Our Fish Died Today

I am feeling surprisingly sad today. I came home to news that our Betta Fish Optimus Jesus died.

He was actually a foster fish, but we loved him like he was our own. He came to us because a friend of ChatterBox’s was moving to Toronto and she couldn’t take him with her. Funny thing is, she still lives here, so I suspect OJ was abandoned under the pretense of fostering. Luckily for OJ and for us, we are the type of family who embrace everyone who enters our fold. We instantly consider all who enter our home – family. We benefit from this kind of acceptance as much as the person or fish receiving it.

When OJ moved in several months ago, he seemed sad and lonely. We jazzed up his room to make him feel more at home. We gave him mood lighting, a Nemo pen to look at through the glass and a Tiki statue to swim around. Chatterbox played music for him every day and talked to him constantly. She was concerned that she wasn’t providing him with enough. All parents feel that way towards their offspring. So off she toddled, down to the local Pet Smart when she inquired about a water purifier. Within days something when terribly wrong. The water clouded up and OJ went blind. He was crashing into things with his little cataract covered eyes. Chatterbox was guilt ridden.

She the cleaned his tank and transferred OJ to a holding cell while his home was being refurbished. He was left on the dining room table over looking the backyard when Chatterbox went to school. Her brother came home to the grizzly discovery. OJ had committed suicide and jumped from the tank looking for freedom. The strange thing is, there was no note left behind.

The family had a quiet memorial service and burial at sea.

Due to the distraught nature of the my children during this ordeal, I do not think it is wise we get a dog. The chances of ChatterBox making the dog blind are too great, and the aftermath too traumatic. I shall wait until they leave home and THEN get the BEST DOG EVER!


10 thoughts on “Our Fish Died Today

  1. Sorry for your loss. When you say “burial at sea” do you mean the toilet? Cause in my opinion there is no greater honor for a pet fish then to be flushed away.

  2. Bettas are extremely hardy fish and don’t require much maintenance to keep happy. Having said that, a water purifier should not have led to blindness. My guess is the dude was probably masturbating too much.

  3. Maybe this was a Beta pet. Now that you have worked the bugs out, I think you need to upgrade to the dog. Sooner the better!

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