A four-month-old Lhasa Apso puppy named C-Zar
The Puppy I want - Named Jedediah

When I had my tea leaves read, remember how that gal told me I was going to get a puppy and soon?

I haven’t got one yet.

I think about it. In my head I use a baby talk voice that says “oooooo you sooooo cute arent you yes you are!”

That voice sickens me, yet I use it in my head to help me yearn for a puppy. What the heck do I want a pup for anyways? They are cute, and loyal with their little puppy licks and cute puppy toes… You heard that voice in YOUR head that time too didn’t you?

I need to make a list of all the reasons NOT to have a puppy – please feel free to help me out by adding to it.

The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 Reasons NOT to get a PUPPY

  1. They don’t sleep through the night – I just got ChatterBox sleeping through the night. A full night sleep is AWESOME!
  2. No one (MOM) will look after my puppy when I go on vacation.
  3. When Puppies get sick they don’t tell you what’s wrong…then I worry…then we are at the Emergency Vet for $1000 Alex
  4. Puppy poop needs to be clean up off my grass
  5. Puppy pee kills my grass – I only have grass for 4 months a year people! Grass is important to me even though its a weed.
  6. Puppy will want to sleep on my bed. I will say NO Puppy…But then he will look at me with those puppy dog eyes and I will cave because I love puppy more than the offspring.
  7. Puppy likes to chase The Ginge – my Orange Cat who lives under my porch that is not my cat but is a squatter. He things this is HIS house – Or he is a ghost haunting me.
  8. Puppy is very yippy – because puppy has a tiny puppy voice for a small dog to medium size dog. I REALLY want a Lhasa Apso because my last puppy was a Lhasa Apso and he was the smartest dog in the WORLD – true story.
  9. Puppy will want a purse to ride in. No puppy of mine will ride in a purse….unless he wants too – but then I will be embarrassed and have to blame puppy… unless it’s a Coach or MKors
  10. The Offspring will fight over who gets to walk puppy…liar – I will have to walk puppy
  11. Puppy will come with a stupid name like Foo Foo or Princess or Blue Ivy and it will take AGES to teach him his new name like George or Otis or Clive or Jedediah

Those reasons didn’t help…. yikes

17 thoughts on “Puppy?

  1. remeber when you are at work puppy will get lonley and will chew every thing in sight just to get back at you for leaveing puppy a lone all day trust me i know g.g.

  2. Temperament crap shoot…..Prozak puppy? Floor destroyer. Expensive. Dog slob, gob, drool, gunk EVERYWHERE. Oh yeah, and fur too. That said, I still have the above mentioned mutt and wonder if I should get another smaller one as a friend? Oh just go for it, if you’ve thought about this much, it’s probably something needed. Does the whole family agree?

      1. The Humane Society has puppies….just get a smaller one. One you can always pick up. Oh, I’m sure the other two would fall head over heels. Pet resorts around here are pretty reasonable too. Start thinking about cool names….

  3. The tea leaves were WRONG! You don’t want a puppy… for the simple reason that you can never leave home again without worrying about the dang dog. Wait til you’re too old to go anywhere anymore, then get a puppy. (This from the lady with 7 kids, 4 dogs, 2 cats, some fish, a couple of turtles and a bird!)

  4. I don’t think you should get a puppy, instead rescue a dog from a shelter. They’re wonderful companions and you can always board them when you go on vacation. It will cost you as much as the vacation…. I know I’m not helping matters here. I have a 200 lb St. Bernard. I’d encourage you NOT to get one of those!

  5. Don’t do it. You can’t count on your Mom doggy-sitting as she may be on holidays the same time as you. They ruin your furniture, flooring, eat baseboards, tables, shoes, carpets etc. Confusing to train a dog when you have a walkout basement. Throw up just like cats. Vet bills are through the roof. Its like having a permanent toddler in your life. When you have to put them down which is the majority of time it is HELL!!!!

      1. Yes he was one of the best dogs out there but when we got him he was 10 months old and fully trained. The other dogs I have looked at were not trained and were older so basically they may not have ever been able to be fully trained. It would be hard to find one like him again. He did like to go through the garbage though, very annoying. If I could find one like him I would consider it. Big if though.

  6. I LOVE puppies, but I find your logic, well logic! And aho can be logic when it comes to “Puppy Dog Eyes”!?

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