Sto imparando l’italiano! and other things I can’t spell

Sto imparando l’italiano! True story…

Rosetta Stone and I hooked up and she is teaching me how to understand Italian…I am nosogoodatspeakingityet. I’ll get there. My son asked me “Why learn a useless language like Italian, when you can learn something useful like French?” (apparently other Canadian’s speak French).

Because that is the way I roll! I tend not to be bound by conformity. I am learning Italian for practical reasons. No, I do not have Italian neighbors I need to communicate with, nor do I have Italian students. I have no plans to visit Italy this year…but I learned Never to say Never. 2010 I didn’t have plans to go to France…and there I was in October 2010. 2011 I didn’t have plans to go to Disneyland…and there I was in August 2011. I officially am saying I have no plans to go to Italy in 2012… I feel like I need to be prepared.

My future ex-husband George Clooney lives in Lake Como (lago di como) and I am a little disappointed in his need to date a wrestler. I can wrestle – not professionally but I could hold a burglar at bay or bring a cute guy down. I am a brunette – or rather use to be a brunette and can be once again if necessary. I have short hair but am will to get extensions! All I am saying is George, Stop looking…I am here for you. I am even learning Italian so I can wander the markets, shop in Rome and Per delizioso vino!  See how fancy and international I am getting? I understand it won’t be forever because that is the way you roll. I am TOTALLY cool with that. Let’s just call it a “summer fling” I could fly to Italy on the pretense of language exchange. What did that gal in Eat Love Pray call it? Running away? I could run away to Italy for the summer. I am taking the summer off anyways, So I am free! All of you blog readers could come for a visit, la nostra casa è grande sul Lago di Como. I am sure it is big enough to accommodate you. A few at a time at least. We will work it out so someone who can cook will always be there. Once I am with the future ex – I will NOT be cooking any more….just saying.

Aerial view of Lake Como and arm of the lecco ...
Lake Como, my pool for the summer - maybe

Ahhhh Italy…. I can’t wait to visit…. not that I am planning on going… just trying to make that clear.

fino alla prossima volta i miei amici

14 thoughts on “Sto imparando l’italiano! and other things I can’t spell

  1. Oooohhhhh ….. to be as well-traveled as you are! That would be a dream…. Funny, down here everyone laughs at me for learning French when Spanish would be so much more practical! (Texas)

    1. ah another non-conformist! I grew up visiting a lot of places, my parents gave me the gift of the travel bug! I sooner be poor and in debt if it meant I could go on one more holiday – of course “one more” means every year lol.

      1. I’m willing to live off of ramen noodles the rest of my life in exchange for traveling! I traveled before I was married, but it struck me the other day that hubby and I haven’t stayed in a single hotel room together since our honeymoon… and we’re talking 16 years here… I’m thinking 2012 better bring me a trip to a Motel 6- SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE!

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