50 in 50

As I was leaving the pool this morning, I thought about this summer verses summers past. This summer holds definite purpose for me. Not to say the others didn’t, but the certainly weren’t as focused or as meaningful as this one is turning out to be.

Last summer I set a goal of attending every Edmonton Festival Possible. The total was 11 (quite a significant number for me as you may know). I shared the pictures via facebook and emailed a ton of pics to a friend who lives across the continent. My daughter and I had the most memorable summer ever.

This summer ChatterBox is a LIT (Leader In Training for the City of Edmonton Summer Camps), so our festival time will be limited. Not that we want to attend all of them, because quite frankly, quite a few were lame. Genetic Offspring and I have plans to go to the Fringe quite a bit, but other than that, my kids are busy.

For me, I have 4 more papers to write and 2 classes to complete. I hope to be face painting a couple more times and I have my half marathon training to complete. The big day is August 22! I will continue to swim daily and eat properly so I can reach my goal of 20lbs down by September. I am giving myself the whole month of September to do it – just in case! But I am confident I will reach that goal easily. I am fortunate enough to be able to go to Disneyland, sans my family, in August. This is to celebrate my 44th birthday, 1 year as the Edmonton Tourist and to fulfill a dream. So as you can see, my summer is purposeful.

I need to start planning new goals to attain. I have been reading blogs where people have 40 things to do before they are 40. Well I missed that boat. However, I learned this year it is NEVER too late to start a list. I have also learned this year if you tell people your hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires, then anything is possible and dreams become reality. I am living proof. So, this Edmonton Tourist is going to make a 50 in 50 list. I will make the list saying “I Will” not “I want” subtle yet different. That will give me 6 years to complete. Are you interested in the list? I am making a disclaimer right here, right now *list is subject to change*. Why you may ask? Well, I am not the same person I was last year. I don’t expect to be the same person next year. The things I think I will do today may not be the reality for me in 4 years. Does that make sense? For example, I want to lay on a white sandy beach on my 50th birthday wearing a bikini and looking all thin and gorgeous. I know I will physically be able to do it, but what if a better opportunity pops up or wearing a bikini isn’t all it is cracked up to be? I want to have flexibility within my list.  Here we go!

The Edmonton Tourist’s 50 Things to Do Before She Turns 50

  1. I will lay on a white sandy beach on my 50th birthday wearing a bikini and looking slim and gorgeous!
  2. I will walk across the stage at Royal Roads University and collect my MBA
  3. I will walk the Edmonton Half Marathon in 2011
  4. I will run a 5km race in 2011
  5. I will run the Donald half Marathon at WDW
  6. I will spend 3 days touring the Louvre in Paris with a fellow art lover
  7. I will go see a Broadway musical
  8. I will go the the Fireworks Festival in Vancouver
  9. I will take a cruise from New York to Newfoundland and see an iceberg
  10. I will go to the Maritimes in the fall to see the trees different colours
  11. I will eat dinner at the California Grill while watching the Fireworks
  12. I will read 50 of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Novels
  13. I will attend Marathon Week in New York and Cheer people on
  14. I will sit in Central Park on a bench and watch people go by
  15. I will buy a pair of Christian Louboutin and wear them to dinner at the Bull and Bear restaurant at the Waldorf
  16. I will travel to Asia and visit the rest of the Disney Theme parks
  17. I will get promoted and stop working in the classroom
  18. I will wear an Armani Suit
  19. I will go to Tiffany & Co on 5th Avenue New York and Buy my key
  20. I will see magnetic hill
  21. I will drive to Whitehorse, Yukon in the summer
  22. I will enter a karaoke competition
  23. I will go to Vegas and gamble
  24. I will stand before the Grand Canyon
  25. I will skinny dip in a creek
  26. I will go sailing on the ocean
  27. I will climb to the top of a Lighthouse
  28. I will watch the entire tv series of Sex in the City
  29. I will spend several weeks in the mediterranean
  30. I will see the Parthenon
  31. I will read Greek Mythology
  32. I will learn Italian
  33. I will go to the Chelsea Flower show
  34. I will watch dwarf tossing
  35. I will go to a Stanley Cup Final
  36. I will watch AFI’s 100 movies
  37. I will make one last quit – Queen size
  38. I will explore tide pools
  39. I will drink a glass of scotch
  40. I will smoke a cigar
  41. I will photograph a collection of unusual doors
  42. I will stay up all night to watch the sunrise
  43. I will go to a comedy club
  44. I will have my full astrological chart done
  45. I will have my tea leaves read
  46. I will go fishing on the ocean
  47. I will collect tiny pieces of drift wood for a glass bowl
  48. I will finish my sand collection and collect sand from the major oceans
  49. I will nap in a hammock
  50. I will attend a clam bake


What would you add? Or do you have any questions about my list? I like it!!


8 thoughts on “50 in 50

  1. I like everything but the cigar – WHY a cigar? I’ve tried it, it’s nasty! I’ve been fishing on the gulf of mexico, twice. Only puked the second time.

    1. LOL I don’t want to puke! That’s not on my list 😉
      I want to smoke a cigar because I talk big and should put my money where my mouth is. Something about a stinky cigar and a glass of scotch, it captivates me.

  2. I sure hope you get to complete the list. Sounds like a tall order, but since you at least have it…you have things to strive for. Good luck!

  3. Great list, I have a few questions/suggestions:

    Exchange Christian Louboutin for Ferragamo but by them while spending a week in Firenze. At least that is what I plan to do when I need new shoes:

    The cigar will probably make you puke up the Scotch, neither are worthy of making a list;

    Fishing on the Ocean involves living for a day or two on a really rolling boat. I don’t get seasick so hopefully you will not too. I would hunt Sailfish or Marlin if I were doing it;

    Three days at the Louvre should drive anyone insane. Perhaps one day there, one at Musea Dorsae,then you won’t need to actually strangle any tourists or kids;

    Add a day at MOMA in New York, it is perhaps better than Musea Dorsae for modern art;

    Add two days of art to your shoe shopping in Firenze;

    Sail in Desolation Sound on the West Coast, charter out of Comox and spend an idyllic week poking around the endless coves, islands, and bays. There is one where a fresh water, waterfall plunges almost into your anchorage. It is magic; and

    We stay in Midtown in Manhatten a block or two off of Central Park South. I have eaten many a meal with Woody Allen in the neighborhood.

    1. 1.Ferragamo is lovely but I have a current red sole fantasy going on!
      2. You being a guy and have already drank scotch and smoked a cigar may not understand it from a chick point of view. It’s fairly bad-ass and I want too. Reason enough 🙂
      3. 3 Days is what I need. It takes me a whole day to go throught the AGA – clearly I am more like Leonard and LeRoy. MoMa will be the first museum I go to in NY, then the Met then AMNH etc…
      3. Shopping in Firenze…niiiiice
      4. Good Sailing tip!
      5. Midtown is the only option for me. Long time fantasy…
      Thanks for the weigh in!!

  4. I love your list! And I would like to see you post a photo of #1 when it happens, because I have prurient interests. (At least I didn’t ask for a photo of #25!).

    I should do something similar…someday. I don’t think I could come up with 50 things, but maybe a nice dozen or so before I die would work.

    1. HAHAHAHA If I am lookin’ fab in my bikini, a picture will be plastered ALL over the place!
      50 things was easier to come up with than I thought, I actually made a list of 78 and trimmed it down. Once I got going it was hard to stop 🙂 For instance…I want to go to Comicon, MoMa, sleep outside without a tent and mosquitos, live with a dog again, paint a canvas and have it framed…..tons of stuff!

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