The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 Pet Peeves

Lately my escape has been the world of other bloggers. I love to read the mishaps and mistakes others make. Or their brilliant insights to some topic, or even their quirky ideas in regards to some inane topic. Lately there has been a run on Pet Peeve lists and I find myself adding to each list at the bottom of their comments. So here I am jumping on the bandwagon and making a Pet Peeve List. I really enjoyed Girl on the Contrary list and Adventures and Insights peeve lists too. You should check them out too! Of course my list is 11 items long for reasons listed here.

Top 11 Pet Peeves!

  1. Bandwagon Jumpers – I HATE it when people can’t make up their own mind and decide for themselves or cheer for winning teams and show not an ounce of loyalty. For instance: When Mark Messier left the Edmonton Oilers, moved to New York and charmed everyone with a Stanley Cup, Edmonton Oiler fans jumped ship and became Ranger Fans. Oh ya, that was me. I HATE it when other people write blogs about topics, such as pet peeves, and then suddenly EVERYONE is doing it. Oh ya, that is me…Hmm,  I HATE that I am a bandwagon jumper!!
  2. Technology challenged people who own a cell phone. I understand that many people are technologically challenged. My father is one of them. I still love him. HOWEVER, don’t go to the movies and open your phone with the light on EXTRA BRIGHT! You have a dim setting…. Know it, use it, love it.
  3. Wallet Searchers. Nothing is more annoying than standing in line at some check-out counter and the person in front of you is surprised when the cashier asks for a method of payment. You have been waiting in line for 15 minutes. You have had nothing to do but look at gum and mints. Open your wallet and find your cards BEFORE it is your turn.
  4. Dilly Dalliers. I am driving the speed limit 😉 on the freeway, come up behind you, use my indicator with the intent to pass you and you speed up so I can’t pass you. Then back in the right lane I go and  you slow down again. At this point, I support road rage and weapons.
  5. Like. I live on the Canadian Prairies. If you look at a map of North America, you will notice that California is fairly far away. That is where Valley Girls live. Alberta Girls are NOT Valley Girls. So never say, “Like, I saw this guy, and he was all like, you know…” You may use “like” as a verb, preposition or conjunction. You may only use it in colloquial speech IF you can tell me what that means. Otherwise stop talking.
  6. Traveling without a plan and then complaining about your trip. Many people enjoy a spontaneous trip. I am not one of them. I like to plan because it brings me joy and enhances my trip. If you are so inclined to travel to Disneyland on the 4th of July and arrive AFTER lunch. Don’t cry to my about the crowds. Traveling without a plan is like trying to win a football game with out a game plan. Do you hear me Lelacheur? You will NEVER win without a game plan… but I digress
  7. Wrong Numbers. Please remember that you called me. So don’t be all mad at me because Sarah doesn’t live at my house. She never did. She gave you the wrong number because you are a dork. Do something about it other than being mad at me.
  8. Cadbury Factory. You sold out and now the new guy ruined you. I shall never forgive you.
  9. Plastic Bottles. In the olden days ( I love saying that!) I use to walk to the Red Rooster (similar to 7-11 but not as far from my house) and purchase a GLASS bottle of Coke. Nothing tasted better. Then Coke became New Coke – gross, then Coke Classic came back but you were put into a plastic bottle. In there you were flat. I miss the extreme fizz and the bite that came from glass.
  10. City Transit. I really want to be a one car family. City Transit is screwy. It takes me an hour to get to work by bus OR 7 minutes by car. Maybe I should just work from home. OR win the lottery.
  11. Cottage Cheese Milk. There is NOTHING worse then making a delightful cup of coffee, reaching into the fridge, removing a BRAND NEW carton of milk, opening it, and pouring it into my coffee. Then watching it pour in chunks. It makes me weep with sorrow over my coffee. Thanks Lucerne.

What will you add to the pet peeve list?


3 thoughts on “The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 Pet Peeves

  1. Just a quick comment on your 1. Peeve, your not a bandwagon jumper, but a blog jumper.

    Do you really want to get me started on my peeves?. 🙂

    1. Driving peeves, they are too numerous to mention all,,,,, but
    2. Cell phone + driving = NOT
    3. Texting + driving = NOT

    4. Learn how to merge people. (50 km/hr does not equal 100 km/hr, SO YOU STOP???!!!!)
    5. And while were on that vein, lets be courteous out there, share the road.
    6. You phoned the wrong phone number – Your supposed to say “sorry” in which ever language, not me.
    7. I deal a with a lot of users on the phone every day. I may or may not recognize your voice, Please tell me who you are, just in case.
    8. Party starts at 7:30, not 9 and stay until you feel like leaving. One of the things I like about my sweetie’s family, get in, cake ‘n coffee, get gone. (Must be an age thing)
    9. Don’t get mad at me, I am ADD, when I’m not medicated I tend to wander, Please just point me back on topic and don’t get too upset with me.
    10. Line jumpers, you Disney freaks will know what I mean, but also with construction tie ups. We’ve all merged to one lane just so you can fly down the empty lane – NOT.
    11. The idiot that lets the aforementioned line jumper in.

    Ahhhhhh, I feel much better.
    Thanks Hon,

  2. I have to say – and you may hate me for this, but we’ve been gifted with the rebirth of the glass bottle for Coke.

    It’s only the smaller bottles, but seeing them takes me back to my youth, when softdrink was a luxury and the glass bottles were like gold.

    Excellent list, I’m also very very bitter about Cadbury.

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