Laugh with Me Monday

So its Monday Morning and there is snow outside my window. It says on the calendar that it is April 16th. Huh…

After last week’s fiasco of stress, stupid stuff and shock, I have decided to start this week off right and laugh the week away. My partner and I did laugh last week, but only because we thought we would cry…laughing was better. Our humor becomes a dark macabre effort to keep from hurting ourselves. Others would be shocked to hear what we find funny – but I think that is part of the stress of our job. I am sure emergency room docs and nurses have dark humor too. It is how they cope with the horrors of their day. Surprised to hear that preschool isn’t all rainbows and ponies? Don’t be, especially if you are a parent or you sat in a restaurant with kids that run around annoying you or you have ever been a kid…then you can understand where I am coming from.

Come laugh with me, and as always – not all of you will see humor the way I do because some of this is work humor and some geek. That’s okay, I hope to see you back here another day. Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Laugh with Me Monday

  1. Those are all great! Once again, I can say with confidence that you and I have the same type of sense of humor. And I get what you’re saying re: preschool. I’d much rather spend a day in the ER myself.

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