Dopey Weekend Success and Disappointment #runDisney

Do Away with SMA

Three of us were Dopey. One of us was Mickey, one of us was Minnie with a side of DNF and the other one was put on the injured reserve list.


But the races were only part of the best weekend I ever had.

There is something pretty spectacular about hanging out with your team mates who happen to be some of your best friends. The only thing that could possibly happen would be laughter, fun, suffering, sleep deprivation and pride.

The pride was unexpected.

I am so proud of the men and women on my team I have no words to express the depth of emotion. I watched as 3 of us were injured and yet did our best with Happy hobbling to the finish every single day. His determination made me weep. That man is made of things stronger than I thought was available.


I watched as Pattie…

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