Wordle Things that Brighten My Day


I just came back from a meeting that sets me on a new journey. The goal is life changing. It was an emotional meeting, but an excellent one. It got me thinking about my life in ways I have been avoiding. With all that thinking came the emotional junk that makes my nose stuffy. I look around me and my real friends and my blogger friends and even some family all seem to be going through some sort of life changing occurrence. We seem to be all hitting the same dark cloud for a period in time when we would rather be hoping down main street in Disneyland. Okay, I know it’s really just me who wants to be in Disneyland, but still…we all seem to be looking for something to lift our spirits for a while. Julie Andrews sang about her things. I wordled my things. Both work to brighten up my days.

So her is my list, The Edmonton Tourist Top 7 things that brighten my day! (I wanted it to be 11 things but I am stumped for that many things! How sad is that?)

  1. Music! The BlackeyedΒ  Peas showed up on my way home in my ipod rotation. I sang along and when I sing, I feel happier!
  2. Sunshine! Here in Edmonton the snow just does not want to stop. Grey days have become an everyday occurrence for a city that receives a ton of sunshine ever winter. On my way to work the sunrise made me smile. I need to remember what it looks like in-case it snows again (or rains) tomorrow.
  3. Venti Extra Hot Skinny Vanilla Latte. I haven’t had one on my way to work in a very long time. The smell and taste makes me smile. I am stopping tomorrow on my way to work!
  4. Vegetarian Cuisine! The men in my family are all about meat, more specifically, all things cow. ChatterBox and I just do not feel the same. Yet her is me cooking for them and fitting us into the rotation. I am starting to HATE to cook MEAT. I don’t mind eating it but cooking it brings me down. The men were away for dinner and ChatterBox and I had veg stir fry with edamame beans. So good. I want Vegetarian almost every day. I think I might give up meat for lent again.
  5. Reading! Reading for fun doesn’t happen very often anymore. My life is filled with reading for school. I am going to take 30min before bed every night to read for me.
  6. Podcasts! I use to listen to podcasts everyday on my commute to and from work. I listen to some very funny travel ones. I am downing loading some as I type this. I am hoping Len Testa is back and will make me laugh.
  7. Tiffany! I love to browse through the Tiffany and Co. website. I do this at lunch at work if my day is less than stellar. All those shiny things make me happy.

I need help. Give me little things I can do to make my day brighter. 4 more should do it!

26 thoughts on “Wordle Things that Brighten My Day

  1. 1 – a long relaxing bath with a good book
    2- a long cuddle with someone in your family
    3- a pedicure at Verves
    4-a little piece of Belgium chocolate slowly melting in your mouth

  2. Hey Ed,
    Maybe you can look at some of the things that seem to brighten some of my days, and find them amongst your day?
    1. The “good morning” cuddle and kiss i get from my princess.
    2. Jess and her licking and nibbles, although she is starting to bite quite hard.
    3. Eating breakfast together at the dining room table.
    4. The drive through all the mountains and greenery to get to the highway, and on my way to work.
    5. The first cup of coffee that I have at my office.
    6. Reading blogs while i should be working
    7. Reading a book- currently reading a book called “around Madagascar in a kayak”. Very good.
    8. My chats with God.
    9. The last hug before my Princess goes to sleep, the one after the story and the minutes that i have spent lying with her.
    10. My favourite shows on tv. That sounds terrible- but i look forward to them.
    11. My blackberry. (That also sounds terrible, but i always seem to find something on it to brighten my day!!!)

    And Ed- I will brighten your day!!!! haha. All the way across the world. Send you some happiness, and giggles.

    Cant belive that you love Tiffany’s that much? I would just feel depressed!

    Something else i thought about, what blood type are you? I am trying to decide whether another book i am paging through is a load of hog wash- because it doesn’t suit my lifestyle, or makes sense. Will put it into a post in the next day or two.


    1. #1,5,8,9,11 (insert iPod) are all excellent things i do yet discounted them last night. I want to drive through the mountains on the way to work!!! I kind of do now, mountains of snow!!
      Re: Tiffany’s: I don’t look at Tiffany jewelry as something I must own, but rather works of art. I will often flip through the web site of the Met in New York too πŸ™‚
      Thanks Bokkie and you DO brighten my day every single day πŸ˜€

  3. Check out my friend, Maura’s blog post of yesterday: she wrote a list of ridiculously great things in her life. They – and her commenters’ additions – will certainly add to your list and brighten your day!
    Sunshine xx

  4. 1. Long walks on “Spring-like” winter days
    2. Taking your camera out and capturing unexpected images
    3. Lunch with someone you haven’t seen in a long time
    4. Visit the AGA
    5. Toboganning. Or ice skating.
    6. Explore an area of the city that you haven’t been to in a long time.

    1. #2, #6 were new goals for me last summer. You are right, I need to extend that into winter! #4 is over due and there is a new exhibit opening up this weekend! I am drawn to your blog like a moth to a flame. Your positive spirit rocks my world…thank you Audrey πŸ™‚

  5. 1. A romp in the sack.
    2. A romp in the sack after your first romp in the sack.
    3. A post-romp in the sack romp in the sack romp in the sack.
    4. Another romp in the sack.

  6. 7 things is pretty good & they all look like things you could do everyday kinda easily….just keep those up everyday & you should feel good all the time & others may pop up since you will be in a good mood!

  7. Since I used to live in Edmonton, here are my additional 4 items for your list:
    1) Go to WEM! Yeah, it might be a tad crowded but there’s got to be something in there that will perk you up. Window shopping indoors in January is fun, and warm.
    2) (If it stops snowing after sundown) Visit the Ledge. I liked the lighting, maybe take some pics with ChatterBox.
    3) I think it’s Tuesday nights at the Druid pub, they have free live music. Always been a cozy hangout.
    4) Bake. Need I say more?

  8. I’ll give you 4 things that don’t take much time because those are the ones you can use as “go to” ideas whenever and mostly wherever you need them.

    1. 1 minute of silence – breathe and think of how much you love your family, it is life changing (okay, maybe day changing)
    2. 1 minute walk around the house or office – it really only takes a minute to change your perspective
    3. a glass of water with 3 ice cubes – the process of getting the ice is soothing and the drinking of it is good for you
    4. send a “just checking in, needed to connect to you” email to your mom or best friend – you don’t have to write any more than that and they will answer with something that makes you smile

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