A Plumbing Museum? I Can’t Wait!

I am willing to bet the majority of you have no idea there is a plumbing museum in Germany. I KNOW! I can just hear your excitement building as you realize this may be the topic of this blog entry. Fear not, the only one who is faintly disappointed is Honey.

We left the Camping Platz with the knowledge that Chatterbox must have a cuckcoo clock before we left the Black Forest. That was the mission of the day, the Muppets were all on high alert in search of a cuckcoo clock shop. It was very important for several reason, 1> she would not stop talking about how important it was to her 2> did I mention we wanted to stop hearing about how important it was to her?

The first stop of the day was early morning around 9:00 AM. We entered into a little village called Schiltach. Charming little place that was filled with steep hills and gingerbread type cottages. We would find our way through the cobblestone streets to discover tour bus and caravan parking was a gazillion miles away from the village square. Fair enough, out we would go for a walk. The charm of the place was adorable. We came to the village water well, where we imagined women fetching water to bring home. Behind the well was an outdoor cafe! We all desired a beverage on the crisp morning. Pots of chocolate for everyone, except two elder Muppets, their beverage of choice was coffee. There was something so quaint and very European about sipping our hot beverages at a table that stood in the middle of a cobblestone square.

This was when I heard Honey exclaim, “LOOK AT THAT SIGN!”

Huh, it was a blue tourist sign that read “Hansgrohe”. What was the big deal about Hansgrohe? For those of you that don’t know, my Honey works in the plumbing industry – no he isn’t a plumber but is handy with a leaky faucet. Apparently we were at the Head Quarters for the amazing shower-head company. Not that I knew how amazing these shower heads were, because you know the old adage “the cobbler’s wife has no shoes”. Yes, that is me with not a fancy shower-head in the house. Best part of all? THERE WAS A MUSEUM! Off ran Honey and Genetic Offspring to the museum, they would meet up with us later. The rest of the Muppet Crew decided to pass on that particular adventure. To his incredible disappointment, the place was close. Awwwww. He did thrill us with tales of the size and scope of the place, then he talked about other fascinating bits but my mind wandered off at this point. I did try to listen, I really did, but I just don’t understand the inner workings of hardware. Sorry Honey.

Time to move on! We had other places to see. Yes we were still in search of a cuckcoo clock shop for Chatterbox. Next stop Vogsbauerhof the Black Forest Open Air Museum. We had no idea what an open air museum was. Fresh air was a special thing here? No, lots of it was around. Curiosity go the better of us so away we went. We saw a VW Beetle with big red balls on top. We weren’t sure what those were, I suspect cherries but if any of you know, please tell me! We found the place to be very similar to Fort Edmonton or other outdoor museums we had visited back home in Canada. It struck me that farming and pioneering efforts in the past 500 years hadn’t changed much. Not much to see here people, keep moving!

Then it happened. The Cuckcoo Clock Shop was spotted! Slamming of the brakes followed by the Muppets running across the street leaving the driver in a cloud of dust. We had found the very place that Chatterbox had desired. Honey, of course made friends with the owner Adolf Herr and invited him to visit us. Genetic Offspring was looking to buy beer-steins for all his friends but settled on hats. Honey bought a blown-glass Christmas Ornament in the very place that is famous for them. The rest of us thought we would save our cash for Paris. My mom informed me this was the very place we had been to years before when I was 10. The very shop where I had purchased my own Cockcoo Clock that had proceeded to annoy me for years to come.

Now Chatterbox owns one that annoys us all.

When we got home, I was presented with a Hansgrohe Shower-Head, and it is awesome.


18 thoughts on “A Plumbing Museum? I Can’t Wait!

  1. Well, to be fair, It wasn’t just a museum, but the head office of the company (as mentioned by ET above). But G.O. and myself weren’t to find this out as by the time we found the place we had to turn around and scurry back to the caravan lest we incur the wrath of the senior Muppets and ET (We didn’t discover it was the HO until “Google is your friend” helped out at home).

    People or persons mentioned in this comment or blog do not endorse any products mentioned.

    But I love the rain shower head too!!!

  2. You don’t have a fancy shower head? Huh? Last time I visited you I almost needed an instruction manual to turn the thing on!!!

  3. The charming owner of the clock store said that he would visit when the Blackforest cake had been made as per the instructions on the card he gave you. I DID NOT invite him.

  4. Amazing photos! I almost had an opportunity to visit Germany last year, but that fell through. If I ever do get to go, I am coming home with a cuckoo clock, too! (And also enjoying coffee at a table on a cobblestone street).

    1. Do IT! I made a point of being aware every moment. Everything on that trip was just spectacular. It was like I was living someone else’s life. I am so thrilled I was able to go. Next time the opportunity presents itself, just DO IT!

  5. Hey, loved the pic’s- cuckoo clock shop right out of a fairy tale….hansel and gretel.

    Maybe Honey should look more into the plumbing side of things….. Something to think about- plumbers are NEVER out of work. I think that we would probably rather starve then have a blocked toilet attempting to overflow with sewerage into our bathroom. Haha.

    Your trip really is inspiring! X

  6. I would also love a cuckoo clock, but I can imagine they do get annoying after, like, an hour. Pretty to look at, though. Loved this journey through beautiful Germany, plumbing museums and all! The photo of the autumn leaves is gorgeous.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Sunshine xx

  7. hmm if you “enjoy” my cuckoo clock so much…
    i know i way to wake you up 7:05am christmas morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thankfully I no longer live in the Caravan! Sadly the Cuckoo clock lives in Chatterbox’s room down the hall from me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I have so many amazing pictures it was hard to choose which one’s to pick!

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