Facebook is Bossy

Facebook is starting to annoy me with it’s bossiness.

I had a rough day, and so did the team. Then I get a text from the Honey that he is working late. Not that it is a problem, it is the time of year that he works late. I am use to it and it is WAY BETTER now that the Offspring can feed, bathe and dress themselves. (Three cheers for Teenagers!) I head over to Facebook to decompress and it is telling me I need to buy this:

Really Facebook? You think doing dishes in an ugly sink is what I need? Facebook, YOU do the dishes, I am knackered. I read Brown Road Chronicles today and I can really relate. He talks about a sabbatical. Do you hear that Facebook? A sabbatical, not doing dishes in an ugly sink. Dishes just bring me down. I have enough stuff that bring me down, I don’t need chickens in my sink too. Facebook, You should send me away for uninterrupted sleep, I would buy that! A Full nights sleep, a full 12 hours of sleep in this room Facebook:

Then Facebook, you should let me soak in this bathroom that my favorite designer put together:

This bathroom has all my favorite things Facebook, books, a terry chair, wine, a lock on the door, not shampoo bottles on the tub. Brian Gluckstein knows what I want Facebook. You should call him.

Then Facebook, I want this view:

Facebook, this is a mid-century modern home over looking the Santa Ana’s only minutes away from Disneyland. This is what you should tell me to buy Facebook. Not an ugly kitchen sink with chickens looking at me while I wash dishes. Not very funny Facebook.

30 thoughts on “Facebook is Bossy

  1. You have a far more interactive experience with your Facebook than I do with mine. I’m looking at mine right now, and it’s not telling me to do anything. Other than accept a Wheel of Fortune game request from one friend, and wish another happy birthday.

    I feel like I’m missing out on all the action!

    1. There aren’t ads on the right side of your facebook to join a singles cruise, or matchbook? I finally told FB I was married so it would stop trying to fix me up with someone lol
      Trust me,you are not missing a thing! πŸ™‚

  2. Bravo! For my own set of reasons, I loathe Facebook (blah) – the two always need to be said and written together now (ALWAYS). “Facebook” + “(blah)”.

    You would think website tracking ‘cookies’ and target marketing could present us with items we really need (like wine for the tub). Instead, it’s chickens in the sink. Progress? I think not.

  3. That is real funny…we are all tired of Facebook…I basically use it just to try to promote my social site now. You should on over to it…trying to grow it huge like them. You can get to it from my blog! It is wild how the adds on there go with things that you talk about. I used to race radio controlled (r/c) cars many years ago…think I put that as one of my interests & I get adds for batteries & stuff all the time.

  4. Ironically, Facebook keeps showing me pictures of burgers. I haven’t had fast food since October. There’s another website http://www.hunch.com which is supposed to “get a feel for you” from your answers to random questions (which way do you cut your grilled cheese?). Don’t know if it would tie into FB, but internet marketing is the new television. Where you click is the same as what shows you watch, each will drive certain flavours of ads in your view (TV or side-bar on FB). Try deleting your cookies and see if FB improves their crystal ball.

  5. Thanks for the great ideas. If you get that bathroom, can we all come and take a turn?

    I thought the sink was kind of cool until you said there were chickens in it. Not in my kitchen but in someone else’s kitchen! But I don’t want to do dishes no matter what kitchen it is in.

  6. Now Ed if you had a Blackberry Facebook application on your Iphone- you would not have to see ANY advertisements…….Yes? Yes.
    On a different note- I really love that sink!!! Even if it was filled with chickens (think this country living is going to my head.)
    Hope you doing well!!!

    1. My iPod app doesn’t show ads either ….I get the need for ads, I don’t want to pay for FB. Sometimes it shows me what I like and need, like Tiffany’s, ugly shoes, travel and Johnny Depp πŸ˜€

  7. The book of face keeps suggesting I contact people and become strangers (‘you might know this person’) blurbs. It is a huge annoyance.

    AND coming across on the Blackberry–it doesn’t show right. Boo book of face! BOO!

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