I use to do what?

I use to be a quilter. In fact, I use to teach quilting and I would sell quilts. I would dream of fat quarters, have a stash that rivaled the best fabric shops, and when on vacation I would purchase fabric from other countries. Quilter’s cotton is luscious to my finger tips. This summer there are 5 baby boys who will make an appearance. I love babies until they reach 3 months old. Then I do not have much use for them until they turn 4. I like 4 year olds, they remind me of me.

This was the summer I was going to make 5 baby quilts and see if I could become a quilter again. The answer is… no, I am no longer a quilter. I treasure the quilts I have made, but IĀ  am pretty sure I will not go all crazy bananas over fabric anymore. I even spent some time in a quilt shop to feel inspiration, but the fabric didn’t appeal to me. It was as if I was stuck in a time warp of old fabric. I can’t get past the stuff I loved and give it up for the new patterns and design. There is a box in my garage of UFO’s. To my space loving son, those are aliens, to my quilty friends, those are UnFinished Objects.

I went and unearthed the box. It was covered in an inch of dirt and dust. When I opened it, the first thing I saw was my accreditation for work…cool I wondered where that was. I found blocks from quilt exchanges I could never part with. I also found lovely tops. This makes me want to find a quilter who will sandwich the layers together and so I can bind it. I just don’t have the desire to quilt the layers anymore.

Digging through the box, I was surprised to discover fabric. Untouched, uncut fat quarters. Several years ago I gave away my entire stash of fabric to Make-A-Wish foundation. There are a couple of ladies who make quilts for the Northern Alberta Chapter. Their goal is to give ever child who gets a wish, a quilt made by their hands. I gave them blocks and tops and four giant blue bags filled with fabric. I felt good about Wish Kids getting to enjoy quilts with a little bit of me in there. So looking at the fat quarters, I wondered what my plan was. I have enough fabric to make a charming Christmas Quilt, but…. naaaaaaaaa. After digging out all my tops and blocks I realized I kept the ones that meant something to me.

  1. The Halloween Strip quilt top, I purchased the fabric on a visit to meet a quilty friend in California.
  2. Dresden Plate, This is nearly finished being quilted, Sadly I am not skilled enough – not do I have the tools to finish it.
  3. Maple Leaf Top from a quilt exchange.
  4. Rows from a Round Robin I participated in.
  5. Scrap Half Square Triangles from the first class I ever took and an assortment of other UFOs.

The box also contained a Debbie Mum box that held my notions. I was delighted to discover my betweens, tiny precious needles for hand quilting, applique and binding. My thimble collection was also there. I have a Charles and Diana thimble from a trip to England just before the couple was married. That made me laugh.

Chatterbox a wants the Halloween Top so she can learn to hand quilt. She can have that one. The rest? I need to find a quilter who will take pity on me and help me finish these. Meanwhile, I have a baby quilt to finish for my beautiful grandnephew.


6 thoughts on “I use to do what?

  1. I have tons of unfinished sewing projects, and a quilt or two that just never reached fruition. Somewhere I ran out of time for it, and every now and then I get the urge to get out my sewing machine, but I always end up saying “not today!”

  2. I have relatives of your UFO’s….we shared many swaps together. Your Jewel Box top has inspired me to perhaps put my blocks together now that I know how awesome they will look!!!

    I don’t know Rags….I think once a quilter…always a quilter. There’s always a passion inside that doesn’t let go. A few of my favorite quilts came from your passion and your hands.

    1. my favorite quilt is the grean yellow brick road quilt you made me. I think I love the ones that you quilty gals gave me more that the oness I made myself. Being part of the group was the fun part. I need to follow your lead and get these puppies off to a quilter!

  3. I used to quilt, too! I spent hours going over fabrics, talking tools with quilting geeks, cutting, sewing, cursing my machine, and then talking nice to it so we could be friends again. That was over a decade ago. Now I see my quilts in friends’ houses and I’m proud of them, but not enough to do anything about it. Maybe my daughter the alien will want to learn one day šŸ™‚

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