Dear Comfy Couch, Here is My Christmas List

The Big Comfy Couch lives at my house. I don’t mean it is nice and comfortable to watch movies on (even though it is). I mean Loonette’s Big Comfy Couch lives at MY house and I didn’t even buy it on ebay or kijij!

The Big Comfy Couch was a Canadian children’s’ TV show in the 90’s staring Loonette the Clown and her dolly Molly. They hung out on a comfy couch and stored a million and one things under the cushions. This was Chatterbox’s favorite show for the longest time. Hind sight tells me it was a bad influence on her. I should have banned the show from being watched in my home.

About a month ago, Honey Chatterbox lost her dad’s iPod. She borrowed it, played games and tried to convince her dad he should let her use it forever. The point was moot. The iPod was lost. Never to be seen again, in spite of all the email and facebook comments we sent it. We couldn’t hear it, it was lost.Β  Chatterbox wanted it so badly because she had lost HER ipod several months before, yet failed to tell us.

When Chatterbox turned 12, her wonderful parents (me and Honey) bought her a 3G iPod Touch. Not because we are independently wealthy, not because we like her, we bought it because I have one and I think it is the best gadget ever and everyone needs to own one. She opened it on her birthday, screamed at it, loved it, used it, and became addicted to it.

Fast forward to our European Trip. The packing requirements were strict. Clothing for 3 days, iPod, and a book. That is when we discovered that Chatterbox lost her iPod. I figured she brought it to school and it was stolen. She was convinced it was left on her bed. So we cleaned her room from top to bottom with no luck. No iPod, then suddenly her dad’s went missing along with the Harmony remote, pvr remote, several forks, spoons, books, Alice bands, socks, hoodies and watches. The odd thing was, all these items were last seen in Chatterbox’s hands. So either she was pawning items for a larger cash flow ( that couldn’t be what was happening because she was still broke) or in typical Chatterbox forgetful fashion, she LOST all the items.

My Honey had an epiphany. He decided to look in The Big Comfy Couch for his iPod. And what do you know…there it was, along with the other miscellaneous items that were missing. Everything was found except Chatterbox’s ipod. Last night, Chatterbox came clean. She said maybe it was in the Big Comfy Couch. Her dad dug deep, up to his elbows. There is was, deader then a door nail. The famous birthday gift. Chatterbox’s iPod.Β  HOORAY! No more guarding ours with our life so Chatterbox wouldn’t touch the rest of the family’s iPods.

That got me thinking. I wonder if the Big Comfy Couch holds other present’s under the cushions. I’m not asking for much. I just want one thing. Maybe I could dig deep enough and find one in time for Christmas.

I think Tiffany and I need to make a list for Christmas…

12 thoughts on “Dear Comfy Couch, Here is My Christmas List

  1. Uhh. Well, I think I do one thing but I do another. So, in my defense, didn’t lose it. I just forgot about it. πŸ™‚

  2. This reminds me of the Far Side cartoon where the wife is looking under the cushion of the couch and what does she find there? Her husband. And a hairbrush, which she picks up and says, “I was wondering where this was.” πŸ™‚

  3. Once, when I was about 3 years old, my mom instructed me to clean my room from top to bottom, which meant I had to deal with the deluge of clothes, stuffed animals, and other living things that had crept onto the floor of my room. My solution? Why not just shove EVERYTHING under my bed? To a three-year-old, it was perfect logic. Nothing was lodged under the bed to begin with, so it was just begging for me to occupy the space. When my mom arrived on the scene, my room was spotless and she couldn’t believe her eyes. It wasn’t until later that day that she finally keyed into the fact that my quick fix cleaning solution wasn’t exactly a solution at all. Still, she had a good laugh about it and still tells this story at parties to this date.

    1. That must have been the day your mom was given the gift of X-Ray vision. As a kid I just piled stuff in the middle of the floor. My dad would walk in and do the “you stress me out” dance. Good times πŸ˜‰

  4. I have the same couch. Sometimes we have to go to the point of husband picking couch up at one end and “shake, shake, shake” so we can hear the itms in the couch, and the little one takes his little hands and follows the jiggly sound to find the object.

    Keys, phones, yes ipods, pens, and even half a sandwich. (don’t think that one fell in, pretty sure it was hidden by the little hands a day or more earlier)

    So far, only found stuff we lost…no gifts.

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