I Practice Ninja Yoga Because I am Awesome Like That

I suffered from an extensive brain injury yesterday. Okay, so I am exaggerating a smidge. I had a MAJOR concussion… okay that may be a falsehood. I clunked noggans with a student during Ninja Yoga and went home because I was feeling foggy, sick and tired.

For those of you who are Doctors, you know this is a sign of a concussion. I was forced to call Healthlink Alberta and talk to a nurse. She agreed with me and told me to treat it at home. Every 30 minutes someone needed to wake me up and ask me who I was. My answer “Robyn Clooney” right? Please say I am right!!! Although if they called me a liar and said NO, you are Robyn Tatum – I’d be okay with that too.

Turns out I am fine with just a MASSIVE purple welt on my head. It has me rethinking my Ninja Yoga practices though…

What My Head Feels like

What my head really feels like.

Obviously it is hideaous! I used a Tigger Ice Pack to keep the swelling down. It is purple and red. The picture does not do it justice. Feel free to send care packages. I like Blue ones with White Bows…just saying

You all know I work with preschoolers (okay, NOW you all know I do – HEY new subscribers!! Welcome to Tourist Adventures 🙂 I plan with a Team of experts to teach these little marvels everything that will prepare them for life. Ninja Yoga is an important life skill. It is my job this week to practice it with them during transition.  Transition is the time 4 year olds get into trouble because they are UNFOCUSED or BORED. This instance is between the bathroom break and snack time.

Regular Yoga is serious yoga and is practiced during circle time. Ninja Yoga is the fun time to chill with Miss Robyn while we wait for slowpokes to finish washing their hands. Ninjas are quiet and sneaky JUST like I want my kiddos to be while we are waiting. I have a little dude with a pumpkin head who is just a tad hyper, yet Ninja Pose is his favorite – go figure… Forward Fold and Warrior Pose have been adapted to be Ninja 1 and Ninja 2 pose. I was calmly forward folding 1 when pumpkin head dude does Ninja 2. Our heads collide and I am render near unconscious while the little dude is perfectly FINE! Clearly kids are more resilient than we give them credit for.

This is how I think I look during Ninja Yoga

This is how I really look during after Ninja Yoga

I was stunned – literally. I saw stars and held onto the door frame for support. The kids achieved Ninja status for the room was silent.   Tiny tears leaked down my cheeks and I could not speak. OBVIOUSLY there was something wrong because Chatterbox got her gift for gab from SOMEONE. As the day wore on, I became increasingly nauseous and sleepy. I was pale too – another sign there is something wrong. I have a rosy complexion ALWAYS!

Will this prevent me from future Ninja Yoga sessions? NO are you kidding me? Who else will teach those kids how to stealth walk? Who would then show them how to Ninja kick and pounce? I have to keep doing it!! Think of the children!! This is just one of the services to mankind that I provide. My mission? Teaching kids survival skills one life lesson at a time.


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