Pancake Girl to the Rescue

Happy New Year everyone!


I was at work yesterday and my colleague asked me what I was doing a year ago. I replied with, “It was a very dark time that I don’t like to talk about.” He commented and said well look at you now.

Yes…look indeed.

I have come a long way baby. Today is my Runnaversary and to celebrate I will go to my favourite spot and run an easy 5. Last year if I look at my DailyMile chart, it tells me I did 2.1 km and I was tired.

I remember how hard it was, but I kept at it.

IMG_8773Today I became Pancake Girl. I volunteered for the 2014 New Years Day resolution Run in Edmonton. I saw the We Shall Have Pie Gals – It was great seeing them! I went to look for them after my job was done but they blended in with the crowd and couldn’t be found. I still need to meet up with them for real!

It was my job to run outside, gather pancakes and run them to the buffet table. There was 8 griddles set up outside. It was 1F this morning with a windchill of -8F. For the record, it was cold. However, I didn’t let cold deter me from my all important job of feeding the runners!!

Back and forth I went and put on 2550 steps on my Polar Loop. Crap – 8000 short. That is okay, I will head out to the River Valley shortly and get the rest of my steps in. Running in daylight is now a novelty for me. I cannot wait for spring!

The Edmonton Sun and Global TV were there taking my photo and I am pretty sure I am now the new pin-up girl for 2014 because OBVIOUSLY I was the eye-candy of the day. Although Mike and Owen claim they were. Only time will tell! You can be sure if I am the chosen one, I will tell you all about it.

Meanwhile, my skin looks fresh after the Pancake Facial and I may never want to eat another pancake as long as I live. However, this was an excellent beginning to 2014. I am looking forward to completing my 365 days of fun. Today was just another fun day along the way.

Happy New Year everyone!


5 thoughts on “Pancake Girl to the Rescue

  1. Happy New Year Robyn!

    I was looking for you after the race too! We will have to meet up soon and go for a run together 🙂

    All the best in 2014

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