Musings of The Edmonton Tourist

It is research day in my world today. Do I like it? Not this kind. Do I want to do it? Are you kidding me? It is a sunny blue sky day and I am stuck on my computer researching stats for school.

Whose big fat idea was it to further by education in my 40’s? Oh… right… that would be me. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

I am in the midst of my Spring Break. Ahhhhhhh I have loved almost every minute. I have had brilliant conversation with new friends, I have slept a crazy amount of time and I have swam my little heart out. 6km so far this week and yes my core hates me.

What I have done is read read and I read some more! I have embraced my ipad and downloaded a ton of books. This has helped me in numerous ways.

  1. I need to unwind…

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