Baby Chicken Hawk is my Idol

I think I had a nervous break down today. I cried, I was cranky and…No – Wait a minute – I didn’t have chocolate!

I was watching Oprah tell Barbara Walters that Gail is the friend everyone should have. I don’t want to be Gail’s friend, but a friend like Gail would be awesome. Oprah talks to Gail everyday to debrief her day. They laugh and cry etc, etc, etc, bask in each others friendship glory and then move onto the next day.

I have AMAZING friends. I can call anyone of them up and ask a big fat huge favor and each and every one will say yes before I finishing saying “I need to ask a favor”.  I can call them for a minute and end up yapping for an hour or two – Gail & Oprah style! Just to have that moment in my day to debrief would be amazing. That would be huge! Seriously, who has the time? My schedule is tight. I need to fit sleep in there somewhere. I thought having my courses done for the semester would ease it a bit, but HA! No such luck. I am so incredibly thankful for Facebook! Facebook keeps me up to date with my friends, lets me know about the chaos in their lives, lets me see the MOST ADORABLE pictures of their kids, pups and vacations. When I say adorable, I really mean Baby Chicken Hawk. There was a picture today of her looking all ambivalent and with her fingers innocently arranged, flipping the bird to the world. The Babe is 4 months old and has serious ‘tude! This is THE BEST PICTURE EVER!

It is the best because A> She is EXACTLY like me – and when I say me – I mean my evil twin Chicken Hawk and B> She has no idea what it means, and by the look on her face she doesn’t really care anyways.

I want this picture to be my new Facebook Profile Picture. I want this picture to hang on my mirror to remind me about what’s important and what is not. I want to have this picture on my iPhone so I can remember to flip the bird metaphorically when I need to not care. This Baby is rocking my world.

Thanks Baby Chicken Hawk I needed this picture today. Between you, chocolate, coffee, my best girlfriends, my best guy friends and my family – I don’t think I need a friend like Gail.

Good News! It wasn’t a nervous break down after all!

15 thoughts on “Baby Chicken Hawk is my Idol

  1. Yay for no breakdowns! And you’re right…everyone needs a picture like this to remind them to just sometimes say “Screw It! I’m don’t care!”

    I’m lucky to have a “Gail” in my life: The Mom. She is my “debriefer” for sure!

  2. I think the fact that you manage to squeeze a blog in almost daily, while you battle to find time to do anything else, is pretty awesome enough!!! (WE can be your debriefing moment.)
    Besides, if we had time to chat to our friends everyday, we wouldn’t need to spend hours chatting to them. Those nice long catchups ar ereally awesome. We also then have a start to a story and an end, instead of a daily sequel.
    Very glad you didnt have a nervous break down!!!!
    But silver lining- if you went to a nut house, i am sure there would be ALOT to write and debrief about.

    1. Well bokkie (I had to google that btw, it applies to you) I blog in part to debrief! I sometimes want to you this blog as my journal but that would be that fast track to unemployment, and quite frankly my family demands food daily, so I write about other junk in my head. It still helps heaps! You are right tho, I spend hours with my friends because I see them intermittently. You should come for coffee so we can discuss this further 🙂

  3. I taped the BW interview with Oprah, cannot wait to watch it!

    To your point, it sounds like you have MANY friends like Gayle already…what you and I probably both need to figure out is how to be better friends to ourselves. (Flipping the bird to the world, baby style is a good start.)

    Bravo! Keep on.


    1. Teri, you raise a good point. How to be better friends to ourselves? I need to ponder that food for thought. I love it when I am challenged intellectually. And I love being able to Flip the Bird Baby Style!

  4. My little girl has a mean face that she puts on, she’s 13 months old. And she knows it will make someone laugh, at the very least, and she might get one in return. I don’t know how to describe it besides horizontal! Her whole expression, eyes, brow, mouth, is horizontal! She’s probably going to grow up to be one tough cookie 😉

  5. Hey, I want to learn how to make the horizontal face too.

    Good post – and yes, you need to be a friend to yourself. Start with making a commitment to have time for yourself every day to do what you want….sometimes even 5 minutes is enough when you aren’t listening to anyone, throwing in a load of laundry, tidying up that pile of papers, or helping someone else find things they can’t seem to look for. Peace for any amount of time is a gift to you.

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