The inner workings of the Tourist’s mind

Obviously I am procrastinating.

I am working on a paper and have reached the SWOC portion of events, and needed to think about the steps. As with all things I need to think about, I turned my chair towards my window to ponder.

photo (13)

Mind: Holy Hell it’s still snowing

Eyes: The snow is halfway up the shed

Feet: I am not running 6k today in THAT, that is just stupid

Mind: Feet, I am making you do it so shut it.

Legs: but I am cold already, why is there no heat in this house?

Wallet: because I am cheap

Mouth: remember that Irish Whiskey we taste tested at the liquor store on Saturday? It would taste really good in the coffee about now.

Mind: Shhh, I am focusing on the steps needed for the SWOC analysis.

Eyes: That is a lot of snow. Don’t expect it to melt anytime soon.

Feet: Seriously, I am not running today.

Mouth: The Apothic red wine is just sitting there, we could drink that!

Back: Wouldn’t warm sand feel great to lie on right now?

Feet: I’d run on sand!

Mind: Shhhh, I am trying to concentrate

Ears: Why does it sound like there are mice in the water heater?

Mind: Not mice, there are no mice.

Fear: I hate mice.

Mind: It ISN”T mice! Just squeaking coming from the furnace.

Fear: sure sounds like mice, what if it’s baby birds – can’t you think of anything worse?

Mind: There are no baby birds in the house.

Eyes: Nope, they are freezing their feathers off outside.

Fear: good, I hate birds.

Mind: STOP IT, legs turn us back around and get back to work

Feet: I am not running in that snow.

Hands: Tell me what to type and I am on it!

Mind: Okay people, focus

Feet: I am really not running, like to see you try to make me.

Fear: it sure sounds like mice

Eyes: Can’t we read something more interesting?

Mind: Shhhhhhhh, focus!

Eyes: fine, Once the internal strengths, weaknesses of an organization is identified….

Mind: I wonder if the 10k maps are up yet for Calgary…..




14 thoughts on “The inner workings of the Tourist’s mind

  1. I think we have some of the same thoughts today. My feet were saying please no more treadmill while my mind was saying you will be stuck in the house with the huge snowstorm that is coming in tonight so just do it!

  2. I am right with you. Part of me wanted to swim tonight, the other part of me just wanted to get home and not have to worry about having wet hair in -10 temperatures after the fact.
    I am desperately waiting for winter to end, I have had enough, and a one or two day chinook just isn’t enough repreive anymore.

      1. Yup, there is still snow on the ground although you probably have more than us. Some areas have more and probably still have probably around 2 feet high other areas now have a thin dusting which a huge layer of ice underneath and then there is some areas that are completely cleared. Looks like another chinook tomorow for the first day of spring, then some chillier temperature with more snow on Thursday. Here to hoping the weather guy is wrong.

          1. Sorry, it was beautiful today. As it often is,for this date and then it usually goes down hill. On the plus side a lot of ice and snow melted today now we have lakes everywhere…..

  3. The snow is wearing me out. So done with it that about two snowflakes falling past the window last week kept me from going to my swimming workout. The anti-voice had a very convincing argument that I shouldn’t ‘risk’ it so I stayed home and laid on the couch. Enough already.

  4. I tend to not think about the weather in other parts of the country, so OMG It freaks me out that you have that much snow on the ground … it is MARCH, isn’t it?!? We are whining for spring here, even though my tulips and daffs are almost blooming, the trees are leafing, and hubby cut the grass last weekend! Kudos to you for living there…. I sure couldn’t!!

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