Folgers Made My Day Bright!

Today was one of those days that just rejuvenate the spirit. The snow stopped! Then sun was shinning! The sky was blue! It was warm out (for Edmonton standards). It’s no secret the past 7 days have been less than stellar. I left the week at the door yesterday, bought groceries on the way home from work, then just decompressed and enjoyed a mediocre nights sleep. Why is that? I was so tired I should have slept a full 12 hours. 6 is all I got and not consecutively. I did feel rested, although an afternoon nap does sound decadent!

The usual Saturday morning errands, coffee on the patio at Starbucks – snow and all – then off to the weekly round of extra curricular activities for the offspring, but this week something to shake up the routine! We stopped off at Aunty Kitty’s for coffee.

She isn’t my Aunt. She is Chatterbox’s Aunty. We call her Aunty Kitty because she doesn’t want the world to know her as the Cat Lady. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me!Β  Via text messages earlier in the day, she offered coffee. Aunty Kitty replied to Honey, “Tell ET it is Folgers!” Clearly she reads this blog and was kind enough to inform me. I would like it known to the masses, I am a gracious guest. I have manners, I always find something positive to say about your offerings and I don’t even lie about it! I graciously thank Aunty Kitty for the coffee, and commented on the temperature of it. One of my most favorite things about coffee is EXTREME HEAT. I always order my Starbucks beverages Extra Hot. At home I heat my milk before adding it to my coffee. I like my beverages and food piping hot. Warm is just nasty to me. But I digress…

It has been so long since I have had a face to face conversation over coffee. Lunch break at work doesn’t count. Sorry Polly, but it just doesn’t. Work topics always creep in. Todays conversation covered everything from, comfy shoes – she read the blog and asked where to buy Croc insoles – to her impending trip to Hawaii! In-between I learned about a new thing she was trying. Body Talk.

This fascinated me on many levels. She explained to me what the Body Talk Practitioner did and how it blew her away! Aunty Kitty was so open to the possibilities that Body Talk can provide it had me wanting to sign up immediately! I do think it is something Honey should try. When we came home I googled it. I read through the information I discovered and it brought me back to a time when I was more at peace with myself. I miss that feeling. I miss being that in-tune with my body and my mind. I was there once, but life got in the way. I can get there again.

In my 30’s I neglected my mind, body and soul. I have let myself get so rundown, everything has become a chore. I think I need to get back into focus. I need to awaken the spirit gain. I know exactly how to do that. I learned many years ago. It gave me focus, showed me answers I was seeking and it gave me true happiness. If I start today, by the time my Yoga class begins I will be in fine form.Thanks for the inspiration Cat Lady Aunty Kitty!

In the words of a great 80’s rock band Timbuck 3 “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”

25 thoughts on “Folgers Made My Day Bright!

  1. On Thursday I want you to come to my showhome. I have a special something just for you that will make your world rock.

  2. I sometimes do the same with my drinks from Starbucks. Inevitably by the time I reach the bottom of my latte it is lukewarm at best, and I agree – that just isn’t very appealing.

  3. Yea…I haven’t ever been much on coffee because I haveto have real milk & alot of sugar in it, but I have tried to drink it more over the last year or so & my favorite is Folgers French Vanilla!

  4. I’m surprised Aunty Kitty had caffienated coffee at all! I’ve been meaning to see that Practitioner too. I forgot that Aunty Kitty’s sister suggested it months ago. I’ll go if you’ll go!
    Slight panic….then I realized that all the dishes were steaming a month ago….glad I didn’t disappoint the food temp gauge!

  5. WOW! What a great shot ET! Like you, I took advantage of the warmer temps and got out of doors. How nice not to see grey clouds in the sky!
    Extra hot coffee – mmmmm! That is how I order it as well. Love it!

  6. Coffee does so much for a woman’s soul….it’s to the point where I need my morning “Folgers” …you know its the best part of waking up after all! πŸ˜‰

    Your wit kills me! πŸ™‚

  7. I am completely opposite…. I can drink a cup of black coffee over hours. Could not care less if it is hot or cold.
    Tea is a different story though.
    Ed- I love leaving friends like that… the ones that seem to give you a new direction to turn, and an added push start.
    What is the Body Talk Practioner all about?

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