European Deportation was Imminent had Duct Tape not Saved the Day

The Merry Band of Muppets arrived in Germany in one piece, barely. It had nothing to do with the speed traveling down the Autobahn, it had nothing to do with eating Ikea 5 star cuisine, nor did it have anything to do with being kidnapped by my neighbor‘s cousin’s sister.

We almost ran out of duct tape.

My dad is a genius, not the Wiley E. Coyote kind, a real honest to goodness one. Or he is just an experienced traveler. I vote for genius because Christmas is coming and I want to remind him I am his favorite daughter. (thank me later Dad!) Mom and Dad brought Mrs. Statler to Europe 2 months before the rest of the Muppets showed up. My sister arrived to travel around with them a short time later. Then our Muppet Cast showed up. The important thing to remember is, my family is filled with seasoned travelers. We each have a “just in case” case. In Dad’s is a mega roll of Duct Tape.

Duct Tape is not the prettiest form of adhesive in spite of the fashionable colours. Dad likes to think of himself as a well dressed man, just like Johnny Cash, so Black Duct Tape was his colour of choice.

When we arrived in Paris, we were greeted by my mom at the arrivals gate, we were shuffled in to the Caravan as it screeched to a halt. We quickly jumped in and sat at the table beside Mrs. Statler. I looked around the tiny space that was to be our home for the next week and I noticed black squares of duct tape placed in a random patterns all over the inside of the caravan. I didn’t ask. I didn’t need too. I knew I was traveling with the senior section of the Muppet Cast of Characters. For some unknown reason, things always run amuck.  Between you and me, I believe it has everything to do with the caravan being made of cardboard and string, and nothing that has any barring on the Senior Muppets.

By the time we reached Germany, every cupboard and drawer in that place was broken. The cargo net on the upper bunk, broken. The pull-out steps to escape the caravan, broken. The Fridge Door, broken. Dad’s Camera, broken. Main window shade, broken. Duct Tape fixed everything. Including holding the batteries inside Dad’s camera. Even Phoebe needed to be taped to the dashboard. When we arrived at Bacharat in Germany, the roll was nearly empty. We had discussions around the need to secure more, but in the end, we decided to have a little faith.

In the end we did indeed have enough. Dad went home with a very tiny piece of duct tape.

8 thoughts on “European Deportation was Imminent had Duct Tape not Saved the Day

  1. I’ve never had an inclination to travel to Germany, but now I do! Those pictures are idyllic. They look straight out of a Disney movie….with duct tape.

    Statler and Waldorf were some of my favorite Muppets…we used to call my grandparents that!

    Great post!

    1. Interesting that you say that! The entire time we were walking through Bacharat, we all kept making references to details that Disney imanginears provide in the parks. This place had a well that looked like Belle should be sitting at. It was the most amazingly magical village I had ever been in!

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