I had an interesting conversation with a 4 year old girl today. Let me set the scene:

White and blue classroom with one small window in the corner. 3 small tables sitting in close proximity to each other. Each table has one adult and 5 children under five but over three….yes they are four years old. It was snack time and we were munching on apples and naan bread, sipping beverages of milk and water.

The purpose of snack is not the obvious. Nutrition and hunger satisfaction is not a primary concern. It is imperative that a healthy snack is provided, but the PURPOSE of snack time is to generate conversation and have the four year olds relate personal experiences. I think that goal was achieved today.

After labeling all the items on the table, food was passed around and the children served themselves. It was silent at my table. I mean you could hear crickets 40 miles away. I initiated conversation by asking about pets. Who had a puppy or a cat at their house? Silence. More apples were passed around. about 5 minutes later a girl – Who I will call Child 1- pipes up with “I have a rabbit”.

Me: Oh really? What’s your rabbits name?

Child 1: Fleosjfjrgssgjbkg

Me: Pardon me? Can you tell me again?

Child 1:Fleosjfjrgssgjbkg

Me: (thinking hmmm… I have no idea) What a great name for a rabbit! What do you feed it? Cookies?

Child 1: Rabbit food

Then Child 2 pipes up with a food related question. (Of course this is great news, keeping the story lines connected, everyone is on the same topic)

Child 2: Do you have milk in your Ta-tas?

My eyes popped out of my head.

Me: Pardon me? What did you say? (thinking I heard it wrong)


Me: No I do not. I don’t have any babies at home.

Child: Mommy is going to let her milk dry up too. The babies are too big now.

Then we got back to the pressing story of what rabbits eat. In case you are wondering what “rabbit food” is, Child 1 said it’s grass and pellets with carrots on Saturday… Now you know.

4 thoughts on “Awkward…

  1. I believe the key word was “feeding.” If her mom is indeed feeding plural then that was a common topic at home. Not at all awkward in her mind. This unforgettable moment reminds me of a previous blog from you about your missed kids and just why love what you do. Thanks for sharing – I absolutely love it too!

  2. HA HA HA! I work with kids aged five and under, and they are all kinds of awesome. At snack time yesterday afternoon we discussed why exactly a fly wouldn’t fit in the space between the graphite and the wood in that yellow pencil over there. It was a great conversation!

  3. That was the perfect way to start off the day ET! I am sure that was so totally awkward as how the heck do you recover from that sort of a comment….seemed just so ‘as a matter of fact!’ HAHA 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

    shall we say….never a dull moment?

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