These are a Few of My Favorite Things

This weekend I fulfilled a long time dream. I was the recipient of a ticket to a Sky Box seat courtesy of my niece Favorite. That is correct. I have favorites and not afraid to show it. Sure lots of people frown upon having favorites in the first place. They are liars. It is impossible to love everyone equally. I am always telling my offspring they are my favorite. Which is true. They are my favorite for different reasons.  Do I love them differently? Yes I do. Do I love one more than another? No – just differently. Thus the reason for favorites in the first place.

I prefer to go out on the town with one more than the other because of grumbling that may occur. I prefer to sit beside one over the other at the movies because of the silence factor. See, favorites for different reasons.

My niece Favorite, won a Sky Box at Saturday nights Oiler Game against the San Jose Sharks. Did we win? No. Did that stop me from having the best time at a hockey game since I was 16? No. Saturday Night was my favorite hockey game because of the experience. I think I need an Oprah style favorites list!

Here we go, The Edmonton Tourist’s Favorite Edmonton Things

1. Favorite View at Rexall – Sky Box #72. My Favorite Fan Costume – Rider Melonhead

3. Favorite Festival:

4.Favorite Restaurant:

5. Favorite Park – Any River Valley Park!

6. Favorite Museum – Edmonton Art Gallery:

7. Favorite Farmer’s Market – City Market:

8. Favorite Statue – Wayne Gretzky

9. Favorite Fountain – Legislature

10. Favorite Waterfall – Highlevel Bridge

11. Favorite Stanley Cup – The Last One

Let me hear your favorite thing about the place where YOU live!

11 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Going out and about: Chatterbox
    Movie: the “other”
    Loves most because she is cutie pie: Chatterbox
    Loves most because… well I don’t really know… but understand: the “other”

      1. yeah I know that is not what you said… Just making it clear to all the Chatterbox fans out there 😉 ha ha jk. 🙂

  2. Hey you, I have sat and thought and thought…. i dont have many favourite things!! Just a favourite person- my princess. (Who is also a chatterbox!!!)

    She once asked me how much i love her: “more then anything in the world!!!” of course.
    Then she asked: “how much do you love your knight?”.
    Now, how do you explain to a 4 year old that love is different? And more importantly, how do i make sure she doesnt USE the answer in an ugly moment.
    So i say: “also, more then anything”.
    Princess thinks about that: “you cant love two things more then anything in the world!!”
    “okay, okay- I love YOU more then anything in the world!!! BUT it’s our secret!!”

    I do have a favourite irritation….. the mozzie!!!


  3. Hello friend! If you ever find yourself in Indiana for whatever reason…call me up!

    My hometown is pretty quaint. We have a beautiful minor league baseball field here…lots of churches, rivers, and a lot of crazies. It is the second largest city in Indiana and very spread out! 🙂 Favorite thing to do this time of year is make some hot chocolate up with a splash of peppermint schnapps curled up on a couch watching a good movie! So comforting…sigh.

    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving girlfriend!


  4. My favorite thing about where I live would have to be the community theatre. I’ve never been a part of a group/organization that makes you feel like such a part of a family. I can recall important moments in my life according to which show I was in at the time. It has also made me feel like such a part of the city where I live. It’s a very reciprocal process: you perform in a show, someone sees you perform….THEY perform in a show, and you go see THEM perform. Plus, you end up gaining lifelong friends while making a beautiful creation onstage. Sigh…can’t wait to start work on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!”

  5. Great photos and favourites list. I always tell my daughter she is my favourite girl in all the world and my son he is my favourite boy. Good thing I didn’t have a third kid!

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