So Where’s Your Snow Now?

Last week New York received a pile and a half of snow. It made international news. INTERNATIONAL NEWS! Yes there was a lot. Yes it was “coldish”. Yes it is WINTER.

This last weekend Alberta was hit with a TON OF SNOW. Did it make international news? I don’t think so. Was there a lot of snow? Yes. Was it cold? Yes it IS winter! It is always cold in winter. New York’s snow is nearly gone, it may be all gone, I don’t live there I don’t know for sure. The weather in New York was above freezing, and my scientific knowledge tells me snow melts when the temp is above 32F or 0C. Our snow wont leave until April – if we are lucky.

In New York, I learned on Facebook, that some people couldn’t make it into work, or didn’t even try because of the snow. Here in Edmonton, there is no such thing as a snow day. You have work? Better leave early. You have school? Better leave early. You need to go shopping? Be careful of the parking lot, you may get stuck.

My Offspring have been shoveling along with their Dad and every other citizen of Alberta the past few days. Chatterbox had to stop because she could no longer lift the snow OVER her head to store it on the lawn. I have good news for Chatterbox. The snow stopped and the sun came out! I have bad news for Genetic Offspring, there is more snow coming Thursday. Another 5″-10″ on top of the two feet we already have. Where are we going to put this stuff? The City hasn’t sent snowplows out to residential yet. Our neighbors all pitched in with shoveling the road so the cars wouldn’t get stuck. I think I need to buy a patio heater to melt the snow in my yard.

This is the view from my car window. I am backing out my driveway and looking to see if any cars are in the way. Can you see any?

This is the Snow Fort the Offspring made, the snowbank is nearly 6 feet high.

The view looking east at my neighbors garage – I can’t see it either.

The Sunset at 4:15 today looking out my window. This is why I live here. The amount of sunshine and blue sky is worth it to me.

Stay warm, have that shovel handy and keep your stick on the ice.Β  πŸ™‚



24 thoughts on “So Where’s Your Snow Now?

  1. it’s weird walking home from school, and not being able to see down the street from the middle of our driveway…. :0

  2. That’s cool! Although it snows here in Michigan A LOT we haven’t seen that kind of volume in awhile. What’s interesting here is that because of the great lakes surrounding us it snows almost everyday in the winter. Today we got 3-4 inches but no one really cared. Forecasting that for tomorrow too. I’d love to see a storm like you just had and have my kids experience 3-4 feet of snow. I remember storms like that as a kid, just doesn’t happen as much anymore.

    1. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it is exhausting! I have pushed a dozen vehicles this week and its only Tuesday! But it is crazy fun. Time to dig out the snowshoes πŸ™‚ The City really seems to bond over this.

  3. Aww, I can’t imagine a world without snow days! I live in Virginia, where if we get anything more than like two inches, there are at least delays. Nothing like that. I LOVED being a kid and finding out that we had the day off of school. A two hour delay sucked; it just meant that we had two more hours to shovel the driveway (my Dad was a slave driver, haha!). But a whole day off? We could go back to sleep, shovel later, play in the snow, drink hot chocolate…it was as though school didn’t exist. I miss those days!! (But feel lucky I had them and didn’t live where you do!)

  4. We get sleet- and Johannesburg shuts down! And that has only happened a few times.
    I listen to it all, and it sounds absolutely stuning, and then i see your pics and it looks like you should all be eskimos and live in igloos? I am shivering just trying to imagine the cold that you must experience.
    New York looks like a happy place to be right now! Although CNN did show snow hitting them again quite hectically.
    If that all melted- you would make the news for floods along with Australia. So i suggest- no heater.

  5. I do often wonder how parts of the world, where it REALLY snows, manage without the drama and the fanfare that New York and the whole of the UK create!
    Beautiful photos, ET – snow and sunshine are a good mix.
    Sunshine xx

  6. The people in NYC are wusses! I’m originally from a town near Buffalo, NY, so I grew up with FEET of snow, not INCHES. When I was in NYC for grad work, we had a “blizzard’ of 6 inches, and it was like the Apocalypse hit. Public transportation slowed to a crawl, events were canceled, and people started stocking up on food. I didn’t even need to wear my snow boots! C’mon, people! Suck it up!

  7. Love the Pictures. Today is garbage day and we and some of the neighbours put the garbage on top of the snow drifts on the road so that the garbageman could see them. Also so that they aren’t blocking the sidewalk for the pedestrians Ooops! Hopefully the plows don’t come through before its picked up. I heard that they are doing the neighbourhoods again before our next snow storm which starts soon. Wish I was in Hawaii for 3 weeks straight starting now. Oh how I hate winter!

  8. Wow…it’d be like I died and went to Snow Heaven. You have no idea how jealous I am! Maybe I should move up there. Jo and I can make our own snow forts and fill them with snow babies and life will be beautiful and pristine and cold.

  9. Oh yes, it’s funny how the media looks at it. Big cities like NY just get incapacitated by a little bit of snow, and here we just slog on… I remember visiting Vancouver after a snowstorm 2 years ago and wondering “Does anyone in this city own a snow shovel?”

  10. You are a trouper. I called a snow day for myself and worked at home. Didn’t have two feet of snow, but I couldn’t face the 2 hour (one way) commute that would occur.

    I do still go to martial arts with just a vest on and no coat. I don’t like my sleeves bunching up inside it. πŸ™‚

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