It Never Hurts to be Nice

I am cranky.

For my family, especially my sister, you’re all thinking “So what else is new?”  Of course my rebuttal is “HEY! AM NOT YOU ARE!”

My excuse is it is June. I am reaching burnout after a particularly challenging year. I have bit off more than I can chew in regards to my University classes. Two appears to be a bit much. I could use a couple extra days on the weekend to finish my papers and group work, but no…I am face painting. It’s only for a couple of hours but it seems to take up my whole day anyways. A friend who I love and adore is going through a very hard time and I try to reach out to them but hear nothing back. I will keep sending little messages, until I hear that I should stop, in hopes they make a difference in some way. Then came lunch…

I went to the local mom and pop shop where they make FABULOUS sushi! I owed a co-worker a lunch so away I went. I work in a neighborhood that is less than  – well – let’s just say poverty and crime are no strangers here. I entered the mall and walked over to the sushi place. I need to be mindful that I am entering a place where my clients frequent, so I keep in my head a message my father always said to me, “It never hurts to be nice.” True true true. So even when I want to growl and spew foul language, I am cognizant of my surroundings knowing I could spy a young client at any moment.

I place my order and wait…

and wait…

and wait…

and wait…

and while I was STILL waiting, a lady rolled up in her groovy wheelchair. She started talking to me about her love of onions and tomatoes and how her son – 37 and still lives with her – does not. He, apparently, is the fussiest eater ever born. Did you know one time he ordered a tomato sandwich and picked off the tomatoes? Then there was that time she took her nice to the mall and her niece only likes ketchup on her burger. No point in buying a burger with suff on it that she won’t eat!

I my mind I am thinking about how can I make a clean getaway? HURRY UP SUSHI LADY! I smiled and contribute to the conversation using my stellar skills and respond accordingly.

FINANLY my sushi was ready! I thank the sushi lady and wished her a lovely day. Then I turned to the gal talking my ear off, smiled and said, “Have a lovely day”

As I turned to leave, I heard her say, “You too dear, and thank you for taking time out to talk to me.”

That stunned me. Do people ignore her when she speaks? Or worse, just walk away? 5 minutes out of my day I chose to be nice and polite. Did it hurt me? No. Did it make a difference in someone else’s day? Yes.

You are right Dad, it never hurts to be nice.

Lesson learned. Have a lovely day 🙂


7 thoughts on “It Never Hurts to be Nice

  1. I must agree…. i ofetn think about people who have terrible jobs and how no one is probably ever nice. Like the ladies in the toll road booths. I am so conscious of greeting them, and asking how they are.
    That one little moment might boost them for the next few hours. I know when i was waitressing, how motivating it was to have someone who actually spoke to you like you were human.

  2. My son ordered a “Western Burger” once and then asked them to hold the lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and barbecue sauce. He apparently just wanted the onion ring on there.

    I tell you, when it comes to picky eaters, that boy takes the cake.

  3. That lady who struck up a conversation with you at random is not that different than blogging – she just took the computers out of the equation. In the olden days, folks just talked to eachother. I’ll bet my left shoe that Karma smiled upon you at that moment when she thanked you for your time.

    I had a similar experience in Lockhart. It’s a small town and having a racing toddler with a one track mind forces one to be extra polite and friendly to those Little Sister chooses to approach. She is nearly my exact opposite, in pint size. She gets random grannys to hug her, gives big kids hugs, and roughs up other peoples’ dogs. All I can do is follow her everywhere and keep her safe.

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