I Wonder What My Doppelganger is doing right now.

It can stop snowing already.  To night was Winter Concert night at the local Junior High School. We live close enough to walk. Did I want to? No. Why you ask? It was snowing with a windchill temperature of -33C. I still haven’t found a winter coat I like, so here is me walking in my light fall jacket and shoes. Was I cold, sure but it is my own fault. However, the snow needs to stop. There is no where else to put it. We passed this car in a driveway. They buried their car in an effort to free up some room to walk. Time for public transit. I’m not going to lie. The Snow and cold are bringing me down. Then I sat for two hours at a Jr. High Band concert. I can tell you are jealous of me. You should be. My day was awesome.

As I sat in the freezing cold gym listening to the musical stylings of 12, 13 & 14 year olds, I was thinking about what my doppelganger must be doing at this very moment.

For those of you who don’t know, a doppelganger is a person who looks just like you, but not your biological twin. In fact, they are unrelated.

I met mine in 1990. I was at a shop in Inverness, Scotland, and she was the grocery  cashier. It was a weird and awkward moment. My traveling companion, who I lovingly refer to as Idiot Stick (long story, and yes it is an appropriate nickname) started giggling uncontrollably and kept looking back at her then at me. He looked like he was watching a tennis match. I stood in front of her and we just stared at each other. We never smiled. We just stared. She had the same dark curly hair as me, blue eyes, and the same red cheeks. We couldn’t speak, words just were not there. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like gazing into a mirror.

My brother claims we had seen her years before while camping in the UK. If it was the same gal, that would be twice in my lifetime of meeting my doppelganger. I’m sure people go their whole life never meeting theirs, and here I am living in Canada, vacationing in Scotland TWICE and meeting her. That is odd enough to call Leonard Nemoy and give him another episode of In Search Of

So as I sat there, listening to the music, my mind started to wonder…I bet she isn’t as cold as me…I bet she is planning a beach holiday…I bet she is dating George Clooney on the sly…I bet she is visiting Tiffany and Co. in New York this summer…

Inverness Tourist, if you are reading this, email me. I would like to know what you are up to!


16 thoughts on “I Wonder What My Doppelganger is doing right now.

  1. That car made me laugh!
    On a different note- your lightfall jacket would probably be my Winter Coat! If i went on holiday there, I woudl hav eto buy a whole new wardrobe, probably teh cost of anotehr ticket!
    PS… did your mom ever take a holiday to Scotland without your dad?

  2. The cold and snow are for sure inspiring thoughts of travel to warmer climates, though where in the world to go is a challenge – Australia and Brazil are out! As is Haiti. Europe had too much snow! Ah well, I guess that I will be content here in Canada, under a warm blanket and dreaming of gorgeous warm countries. And imagining where in the world my own doppelganger is!

  3. Att Spring.
    Hurry up and arrive. We’re starting to lose this one (ET).
    Now she not only sees double (yes, new glasses are needed), she’s thinking it too!!!

  4. Ha, I had forgotten about that Leonard Nemoy show! I have a close friend that I went to high school and then college with. Everybody thought we looked exactly alike, although I could always tell us apart…lol. But we were Biology majors at Colby College in Waterville, Maine and our bio teachers would always mistake us. Actually they would mistake me for him, he being the smart one that was always hanging around the bio building, me being the “not-as-smart” one that was rarely hanging around there! So maybe he’s my doppelganger, although I’m starting to prefer the Tom Brady references. Good luck finding her… she wasn’t the “blue one” standing at the end of the bed, was she?? 🙂

  5. My doppleganger lives here in Edmonton. I had a friend of mine said I was rude to her at Dairy Queen when I was in junior high. It wasn’t me I was at home that evening and didn’t go to Dairy Queen. I worked with Keith at the coating business you know him. He saw my doppleganger when he was out driving one day and swore it was me. Again not me, wasn’t in that area of town at that time. Oh but I do want to meet her one day. Wonder if she still lives here?

  6. Don’ worry. I’m sure she was planning a nice vacation and got snowed in en route through Heathrow. buy a freaking winter coat would you? I have about 7 of them, should I send you one until you find the perfect one for you?

    The only good think I can tell you about having kids in junior high band and choir is this…they actually sound good in high school so hang in there.

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