All I want for Christmas is a Bobblehead

I think I have made a turn for the better. I laughed this morning! That IS good news. In-spite of all the freaky crazy-ass scary dreams I have been having because I have the Plague, I read something in my email in box that had me howling with laughter. It is too good not to share and speculate the possibilities!

Groupon regularly sends me stuff as I am sure it sends YOU stuff too. I have only purchased a couple of things that I would use. You don’t save money buying things you would never ever use, that is crazy talk. Today, however, I am considering this. Who doesn’t want a bobble head of themselves? I immediately emailed my dad the link. He is the supreme being and expert in all things so ridiculous they are cool!

My dad has the most amazing Pez collection and he is starting to go big in Bobbleheads. The problem with this is, my mom  doesn’t see this fantastic collection as anything that resembles cool. She says it “doesn’t go” with her decorating theme. Clearly my mom is off her rocker. I mean, who doesn’t love a little bobblehead? Everyone immediately wants to touch it and get it’s little head dancing all around!! Tell me, as a kid, you never loved those nodding donkeys found in car windows? Weren’t you just mesmerized with the little head bobbing up and down as you followed the car around the city? Or those way cool hula girls that would sway with the motion of the car bumping up and down on a bumpy road? Tell me you don’t have a bobble head somewhere in your house! Everyone has at least got a free one from a cereal box or a baseball game. Well friends, now is you chance to have a bobblehead of YOU. AND it’s just in time for Christmas! How fabulous is that?

Upon further reading at the Groupon web site, I read this:

Handcrafted miniature figurines & bobbleheads bear the faces of clients, friends & family, with more than 450 body models available

So not only will it look like YOU but you can choose from over 450 different bodies. 450! I KNOW! Too good to be true! I took a gander at the varieties I could pick from. They have everything from Death to Ninjas, Sports to pin-up girls. I can’t do it justice, you have to look for yourself here.

It’s hard to choose. I am torn between two. I may end up getting both of them. I particularly like this one,

It is an 8G USB. Now no one could accuse me of taking their drive and claiming it as my own. AND how cool will I look at the University Library? How great will it look sticking out of my dashboard while I am rockin’ the tunes in my car? I’m so excited I can’t WAIT for it to come in the mail!

This is the one for my desk at work,

Who can’t break-dance like that? My team would be jealous. They all know I am the better break-dancer. I think I will get my dad this one,

He loves Superman, it would match his Superman Piggy Bank. If I got mom this one,

Then should would love to have it out for all to see. Besides, it’s a rule that moms have to love what their children gave them for Christmas, I think it’s an actual law. Mom loved Spain and wants to live there for a while. She could wistfully look at this everyday and dream of Spain. AND with the Bobblehead being her’s, she gets the added benefit of VISUALIZING herself RIGHT THERE! I know, it sounds too good to be true!

I need to get crack-a-lacking on my Christmas Gifts. Tell me what you would choose, I might be able to hook you up!

6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is a Bobblehead

  1. Personally, the Superman one is very much like my last post. Check it out! But I have been in a very “Superman” mood lately…you know it’s a great reminder that you are wonderful and super any day of the week!!! ❤ the bobble head idea!

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