My Technology Crisis

Breath, Eyes, Memory
Breath, Eyes, Memory (Photo credit: wpwend42)

I am in the middle of a technological crisis.

I was reading Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations by J.M. Bryson. I mostly find this interesting because I love Strategic Planning, well…planning in general. There was a word (Governance) where I knew the meaning but it seemed out of context with the section I was reading. I pressed my finger on the word thinking the dictionary would pop up and give me another meaning that would fit the context.

Expect for one small problem.

My text book is the old fashion paper kind, not an electronic e-reader. The dictionary was never going to appear. Nor could I highlight with my finger and add notes.

I realized I have become one of the converted. This hit home today when my Book club Padawan texted me with a title of the next book. I couldn’t find it for download in Canada. Which is stupid because it is ELECTRONIC – meaning digital, it should be the easiest way to find the book. I looked online for it through my libraries (I have access to the Univeristy of Alberta and MacEwan as well as the City of Edmonton Public Library) and there were no e-copies available.

Do you know what this means? I will have to DRIVE my CAR and go into a STORE hoping they will have the book I want to read. I may perhaps have to drive to a few locations before I find it, well, no I won’t because I will search their data base at the store to find a copy. However, what if I have to order it in? Then it must travel to get to me. Ask me how annoyed I am? If I am going to be searching all of the place for this book, I will CALL the independents first. I HATE PHONE CALLS, why can’t I just text them? I will call local booksellers like Greenwoods or Audrey’s before I hit Chapters and Indigo because A) support independent  B) Chapters doesn’t have an e-book copy so I am punishing them.

I have learned something about me through this process. I prefer to shop online for regular stuff, who are we kidding, all stuff except shoes and handbags, and diamonds. I will buy on line but I prefer the experience of being in the store for those items. Shopping on-line is mostly a great experience for me. I did 99% of my Christmas Shopping at (by the way, if you are thinking of buying me a gift, I’d like the Tardis Tea Pot) Sure I preferred to buy that stuff for me, but I have raised young geeks who need that stuff too. We are in short supply of geek stores in Edmonton. So on-line it is!

Last week I bought office furniture for my new gig. I loved the process of having it delivered to me, or so I thought. I ordered everything and then sometime today a single chair was delivered to my front yard. Did UPS ring the door bell? No. Did Someone call me to say it was coming? No. Was I home today? YES! All stinking DAY. I wouldn’t know my new chair was in my front yard if I didn’t have to walk my daughter to an event at school tonight. Thanks UPS for the email at 9:00 PM telling me you delivered my chair. I never would have known otherwise. This to me is a shopping on-line FAIL.

I can’t wait to buy a 3D printer. I can order my cool stuff on-line, then print it off in the comfort of my office. I may have to then assemble it but I am great with Swedish Directions, Ikea doesn’t scare me. Anything is better than random items spread all over my lawn. This is why I love E-Books.

You pick the book, download it into my e-reader and start reading INSTANTLY. I LOVE IT. It is part of the reason I have read so many books this year.

I need one of two things to happen to me, I need a bookstore to open up down the street from me OR have every book available in epub format. Let the flaming begin, but my house has way less stuff since I have changed everything to digital format, photos, music, movies, and books. I have freed up rooms of space! I don’t think I am asking for too much…I just want a copy of Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat. 

And a dictionary installed into my paper text books.

And a 3D printer.

And a million dollars.

That’s not asking too much.


12 thoughts on “My Technology Crisis

  1. And you like strategic planning for nonprofits because…..

    I ask because I’m a community planning consultant working with nonprofits and government.

    Agree about the Kindle reading life – getting a new book RIGHT NOW is fabulous. I loved our independent bookstore but always went into a coffee shop fugue when I was there and walked out with dozens of weird books. Kindle is so much cleaner.

    1. No one has asked me that before. I like it because I believe in most non-profit’s missions and think their social importance place a critical part in society. Having a vision or direction to head is an important part for keeping these organizations viable. Being an outside facilitator takes the personal component out of the equasion and creates an atmosphere where the mission, vision and values can be the forefront of the strat plan rather than having someone be concerned about leaving a legacy. I believe it is good for the agency and for society. AND I like the logical nature of planning. I am a procedure geek (and policy geek).

      I agree about weird books, I bought some for $5 on clearance and have never cracked them open. I use to be a judge by the cover kind of reader now I have become goodreads browser who likes to puruse through subjects and se what people are saying. The quality of the books I read has increaded tenfold.

  2. I too have recently found I prefer shopping online. I discovered this over this Christmas, the thought of dealing with holiday crowds was more than I was willing to deal with this year. Ever since, I shop for most things online. Loving it too!

  3. I’ve yet to convert, but I have a feeling it’s coming. I’m still reading paper books, but each time I see a cool e-reader I get a little closer to wanting one!

    1. I like my ereader so much that sometimes feel resentful when I have to read a paperback. Weird…this is a recent change. I used to fine with either but now I find it harder to read on paper. It could be the font size…I have old eyes and paper can’t adjust for that 🙂

  4. All I will say is this…. phfffffffffft! 😛 And I have found some great reads in the $5 stack. And you are just a poop head for dissing ‘real books’. And no matter what you say, and how cool it seems, and how awesome it would be to have instant gratification, and how convenient it is, and and whatever… I’m not going to give in to this new-fangled technology!

    1. I am just happy you made the transition from chisels and stone tablets to pen and paper. The time will come when books are obsolete and you come to club sporting your new ereader, I will be vindicated.

      Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it. – Mahatma Ghandi

  5. I too like cracking open a new paper book to read. I’m old school and will remain that way with the printers blood coursing through my veins. I also like going into the book store browsing and talking to the authors that are there flogging their books and getting an insight to their life. I have bought their books and enjoyed them very much. As for UPS in my experience they have always done the drop and run. Yes it’s annoying.

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