Commen Sense: Don’t Leave Home Without it!

common sense

I am crabby today, or I am intolerant, or maybe it is just a weariness that comes when interacting with people who don’t seem to have common sense!

I know what you are thinking, you actually think everyone is born with common sense. NOT TRUE! Shocking I know, but I see it DAILY! For example: My honey and I were walking through the exit door at Sobey’s. A family was walking IN the exit door at Sobey’s at the same time. In spite of the fact there was an Entrance door, they choose to go throught the Exit door, with their cart and push my honey and I out of the way as if to say WE were doing something wrong by using the proper door. The Woman had a snarky look on her face as if to say “get out of my **** way”. Um, I don’t think so…

Today, I wore in Atomic Green and had Gigantic hair, it was obvious I was standing by the front door at work. The vestibule was crowded and so I waited to see if I could pick a spot to slip into and make my way down the hall. A Woman gave me a shoulder check into the boards door, and pushed me out of the way so she could leave! Did she say “excuse me?” NO! Did she say “Sorry!” NO!!!! Did I want to cross check her and give her an elbow to the teeth? YES! Did I? no… Only wishful thinking on my part. I don’t need a lawsuit just before I go on holidays. Knowing my luck, it would have been all my fault and I would have been charged with attempted something and given 10-15 years in the slammer.

Now that just may be lack of common courtesy not common sense, but both are a issues that are lacking in today’s society. I witnessed a guy walking down the street, not move out of the way for a person in a wheel chair then go head to head with a bus while he was crossing the street. Seriously? You’re mom never taught you to look both ways before crossing the street? Or to show a little kindness to others while walking down the street?

I knew a guy who always said “Don’t let fear and common sense hold you back.” That won’t be a problem for the people I encounter because they possess neither!

I have decided to make a handy list for those of you who need to know if you have common sense or not. If you have done any or all of these things, you should not be left unsupervised. *Please keep in mind that I either know someone who has done some of the items on this list OR watched it happened. Everyone of these common sense lacking items is real.*

You know you lack Common Sense When:

  1. You touch something hot, look at your hand and touch it again to see if you were right about it being hot!
  2. Taking the lid off the Food Processor and stopping the blade with your hand.
  3. Hanging up Christmas lights with staples.
  4. Holding a piece of wood in the palm of your hand, then using an air compressor to nail it to your hand.
  5. Testing a power socket with a screwdriver to see if it is live.
  6. Placing your BABY on the back of an Elk for a photo opportunity.
  7. Skiing out-of-bounds in the mountains (anytime) but mostly during avalanche season.
  8. Forcing your wife and children to stand between a mother Grizzly and her cubs for yet another photo-op.
  9. Climbing the fence at Athabasca falls to see better.
  10. Paddling down a class 5 river when you have never been in a canoe before.
  11. Throwing a match into a gasoline can to prove that the match will be doused in liquid before the fumes ignite, then talking to long about it with a lit match in their hands and having the students watch in horror as their teacher ignites.

Please remember Common Sense saves lives.


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