Are You Having Fun Yet?

Hmm… Are you?

Today I was in a session where we talked about a myriad of things. One being FUN. When I started my journey I knew I was lacking in the fun department. I set out to take risks and try new things. I forgot to add HAVE FUN. Fun and Funny are not the same thing. I make people laugh all the time. It is hard to make me laugh, and if you can, you are amazing… just saying.

Fun takes the chore out of chores. When big changes happened at work in November, I asked Mrs. Bosslady if the new person they were bringing in was fun. She wouldn’t answer that question. To her the important part was could she do her job well. I had years of people just doing their job well. I wanted some fun for a change dammit! Interesting that I inherently knew 3 months into my journey that I needed fun in spite of the fact I didn’t put it on my list. At work I had a few people who were fun but they were always just out of my reach. I could laugh with them sporadically but never got to work with them long term. FINALLY I have the opportunity to work with FUN people! WOOT!!! BOOOOYA! So, Mrs. Bosslady, are they fun? Yes ET they are fun! YIPPEE!  Check that off my list, work is becoming fun again…first time in decades.

Moving onto my day to day life…

Is that fun? Ummm no. Well, it wasn’t.

Chatterbox and I went out and tried new things, we had fun doing that. In fact we still do. Best of all, I know her so much better than I did before and an added benefit is she is FUN AND FUNNY! So random weekend things are fun with Chatterbox.

I met some pretty amazing people here on this blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. They are FUN and often FUNNY! So again, huge bonus because I get both for the price of one! I would chat with people, learned amazing things, found common interests, cheered for the same hockey teams, exchanged Disney Tips, I loved every minute of that. That for me was FUN!

Then I went off and met someone who told me I needed to nurture myself. That meant I needed to stop putting myself last on the list and start prioritizing FUN. Okay, I could do that…but I felt guilty. This person gave me permission to have fun, in fact it was Doctor prescribed. This is what they taught me:

  • Fun gives you more energy than it takes.
  • Giving up an enjoyable activity REDUCES your energy in the long run
  • Fun activities reduce stress and depression


So with her permission I went out and found some fun. I went to the Art Gallery, I went out for dinner a few times with my girls from work, I had friends over for a laugh, I watched movies curled up on the couch, I played rockband with my children, I swim – I swim and find that FUN! But tonight I have a new challenge.

I need to name 5 activities that I use to enjoy but haven’t done in long time. This one is harder. I can think of fun things I want to do but there are road blocks in the way. For example: I want to have fun in New York City, but can’t do that yet. I want to go to a New York Ranger Hockey Game wearing a Mark Messier jersey, I can’t do that yet either. I want to go to Walt Disney World as a DVC member, can’t do that either. I want to have season tickets to the Oilers in a Sky Suite box, I can’t do that yet either. Wishful thinking is not getting me anywhere, I need to be practical.

Where was I? Oh ya, 5 things I USE to do that I found enjoyable.

  1. Air guitar in front of my mirror. Oh BOY that was fun for me! I could give that a try again.
  2. Go to a chick flick with a bunch of girls. I TOTALLY NEED TO DO THAT ONE!
  3. Talk for hours on the phone with my best friend…I should give that one a try too!
  4. Have a shopping day with my mom, gran and aunty. I would love that one too!
  5. Karaoke with my sister…HEY SISTA’ invite me over for Karaoke!!!

All of those doable, all of those are fun. I need to get started. What is your 5?

I’ll read your answers later, Billy Joel is inviting me over for a bottle of red and I need to grab my air guitar.

15 thoughts on “Are You Having Fun Yet?

      1. or you know, that cool mall in downtown, were mum said you use to take her, grandma, and aunty t… (i think thats what she said…) and take a certain chatterbox…. =D

  1. Oh you are SO dead on: fun and funny are not the same thing. Wow! Seriously great post. My five: movies, art, writing, cuddling, tumbling, touching, singing, long baths, laughing, smiling, helping others, gardening, cooking, and coloring.

    Whoops! I cheated. More than five, and many things I do now that I hadn’t done in years. Forgive me my shortcuts to an ‘A’?

  2. My 5 is exactly the same as your 5!!!

    Except for the chick flick.
    And the shopping.
    And the talking on the phone.
    And the karaoke.

    But, hey – let’s hear it for air guitar!!

    1. Oh I understand you don’t want the world to know you watch chick flicks 😉 don’t worry your secret is safe with me! My question is, if you love doing all that awesome stuff – just like me, why have you not been snapped up by some amazing chick-rock air guitarist? It makes NO SENSE TO ME!

  3. Wow, I have to confess something… I have never read a “blog” in my life… nor did I really understand what a “blog” was… and I am not sure, after reading everything here, if I even understand now, but this looks like the place to leave a reply… so here goes. Wow… nice blog my new friend, thank you soooooooo much for sharing it with me. You have talent and “pinache”… is that how it is spelled? I don’t know, but I am impressed. I enjoyed reading and you are inspiring for sure! I am struggling in my journey, but you have given me some ideas, thanks!

    1. COOL I have Panache! I so happy you stopped by my friend! Glad you got something out of it. I blog to make myself accountable. This helps with my goal setting. Keep up with the journey – we can make it 🙂

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