet Whatnot

A friend sent mine this picture from FAO Schwarz, knowing my love of all things Muppets. I’ve played around on the Muppet Whatnot web site and this makes reason 1117099 of why I need to go to New York. I think I want one of these more than a Tiffany’s.

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About The Edmonton Tourist

One day I woke up and was decidedly unhappy about the way my life was heading. I decided I needed a change. When I travel I often take new risks, be flexible and am generally adventurous. So, I decided that I need to start being a Tourist in my Own life and not just on vacation. I am many things but the new role for me is Tourist.

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Muppet Whatnot

  1. I’ve found Muppet movies down here and LIttle Sister always asks to watch them “Mup..frog!” It’s adorable and it gives you warm fuzzies that they like what you did as a kid.

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