Putting My Best Foot Forward

Today was wacky. I had a heated conversation with a colleague about what I know and don’t know. I was so angry by the time the conversation was over I wanted to walk out never to return. Instead I kept my composure, defended my position and used conversation skills I have learned in my course. Does it matter in the end? No not really. I was seriously offended though. I put it aside and went swimming instead of stewing about it. My arms hurt but I feel good. I thought about why she might say those things to me. Clearly we do not share the same belief system or values. I was questioned as to why I work so hard at what I do if I am not loving it any more. To me the answer is simple. If you do a job, do it well or go home. Just letting things “go” or ignoring situations is just not how I was raised. My Grandfather would be rolling over in his grave and my mother would ground me. I have set goals for myself and I know I will not achieve them if I do not put my best foot forward. I need to shout those goals to the Universe so everyone knows what my intentions are. Do you hear that Universe? I do not want to keep my regular position anymore, I want more.

To achieve those goals I need to remind myself of beliefs and values that are important to me. Genetic Offspring showed me his Power Point Presentation on Beliefs for his Religion class. It has inspired my list. I am writing them down because I need the reminder.

  1. Family First Always. Sometimes I forget how much my family means to me. I am not just referring to the ones living in my house. I mean the ones down the street, across town, in another city and over oceans. Family is my reason for almost everything.
  2. Doing the Right Thing is hardly ever easy. I wish it was easy. If everything was easy, life would be boring. However, would it kill you universe to make some things easy?
  3. Great Wisdom often comes from children. I have learned amazing things from my children. I don’t just mean the answer to scientific questions, but the maturity my children deal with social issues, personal problems and road blocks inspires me to be better. I think all parents can learn from their children. If you are childless, you can still eaves drop on conversations of children. Not only are the a great source of entertainment but profound things often come out of those mouths.
  4. Trust your instincts. There is a little voice or a feeling. Its something or someone trying to tell you something. Listen to that gut feeling. It is usually right. Trust yourself, you have your best interest at heart. Don’t let yourself down.
  5. Show Kindness to others. You would think this would be easy. I see children who don’t know how to be kind to each other. We need to teach that. It isn’t instinctual. My ChatterBox is the kindest person I know.
  6. Magic/Miracles/Pixie Dust are real if you believe in hard work. All of it will happen if you work for it. Look at me, I am working hard for it, a little pinch of Pixie Dust and I’ll have my goals in my pocket.
  7. Nurture yourself. I never use to believe this. I have started practicing it. It’s true, it makes a difference. You have to love yourself first then other things fall into place.
  8. No is as important as Yes. Learning to say no has been liberating. It ties in with nurturing myself. Hard to do, but essential.
  9. Yes is as important as No. Saying yes to things you normally wouldn’t do is also liberating. Hard to do, but essential.
  10. Family First Always – but don’t forget you are part of the family too.

12 thoughts on “Putting My Best Foot Forward

  1. Family should always come first , thanks for the reminder. You are also right when you say about getting great wisdom from kids!! I love to talk to lil kids because their problem solving skill is one of a kind, they may even solve your worst problem! Eves dropping on the conversation of children is entertaining yet useful!
    All the best for your job and everything else.
    Whose job will you take?
    Let us help you find a suitable job.

  2. Sounds like you can’t go wrong with that list of beliefs, ET. Sorry about the run-in with your colleague – kudos to you for working hard even though your heart’s not in it. Apart from that being an admirable quality in you, imagine how awful it would be to work half-heartedly, when you wish you were doing something different anyway?
    Hugs to you from London
    Sunshine xx

  3. Hmm, you make some good points. I agree with most of them sort of.

    Family first is not as important as putting you first, about 1 mm in front of your family.

    My argument is simple; if you are second to your family you cannot properly take care of yourself and then your family may as well be right behind not robbing old lady’s or flushing babies down toilets.

    Think of the universe as a big placid pool of blue water that no one can see any edge of. There is no land, and we all just sort of float around above the water.

    In your pocket is a bag of marbles (don’t lose them). You are born and your mother takes a marble and throws it into the pool. This causes a small circular wave to move outward from the point where the marble hit the water.

    As the wave moves it intersects with the other waves created by other people as their mothers throw marbles into the water.

    Some waves are of different pitches and amplitudes. Some work toward cancelling your wave out and others work with your wave to make it bigger.

    Throughout your life, events large and small take place and you must decide whether or not to through in a marble.

    Over time, you and others decide when to chuck in a marble or two; again those waves effect your wave to various degrees. This continues until the pond is not at all placid, it is now tumultuous and sometimes becomes stormy. But in all cases your wave has some effect on the others.

    Over your life you follow your wave. It is everywhere; because there is no edge, it continues to travel away from where your mother tossed the marble in the water. You have an effect on the pond because you toss in marbles from whatever point you feel like doing so.

    Chatterbox is born and you throw in a marble. The wave it creates effects her, you, me, and millions of others as it intersects with other waves.

    Everybody has an effect on the universe. Depending on how you husband your marbles your effect will be greater soon rather than later or the opposite. Every decision that involves a marble (and almost all of them do) effects you and in some way everyone else.

    The marbles are your personality; how you use them tells others about who and what you are, how you use them tells others more about you than it tells you about you. Sometimes talking about how you used your marbles in the past with someone else is the only way you can tell why you used your marbles the way you did.

    Sometimes, someone with great insight will tell you how you used a particular marble and you will learn a great deal about yourself and how you may best use your marbles in the alternative to the way you use them now or how you used them in the past.

    By concentrating on how you use and have used your marble, you can learn the most and help those who you care about most (your family as an example) put their marbles to better use.

    In time, all of the waves that started when our mother’s dropped your marble into the pool will simply run out of energy and your wave will go unnoticed. But never does your wave actually disappear, it just keeps going across that infinite pool, it has impacts on other waves, but those waves have no idea why.


  4. ALL excellent points… 3, 4, 5 are my favorites. But family first is also very important. Sometimes its hard to keep a focus on these things with all that goes on in our lives. Probably helps to write it down… maybe even post it on the fridge… I think we need to always be reminded!!

  5. I guess I need a better difusal mechanism, baking my fury away is not as healthy as a good swim or long walk with the dog.
    No has been a hard thing to learn, as well as taking care of myself first. Thanks for the reminders πŸ™‚

  6. That was great…I have always been that way too. Even if I didn’t really like the job…worked my butt off. The lazy people always wondered why the bosses liked me & how I moved up. You pretty much have to work, so do it right! Might be a better world if everybody looked at like you Edmonton!

  7. Great list… and I agree, family should always come first. As far as doing the right thing, it’s not always easy, but it becomes easier the more you do it and when you start to see the rewards (actual rewards or just feeling like a good person) because of all the right things you’ve done.

  8. I am already learning things from my child, and he is only 4 months old. Having him around inspires me to be the best role model I can be.

    I am manifesting your destiny to the universe, too! *ommmmmmmm*

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