Throw Back Thursday: The Skidoo Suit


All you poor Canadian kids and you northern American kids who survived winters from the 70’s, I feel your fashion shame. For all you greeners and save the planet geeks who know the facts on global warming, let me set you straight. 1972 the scientists announced to the world that we were headed into the next ICE AGE. I know, I know… whatever… Say what you want, but I believed them. For some reason (global warming or ice age part II) the ’70’s were freaking cold and I remember blizzards that lasted for DAYS (1973) and snow drifts that reached half way up the door. Walking to school required a herculean effort and massively strong legs because when you are a kid, deep snow came up to your waist – not lying and I have proof. My mom and her best friend in the 60s:

Winters got worse after that. Then manufacturers decided that kids needed protection from the cold because their parents were going to make them walk to school, up hill both ways, in -40F temperatures. (The uphill both ways was from climbing snowbanks that were the size of Mt. Logan. Up was hard, but down on a toboggan was crazy fun!) Enter the Skidoo Suit:

You will notice it is made of fabric that ATTRACTS SNOW. This was optimum for freezing to death, frost bite and stiff legs. Now there is something call snow suits or snow pants and parkas. Now they come in a variety of colours, not battleship grey, and have tech fabric to repel snow and keep you warm for hours.

The best part of the skidoo suit was the one piece nature and the zipper that would go too high on your neck and catch the skin in the teeth. I still wince at the pain of that. You could never stretch your neck back enough and your mom or granny would catch it every time. It took forever to become completely bundled, so of course you needed to visit the little girls room and unbundle.

Winter is exhausting.

We had a foot of snow drop here yesterday. I don’t wear snow pants any longer, but have long johns, mukluks and a toque. I’m considering snowbirding in southern Italy this year. I don’t think I would need a skidoo suit there.

Welcome to winter!




14 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: The Skidoo Suit

  1. I never had one of those, but I do remember getting bundled up in all kinds of crazy clothes so that you could barely move. Hard to believe you have that much snow, but you are quite a bit north of me. Been quite cold here so it’s on the way! But today… back up in the mid-60’s. Woo hoo… tropical!

  2. While growing up in Michigan, I had one of those suits too. They were a lot of fun because it felt like the snow would never get to you. Hopefully the snow there means more chances for reading. I’m looking forward to hibernation again!

  3. This was a great post! Yes my kids now have all sorts of tech gear and seams taped on the insides so that they are waterproof but still breathe…we’ve come a long way! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank GOODNESS! My winter coat is so thin I keep thinking I will freeze to death when in reality I need to leave it un-zipped so I don’t get too hot. OR that is an unfortunate result of my being old πŸ˜‰

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