The 12 Days of New Things

Welcome to 2012! I have used up a full week of Christmas vacation and find myself enjoying pure laziness…aside from painting Chatterbox’s room, I have done a whole lotta o’nuttin’! Well, that isn’t strictly true. I did stay in bed past noon one day, yes I was by myself, yes I was caught somewhere between dozing and reading. It was a lovely lazy day! I do remember promising myself I would try 12 new things over the break. How have I fared? Pretty good so far!

The first day of New Things I Zumbaed? Zumbaded? Zumed? Whatever you call it, I popped Zumba party out of the WII box I received for Christmas and gave it a go! First of all the freaking belt fit! WOOHOO and not just a forceful fit, there was extra room, and it may get too big soon…love that! Secondly, I am no longer a Zumba virgin. I am not sure why this is important, it just is.  Sadly I ended off that day with Salsa Ass. Using muscles that aren’t that useful for swimming or running but apparently are useful for Salsa…New = Good

The second day of New Things my true love gave to me I imessaged with Kelly in South Africa! How incredibly cool! I have chatted and IMed with folks before but South Africa is so exotic to me. So far away and so foreign! I have never been to Africa. The closest I have come was standing on the beach of the Mediterranean and gazing off to the distance. I couldn’t see Africa, but I knew it was there.

The third day of New Things I called my Uncle Bloefeld, who apparently is 45% less evil than he was in the James Bond movie. I have never called him in my life. He had lost my number and wanted a Christmas Chat. There are several things wrong with this. If you are at all familiar with my facebook wall, then you know how obnoxious Uncle Bloefeld can be. He can be quite hilarious too, but he also is a born again Catholic. That just spells yikes. Yes I am Catholic and I am a believer in the higher power and enjoy a great conversation about the possibility of the after life, (my stance is yes there is one) I made it clear to Bloefeld that I was not at all interested in his views being forced upon me. He tried, I changed the subject. The worst of it was…He is a call screener. He convinced me to phone him, long distance to the Godforsaken city of Calgary, where he laid on his bed and SCREENED MY CALL! Of course he denied it. Some lame ass excuse about not being able to move fast enough to reach the phone before the answering machine got it…bla bla bla… He then called me back a few minutes later. To which I accused him of being a CALL SCREENER. It is just his way of controlling the situation no matter how much he denies it. We did have a fun conversation. He is a great story teller of the Old Country Days and I challenged him to write a guest blog post about his Hoochy Coochy Man days and how the Gypsy predicted it. If he does do it, I will post it on his birthday as his gift from me. Maybe I will give him advice too, but that seems a bit too generous and thoughtful, but we shall see.

The fourth day of New Things I read Science Fiction. Sorry, I should have told you to sit down. Book of choice after bad advice from Uncle Bloefeld? I settled on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The result? It was funny AND informative. I learned some valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, or the very least until I read the next book – Slaughter House Five. Science Fiction for me is something you watch, not read. It is hard to wrap my mind around space junk and weird creatures. Fantasy is also a difficult read for me. But I persevered and did it. Will I do it again? Not bloody likely, unless I am forced too or I am trying to impress some putz with my vast knowledge of book learnin’.

The fifth day of New Things I played the drums. That’s right Keith Moon is rolling over in his grave at this moment. ChatterBox is a Jazz Percussionist. For Christmas Santa – not the real one  – gave her a Drum Kit. Yes it is electric, yes I have lost my marbles, but she is talented and I want to nurture that and support music bla bla bla… ANYWHO… I am a pianist, kick-ass cowbell player and awesome spoonist. I can play the kazoo and am FANTABULOUS on the comb and tissue paper, but have never played the drums. I have never even played drums via Rockband – and we own Beatles Rockband! I don’t even play Guitar Hero. In my defense, I always get 100% with the mic and can kill the hardest song selections. I rock at karaoke as does my sister. I have never even tapped a rhythm out with pencils on my desk. I convinced ChatterBox to  give me a lesson. The first thing I did was tap out a beat – over my head – on the sticks. My girl rolled her eyes and said…that is rock, not jazz. So? Rock is AWESOME! No Mother…. Yikes – she called me MOTHER… On with the lesson. I got the simple jazz beat down then I went in for my rock solo crashing tom-toms, cymbals and high hats….Suddenly I was in front of thousands of screaming fans as I beat the crap out of that drum kit. Then I heard a needle scratch on a record…suddenly coming to a stop when ChatterBox informed me “Maybe Drums aren’t your thing” OUCH! ChatterBox, OUCH!

Worse…there is proof Ed kills it on the Drums! If you wish to see the video, be my guest. That is ChatterBox laughing at me in the background. But HEY! I played the drums…new thing #5

There you have it. One thing a day since Dec 27th. This week the plans include more reading (YAY), a visit to Metropolis ( a new winter city festival downtown I am checking out), a visit to the AGA to see the new photography exhibit, signing up for a Vata workshop…I really have no idea what that is, and a visit to the Expo Center to see the Team Canada exhibits (if it isn’t to late) Apparently there is some great Hockey Hall of Fame stuff which I have never seen! I am liking this 12 New Things thingy…so much so, I am going to try 52 new things for 2012…what the heck, if nothing else I may learn a thing or two.

Happy New Year my friends! May 2012 be everything you hope it will be and filled with things you had no idea it would be. Buon anno (one of the new things I will give a try, learning Italian)

The Edmonton Tourist aka Robyn


10 thoughts on “The 12 Days of New Things

  1. Ed- you were the first iMessage I ever sent. (out of my house- haha). I didn’t tell you though- got the phone. Been a day but super excited. Might be I messaging you far more for your guru advice. Having lots of fun.
    I have had the laziest past few days. It has been lovely. Logan came home yesterday and we had to fit the whole of Christmas in one day. So also so many new things!! Yah!

    1. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too! Wow, have we ever come a long way this year…it has been quite a journey for the two of us 🙂
      Happy New Year Mark! May this year bring you things you never thought possible!

  2. I am so inspired by your New Things initiative! I think we have to continually do new things to keep us young at heart. I’ll have to make myself a list too – tackling one thing at a time, one day at a time, like the way you’re doing it doesn’t make the list seem so daunting!

  3. As a man who grew up in a very small town in Kentucky where the Baptist and Methodist faiths rule, I must admit that a Born Again Catholc is a phrase that I have never heard.

    This is one of the many reasons I love this blogging world.

    I love the new things list. The only alternative to the new things list is the old things list. The Olds can be fun, we call it history, but it is never as interesting in the News.

    Thanks for this.


    1. Hahaha Born Again Catholic…For those of us who left the Church searching for deeper meaning, then return because the pattern and comfort of ritual and familiarity reminds us of childhood.

      I do new things because I appreciate old things so much! I need new things to reflect on as old things…make sense?

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