I have become THAT Mom

We have been celebrating a bit LOT in the Tourist household this past week!Β  It seems that if you say YES more than you say NO, the possibilities become vast.

This time last year, my eldest kiddo GeneticOffspring (GO) registered for High School and said he was going to take bigger risks and try new things. I encouraged that frame of mind. It was working for me so why wouldn’t it work for everyone? GO is a was a very shy person who was afraid of what if’s. That seems to be an epidemic. The worry of What If. He entered High School with the intention of joining new clubs, speaking to new people and best of all trying new things.

How did that work out for him? Well, grade 10 was filled with new friends, higher marks, extra curricular activities, and laughter. All of these outcomes were a result of saying YES! Because his attitude and hard work became visible to teachers who run the extra curricular clubs, GO was invited to join the Grade 11 and 12 Concert Band and Improve Team to travel to California to represent Canada in a band competition. Since he was already on the Improve team, Band, Jazz Band and is a nice kid, the selection was made easier for the teachers. He was given a new instrument to learn (E flat alto clarinet, not that big of a change from B flat but big enough that we needed to google E flat alto clarinet fingering ) and new music to play. He had 3 days to learn before his first performance. Knowing him the way I do, this was a HUGE step of YES and I knew he was shaking inside.

The highlight of the trip for him is performing IN DISNEYLAND. We all know how I feel about Disneyland. Well, I passed that gene on to my kiddos. He says he can’t wrap his head around sitting in the Plaza Gardens beside the Castle, overlooking Walt and Mick (the Partners Statue in the center of the Hub). He has been practising for hours. He has learned that with practice and hard work you are better. Better at music, better at understanding the reasons behind hard work and most importantly, better at being an authentic self.

While he practices, we get to enjoy the musical stylings of the Alto Clarinet while it plays the Muppet Show Theme song, The Disneyland Medley and and a bunch of other fantastic musical numbers that have my toes tapping.

Alto clarinet
Image via Wikipedia

Occasionally I yell out “TEMPO” and the Tempo returns and the music is once again easily recognized.

This is SUCH a proud moment for our family, it was decided that we must pack up and fly to Disneyland to listen to MY Offspring play Disney music IN Disneyland! How could I not? I am going to film it. We booked the flights and the hotel. Plan to be there for just the weekend. We shared this wonderful news with GO and as you can imagine it went over like a led balloon…

The look of horror on his face said it all. The first thing out of my mouth was “you won’t know we are there. We are staying far from you. If you see us on Main Street, I won’t look at you. If you want to approach us then you must come to us”. He seems a little better about that. I understand, I really do. His first trip alone and his mommy is coming. First of all I WISH! They get to go to Disney Studios! I promised I would pay for the trip only if (he thought I was going to say only if he paid for half the ticket, but NO) took a lot of pictures of the studio! I WANNA GO! He was surprised and thankful to hear that!

The truth of the matter is, it didn’t occur to me that I should fly down that weekend to watch GO play, I was thinking how cheap it would be to travel without him! I could think of a million things we could do without him complaining. We wouldn’t have to go to the Lego Store! I asked ChatterBox where she wanted to go and she said to see the Stars on Hollywood Blvd. Cool! I’d love to do that! We could go to El Capitain Theatre, I have always wanted to do that and see the Chinese Theatre, then go eat at Disney’s Soda Shop!

So for all intense purposes I am THAT Mom, the one who can’t wait to get rid of her kid so I can go play. Only you and I know differently…and so will GO after we return home and he sees the stalker concert footage filmed by a proud mama.


9 thoughts on “I have become THAT Mom

  1. My GN (Great Nephew) has turned into a cool dude without me even getting see it!

    His mom however is insane. My head would have exploded at the thought of my mom and dad and worse little sister showing up on a trip like that and cramping my chances at hot chicks a year older than me. Even though I knew I did not reflect light back at them.

    On the other-hand it is cool to have your parents proud of you. I think, because even though I ski raced with guys like Ken Read and Steve Podborsky they never ever thought of actually coming to see me do that.

    So GO man GO when you are a geezer of 40 you will look back on this experience and still feel some of the utter joy of this accomplishment and will not feel all queered out because your Mom hugged you in front of cute girls, but rather you will remember how much you knew, and know that Ma and Pa and tiny sibling loved and love you.

    Go the Ruby’s at the end of the Balboa Pier and have a burger and a chocolate malted shake for me.

    Unky Bloefeld (now 45% less evil)

  2. Haha funny, but true. Who doesn’t want to have fun in California. πŸ™‚ Congrats on GO’s success. My brother also went to Disneyland to play. I’m very curious now what school your son goes to. Kind of sounds like the same one.

  3. I played the bass clarinet for a few years before switching back to percussion….. and, fwiw, I think you’ll prolly have a great time! πŸ˜‰

  4. My friend. I almost feel like crying for you! I am super proud and I have never even heard him play. It’s as if I know you all. He on the other hand has no idea who this dippy reader is. Haha. Can’t wait to see it all. Xxxx

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