Worldless Wednesday: The Jim Henson Company

Last Saturday I got slightly lost in Hollywood. ChatterBox discovered this gem. I wasn’t lost after all. I needed to be there.

Jim Henson September 24 1934-May 16,1990


2 thoughts on “Worldless Wednesday: The Jim Henson Company

  1. A few weeks back I bought the new Muppets movie for the little kids in our house. I tried so hard to get my 8 year old to join us, but he wouldn’t watch it (at least not the first time I played it). A few days later my 13 year old said “Mom, thank you for buying this, I LOVE the MUPPETS!” I was so surprised, but his declaration made it obviously acceptable to his little brother to watch it. It’s been 3 weeks now, and still the kids are walking around singing “Am I a Man, Or Am I a Muppet?” I love that so much more than some of the other songs that have played through our teenager-ridden house!! 🙂

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