There was a Celebration? Was I there?

The Celebration! What for you might ask? Mostly the event on Sunday afternoon was to celebrate the accomplishment of those foolish mortals who chose to participate and finish the Canadian Derby Marathon and Half marathon. The Marathon finishers were too dead to attend the celebration. Quite frankly, so was I.

As it stands, I am still exhausted. I feel like I have extreme jetlag. I can be talking to you one mine and then need a nap the next. This is the craziest I have ever felt. My muscles aren’t tired, nothing is sore – except my MCL injury and my stress fracture. BUT MAN, if I didn’t have to be places I would still be in bed sleeping. Clearly 4.5 hours of exercise was too much for my body to cope with. All I want to do is eat steak and sleep. It’s funny for those who know me, steak is not something I ever want. Beef is not a food that is anywhere near my list of favorites. I am a bean and lentil kind of girl. However, if there was a cow walking by my window right now, I would eat it. I have been invited to a steakhouse for dinner, and all I can say is YES! Bring it on, I want a steak starter, a steak dinner and for dessert, STEAK! And did I mention to say how thirsty I am? It is a constant need for water. I need a camelback to satisfy my thirst. Apparently this is normalish, or so my dietician warned me. So I have been alowing the sleep to come as needed and have taken out a loan to pay the water utility. I have gone to the gym twice this week, once to stretch out my tired muscles and once to swim. I shouldn’t have gone swimming. It made me MORE tired if that is even possible.

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who came out to the celebration on Sunday afternoon. It was a fantastic time…I think. Was I there? Is there proof?I really don’t remember any of it. I remember kissing 2 babies, hobbling around on crutches, eating Granny’s marshmallow caramel rice crispy rolls – well call the crack crispies because they are an instant addiction. I remember lots of flowers – THANK YOU – and gift cards for coffee – THANK YOU – and drinking water. There was beer there, but I needed WATER thank you very much! A friend came all the way from Thailand for the party – well that isn’t strictly true, his mom said he was there to see her finish the half, but she may be delusional, I am SURE he was there for me.

But that is all I remember. I am horrified by this. I have a fantabulous memory. I can remember details that will amaze you. However, Sunday is pretty much blank. So if I agreed to do anything or said anything that is expecting results, please let me know. The last time I was this tired I had a newborn baby and a 2 year old. I don’t remember that year either.

I do have a few picture to prove I was there.

This is me and my Nurse Practitioner. She came! She is my angel. The unfailing support I receiver from her has changed my life. I was thrilled she came!

The finishers. We don’t look very tired. It’s called faking. Like the sandals? The feet needed a break.

I have a couple of great pictures of the friends and family who came, but I need to protect their privacy. The picture of my Yoga instructor is too hot to post ever.

Once again thank you for all the support and love shown to get me through. I appreciate it more than you will ever understand. Don’t worry, the next blog will go back to the regular scheduled programing.



24 thoughts on “There was a Celebration? Was I there?

  1. Congratulations to you and Dave. Try to imagine back two years ago and see if finishing a half-marathon was something you could conceive as possible for you then.
    Proud and pleased we are, now on to new challenges.

  2. Hey ET!!! You did it!!!! and YES and AMEN to the memory loss. The BEST thing is once you’ve healed and you go back to running you will have a better sense of pacing your runs so you can go faster.

    I’m SOOOOOO proud of you. Go Go GOALSETTER!!!!!!!

  3. I have a feeling the picture of your yoga teacher needs to be deleted if you are speaking of it like that (I sense sarcasm)…just saying.

  4. Congratulations again ET, whether you can remember it or not your run was truly an awesome achievement! Enjoy your rest (if you manage to get it), you really deserve it.


  5. Yay you did it!!! I love the lines “The last time I was this tired I had a newborn baby and a 2 year old. I don’t remember that year either.” Very true indeed πŸ™‚
    It’s much too hot to try going that far outside. It was 108F on Saturday, I’m thinking it might be time to move north!

    1. Don’t move too far north, I am considering turning the furnace on 😦
      It’s true about baby tired. People don’t give moms enough credit about sleep depervation. It is like having jetlag ALL THE TIME without the benefit of some cool destination!!

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