I Should Have Joined Scouts

I love to read! I always thought receiving a book was the best gift other than a Tiffany’s Blue Box filled with jewelry. I bought my Honey a book for Valentines Day. Not super romantic, but right up his alley! The book is called Scouts in Bondage by Michael Bell.

It is a collection of old book titles that have many double entendres. Some are so hilarious I wanted to share them with you.

  • Invisible Dick by Frank Topham. My favorite Chapter is 2 – The Vanishing Helmet
  • How Nell Scored by Bessie Marchant. The Cover photo cracks me up, Nell is lurking in the trees spying on two guys in a donkey cart.
  • The Day Amanda Came by C.T. Reeves.

Followed by the sequel…

  • The Corpse Came Too by Desmond Reid.
  • Memorable Balls by James Laver
  • Fairies I have Met by Mrs. Rodolph Stawell.

And the ever popular…

  • The Farmer and the Fairy by Elizabeth Clark
  • The World’s Famous Queens by Lydia Hoyt Farmer

Finally my most favorite book of all…

  • Simple Hints for Mothers on the Home Sex-Training of Boys by Clare Goslett.

Happy Friday!



5 thoughts on “I Should Have Joined Scouts

  1. Oh the funny jokes that ran through my head! I can tell you as a scout leader the whole scouts in bondage thing made me LMAO! And yes, gotta wonder what the whole home-sex training was about. Guess I missed that class!!

  2. I am positive that he appreciated that gift more than any other type of romantic thingee….. for example a chocolate rose. Haha. Being able to laugh together over things like this is special.

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