The Adventures of the Great Hike(r)

Dana Meise on the Westend Recreation Way in Wi...
Dana Meise on the Westend Recreation Way in Windsor, Ontario across the Fleming Channel from Detroit, Michigan. (Photo credit: Trans Canada Trail / Le sentier Transcanadien)

I am following the adventures of Dana Meise, a Canadian hiker who is walking across Canada using the Trans Canada Trail 23000 km of trail that will take him to 3 oceans and across the country. He is doing it over an 8 year period…solo.


Today he posted on his facebook page about someone being very upset with a post of his and demanding he remove it.

Wha wha what???

What is the matter with people?

This is the kind of journey I find so inspirational. He will come away for this knowing himself better, appreciating the country he is fortunate enough to call home and meeting some of the most amazing individuals on the planet. He posted a long letter about this person demanding he remove the post and clearly he is upset. This is one of the problems of traveling independently – you have no one to debrief with.


Here is the thing,  he is ALWAYS polite and and has an attitude of gratitude. So why do people have this need to hate?

I have no idea what runs through the minds of people and quite frankly, I am GLAD.

I have contacted The Great Hike dude Dana Meise, I hope to meet up with him as he wanders into Edmonton. I asked if I could interview him and he was happy to oblige! Meanwhile, head over the The Great Hike on facebook, and check out this amazing journey – perhaps follow him and donate to his cause The Prince George Brain Injured Group Society. Show him not everyone is a self serving narcissistic and that the world is full of people wishing him well.

It’s worth it just for the cross country photography. I have never been to have the places he has walk trough – Hello Newfoundland!


Keep Moving Forward Dana!

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