And the Nominees are…

Award season is upon us! Time to pull out your Vera Wang, your Christian Louboutin and don some Harry Winston, Cartier or Tiffany! I need a date because I have been nominated not once, but THREE TIMES! for the Most Stylish Blog! WOOT YAY ME! First of all I would like to thank the Academy Rose Bandit aka CatMan for bestowing me this honor first. Then I would like to thank My Naked Bokkie over at Husbands 4 hire for sending me a lovely email telling me of my fate before she posted it on my About me Page. Then my Oracle over at Adventures and Insights bestowing this honour upon me! Awww you bloggers, I am touched and honoured to be apart of the Chain Blogging award nomination!

As with all awards, there are rules to qualify before you get said honour.

  • Present seven things about yourself
  • Name about a half dozen bloggers you think deserve the award
  • Contact those people
  • Create a link back to the person who gave you the honor
  • Seven things about myself…really? What if I suddenly feel shy?

    • Deep down I am girly. I may not dress girly, or have the jewelry or wear makeup often, BUT I secretly wish I did daily. I wish I had the glam nails, fabulous clothes with the accessories to match and great hair! All of that good stuff comes with a price tag that just is out of reach for the moment. I’ll get there, It’s on my list!
    • I lived in Canada’s Arctic for two years as a kid. Total darkness in the winter and the longest  days in the summer. Northern Lights and Mine Muck. The worlds largest Ravens and a windchill off Great Slave Lake that can turn the bravest of men into whimpering babies.
    • My favorite guilty pleasure is lounging in bed on a Sunday morning day dreaming, while the family is downstairs having pancakes without me.
    • I love Chick Flicks. I will go to a Chick Flick alone or with someone. Doesn’t matter. I love them. I fell in love with Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached just last week….
    • My Favorite thing about summer is Prairie Sunsets. There is no where else on Earth I would rather live than Edmonton in the Summer. Sitting out on my patio, fire burning long glorious sunsets after 10:00pm. Heavenly.
    • I love Technology. From iPhones, iPads, Kobo readers to electric pencil sharpeners, Technology rocks!

    If I was stuck out in the bush here in Alberta, I could live off the land. I know which plants are edible and how to trap a rabbit. I would hate every minute, but I could do it.

    Now the Nominees are: First of all I would Nominate CatMan, Bokkie and Oracle but they have been honoured already, but I digress…

    Midnitechef : An Edmonton Gal relocated in Texas bringing culinary delights to my kitchen! I love her to bits!

    The Brown Road Chronicles : One of several blogs I read from the male perspective. He is funny, interesting, well written AND he sings!

    Mark My Words : I love this blog because he is such a GUY. His stories are hilarious and reminiscent of all the men in my life who, well, for lack of a better description are SUCH GUYS!

    Girl On The Contrary : Girl’s take on life is quirky and fun. She has been trying forever to be nominated for the Noble Prize, but this will have to do for now.

    Simply Solo: Her story is captivating, I follow along, unable to miss an entry. I adore her story!

    Thanks for the nomination CatMan, Bokkie and Oracle! Now back to my homework…


    13 thoughts on “And the Nominees are…

    1. It’s an honor just to be nominated – thank you, thank you. But if you’re expecting me to wear those high heels you’ve got pictured there while I read my acceptance speech….

      …well, okay, why not!

    2. Thanks for the nod 🙂 I would also nominate you, if you had not been already! I love reading your perpsective on life in the mom-lane, home (Edmonton), and your travels. Off I go to nominate some bloggers…

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