The Edmonton Tourist Eastern European Summer Tour 2013

Apparently I am quite the going concern in Malta. I know, you are jealous. Hello Malta fans! Thanks for coming by! I discovered a new stat page on WordPress and low and behold…I can now blogger stalk where you are reading from. Well, not YOU but other people. I don’t know exactly who the readers are but I can see where lots of readers are. Malta just happens to be one of the country, Malta and Serbia. Hey Malta and Serbia readers, I wish you would comment so I can ask you questions. I want to travel to Croatia next year, one of many stops on the Edmonton Tourist Eastern European Summer Tour  2013 (I’m thinking of selling T-shirts and making appearances to fund the trip like rock stars do). I notice that Serbia is on the way to Greece. Travel tips would be great, even if you say its not a good idea you to go, or don’t miss it it is fabulous!

As I was scrolling down my stat map yesterday morning, I noticed that I had 2 hits from Italy. I screamed with excitement. My future ex-husband lives in Italy don’t ya know. Certain people in my home WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS, mocked me. Really? You don’t think its George trying to find out more about me. Admit it, everyone googles the person the love to find out more. I happen to be the focus of HIS attention, and his girlfriend doesn’t like it. That is why there are 2 hits. Although the person WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS claims its from his handlers. They need to worry about the whereabouts of stalkers and unsavory types. Well I can assure you George, I am NOT one of those crazy people. I am learning Italian, I am bringing my family to meet you in Como so we can have a proper introduction…shaperoned *wink *wink because we both know we wont be able to keep our hands off each other. I know, I am excited too. Of course you will be able to join us in our Caravan as we travel to Croatia, and possibly Serbia and Malta.

Addio amore mio, fino a che in uno nelle braccia dell’altro …

13 thoughts on “The Edmonton Tourist Eastern European Summer Tour 2013

  1. My family is doing another bus tour in June….. this time in Europe. Yes, that’s right- a bus. Last time, there were 20 grandkids, 10 of them 8 and under.

    I have declined the offer this time. No way am I getting stuck on a bus with them overseas and probably really needing a hospital…. and the kids agree, which makes it easier this time……

    1. sigh….ah George… My kids have added to the ipod translator “Have you seen George Clooney?” and “Which house is his?” They can translate it into 13 different languages 🙂 Best Kids EVER!

      1. LOL, that’s hysterical! It’s also much more useful than the usual nouns, like door, window, etc. You need to know important things like:
        – Two beers please!
        – Two beers and a pizza please!
        – Where is your restroom / bathroom / toilet / whatever, can’t you see I’m about to pee on your marble floor?!
        – Where is George?
        – Does George want to join me for a beer and a pizza?
        – Why the fuck won’t George come over for a beer? Geez.

  2. If you’re travelling to Malta and will be back in Edmonton later, get me a bottle of Kinnie =) Haven’t been home in over a year! And I can’t seem to find any fellow Maltese in Edmonton!

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