Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

was the facebook status of one of my friends this morning. I figure this is just par for the course. My week has been difficult having the plague and all and this is the icing on the cake – 15cm of new snow.

This week started off swell! The snow was melting, over a foot of it was gone. I was running WITHOUT cleats! Sure I had to wade through giant glacier fed puddles with huge icebergs floating by, but that was just a minor inconvenience when confronted with the fact that I could run without cleats AND in a t-shirt! All the winter gear got left at home! So freeing and delightful.

Not only is it snowing this morning, my coffee machine broke and it needed tech support. I nearly had to DRIVE for coffee in my jammies. Luckily the phone call to Kuerig’s Brandon sorted things out. Charming southern dude who gave me life this morning. In fact, he gave me enough life to fill two giant travel mugs  – Thanks Brandon!

Meanwhile this is my back yard on April 5th at 11:14 AM – the view from my desk

Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

photo (14)

Quite frankly, all of us up here in the Great White North are sick of it. I am not sure why, this is quite typical for us. Perhaps it is because of social media. We can SEE what kind of weather the rest of the world is having and we want some. Bring on Global Warming, I want ocean front property with a citrus grove in my yard. Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled winter…



A member of the "Optimalist" heath club hacks a hole into the ice covering a canal near the village of Viazynka tumblr_mbscgjgkVl1qeablwo1_250 20130324-190003 winter-spring-clothing-closets-seasonal-ecards-someecards 181056_10152744308960121_1118041930_n558883_10152722713120005_190268040_n (1)


8 thoughts on “Go Home Winter, You’re Drunk

  1. We finally had a really nice day. And I’m glad to say that there is not any snow on the ground. Finally. Sorry to rub it in but maybe it will give you hope that it will be better and sunnier soon!

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