The Path of Evil Not Travelled

You know that saying “if choosing between the lesser of two evils, pick the one you have never done before.”?

That has been my life this year. Taking risks, trying new things and horror of horrors wonderfully enough, witnessing others trying new things too. According to all the emails I get from you readers, I have inspired some of you to give it a try. To me, that is thrilling! I love hearing about that kind of stuff.

For example, there is a random reader in South America who writes to me regularly, keeping me updated on her 52 new things to try for 2011. Shockingly, some of her new things are sexual in nature. The first time I read about how adventurous she had been in the bed with a new man in her life, I was – for lack of a better word – Gobsmacked. It’s funny to me how comfortable my readers are in sharing with me. Keep in mind we have never met in person and through the wonders of social media, I have gotten to know all of you, who correspond with me, reasonably well. I do know there is a veil of secrecy between us as there is with people in our day to day lives. Things you do not wish to share, and things I do not wish to share.

I think the sharing of self is a great thing. Especially when you trust so completely. I also think secrets are delicious. Sharing too much can be a burden to others. Finding that fine line between too much and too little is tricky business. There are those of you who I wish I could know more about and those of you where you have told me the right amount. Then there are those who share it all. I love that you feel comfortable enough with me that sharing copious amounts is freeing for you, yet I know you find it hurtful that I do not share in the practice of sharing everything. Just as I find it hurtful when I over share only to discover the person I am sharing with is holding back. Why do we hold back? Clearly trust is an issue, or just the simple fact they do not care about me in the same way…now realizing that little tidbit is MAJORLY hurtful… C’est la vie…

Here is a list of things people shared with me this past year, after choosing the path of evil not travelled. A whole bunch of firsts that rocked my world and made me laugh.

1. The day my mom told me a story about my Great Uncle and his girlfriend Pussy. It took her several days before she understood what he meant by Pussy. What rocked my socks was my mom said Pussy! Shocking and hilarious all rolled into one.

2. The day I took my Grandma to a Drag show. She had never been to a gay club before, never mind a drag show. She had seen Dame Edna on tv, but loved seeing Chris Peterson live! Now that was a birthday for me to remember!

3. The day I received a text from a friend who bought a coffee for the car behind her in Tim Hortons. The car followed her to work, left a note of her windshield for her to meet the stranger the next morning for breakfast. They wanted to treat back. She did, and they are still dating! Awwwwww…..

4. The day my sister texted me to say Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing at the local Main Stage as live theatre. She thought we should take our young girls to see. it. The ME who loves the participation aspect of this show was excited to share this experience with ChatterBox. The ME who can hear my Dad’s disapproval ringing in my ears thought no. This was a classic example of choosing the evil path not taken. I took ChatterBox along with her cousin and my sister to see this experience. We dressed up in fishnets and feather boas, wore blood red lipstick and posed for pictures with men in drag.There were shocking moments when my niece looked at me with wide eyes that made me laugh. But everything was implied, nothing visual. The pure fun of throwing Toilet Paper around the grand theatre and whipping out confetti, and yelling “Boring” and “Slut!” to the narrator made the event so fun for all of us! The best part? Dancing in the aisles to Time Warp. I’m glad I said YES! This was a great experience for all of us!

5. The gal who wrote me and decided to take a solo vacation – solo meaning no men from her life could come. She wasn’t packing for her men, feeding them, nor was she going to spend two weeks doing what THEY wanted to do. She was choosing a spot just for her and her best friend. They had the time of their lives. She came back to the men in her life looking at her with new eyes. They helped more, respected her more and now let her choose things too.

6. Then there was that other gal who likes to over share and I talked to her about to much information. She have never been to a spa before, so I said “Give it a try! you will Love it!”. I got home the next day to a long email about full body waxing and the details around the awkwardness involving the Brazillian….really? Yet it’s not awkward to tell me all about it? For all intense purposes I AM A STRANGER! But her description was soooooo funny, I told her to start a blog about her life. When it happens, I will let you know.

There are more, but the list could be endless. Try one new thing this week, then tell me or someone else about it. If there is a hint of evil to it, it might be more fun.

If I had lived this year without trying I would have never,

  1. Finished One Full Year of University with Honors
  2. Went To Disneyland without my Family
  3. Finished a half Marathon
  4. Practice Yoga
  5. Tried on Clothes that I never thought would fit…yet they DO!
  6. Worked a second job to buy luxuries like an iPad 2 and Lovelies from Tiffany’s
  7. Increased my swim lengths from 3 to 80 = 2km and that is now easy for me
  8. Tried reading new genres and found out I liked most of them!
  9. Tasted Tamarind and discovered I dislike it immensely. I couldn’t even finish it, I needed to spit it out…so now I know…
  10. Saying yes leads to more possibilities than saying no.

I have two weeks off from work before I head back. I am going to try one new thing everyday. I will keep track and write about it. 12 days of new things. This will be hard, because I have tried so many new things already! Wish me luck because the first thing on my list is Zumba. It should be great for a good laugh, just me and my wii. I may let ChatterBox record it for proof….talk about horrifying!

Roll on the New Year dear friends and keep sharing your new stuff. I find in inspiring…and funny xox


18 thoughts on “The Path of Evil Not Travelled

  1. I so love your post! The thought of trying one new thing a week is absolutley delicious and I am going to do it. Any suggestions on where to start? I’ll keep you updated. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing the idea and the funny stories.

  2. Here’s a new thing for you to try. Calling me on the phone. You hate it, but I will make you like it.

    Unky Bloefeld
    Now 45% less evil.

  3. Come on Rags…..I’m 55!! One new thing a week may kill me!!! I should have kept track of the new things I tried in 2011….I could have had a jump start. This intrigues me though….and I may have to take the challenge….Zumba??? Really???

      1. I have decided to take the challenge for 2012. I’m sure I can come up with at least one thing per week I haven’t done before. I tried a spinach smoothie yesterday…..should have waited another week!!! LOL. Everytime I think of Zumba I see Goldie Hawn in House Guest….LOLOL.

        Happy New Year my Friend…..

    1. Okay Grandma….if you say it won’t kill me I’ll go with it. If you can’t trust Grandma, can you trust anyone???? πŸ™‚

  4. What a great post! From what I have learned about you over the last year or so, I’m pretty confident you’ll find 12 new things to do! It’s been a pleasure blogging with you and sharing little tidbits about our lives! Now that story about the coffee at Tim Horton’s… at first I thought, yikes, this is going to end badly… but in the end, what a great love story!!

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