I was challenged this morning by my coach Brian


at Running Down a Dream23 to post a video about #whyIRun.

That was easy.

I run for all sorts of reasons, but I started because someone told me I couldn’t. Nothing gets my dander up more than being told I am not capable. I narrow my eyes, focus on the goal and say in the dreaded whisper I give my staff “Watch me”.

I also run because I believe in being kind. You may be asking yourself, “What has that got to do with running?” I figure, if I have to work anyways…work to make a difference.

If I am going to run, I might as well raise money for a great cause. Check!

My cause is simple. I run to support children and their families who cannot help themselves and are in need of support. That is also a big reason why I am proud to say I help start a charitable foundation from the ground up. We are still little but I have a vision and just like the reason why I run, don’t tell me I can’t do it. I will drag you, Mount Robson and part the Red Sea to make it happen. People who are nay sayers have tunnel vision, are somehow misguided as to my reason for the charity and think I am in competition. Let’s get one thing straight right now. Any charity that helps children and their families who cannot help themselves is not in competition with me, they are in PARTNERSHIP with me. It will take a boatload of kindness to change the world. If we all work together we can change the world. I believe it to be true and it will happen. It just might take longer than expected.

Giving of self for others is a HUGE reason why I run…HUGE.

The other reason of course…this is a no brainer, is COOKIES

jammie_dodgers_2655228b chocolate-chip-cookies ba70b2e156ac36981dff4a301bddedbbDamn I love cookies. They are a ritual in my #CivilizedSaturdays and are that special treat for me where they used to be my daily/hourly food of choice.

I lost 5lbs in January. Total over three years 117lbs. I’m about half way. Think about that.

I have a lot of extra skin now. I am not ready to have it removed because it will interfere with my goals this year. Next year I will take care of the that. But I look back at photos of me, old clothes I used to wear. I got rid of everything except one pair of pants, and they kinda look like circus pants. They don’t have a fly because they didn’t put zippers in pants that big. But then someone says something to me about how heavy I am and I think…. you small minded F#$%T%#$

It sure doesn’t take long for someone to be mean.

JUST BE NICE PEOPLE! Jeeze… it isn’t hard! Okay, it takes practice to be nice, but it IS doable!!

Meanwhile….back to #WhyIRun

I am going to challenge YOU all of YOU who read this blog to do 3 things:

1. go friend me on Facebook because its fun and then I can see your video a little easier

2. Record a video and challenge 3 friends to comment on why they run. Tag me in it so I can see it.

3. Use Hashtag #WhyIRun #whyIWalk

Here is ME challenging YOU. I feel like Romper Room, I see Karen and Sharon and Tiffany and Scootadoot and Chef, I see Jenny and Ebone and Barbara and Cristina and Patty, I see Tammy and Mer and Charlotte and Kathy, well, I see all of you.

Let’s inspire the world to move more.

8 thoughts on “#WhyIRun

  1. Robyn, I am so proud of you. Your perseverance is amazing. It’s incredible with what you have already obtained in your weight loss. What an accomplishment. You should get a medal for doing that! You are an inspiration to many people. Keep it up.Because of your inspiration to me, I am on a diet. I want to loose the weight that I gained from stress eating, with Craig’s Cancer diagnosis.

  2. That’s cool! I started, at 12 years of age, working out and later Bodybuiling , then powerlifting then running, all because a 16 year old kid beat me up on the school bus every day and no adults cared! They told me to fight back! So I started lifting weights and all my friends told me I was a wimp so give it up! But that fired me up even more and I lifted like crazy! So I got bigger and never had to fight because the bulley didn’t want to pick on someone who might beat him! So I have to thank the bulley and those adults for my success with fitness! To date I have run 97 marathons! Ran 7500 miles last year and am doing the #CanadianDeathRace2015 this year! I will be 51 years old next month! #Thetrainer

  3. I am super impressed.

    I’ve been away for so long and there is apparently so much to miss. Like where did that 117lb go? Vanished in the time between two posts (thanks to my long absence). Pfft.

    I am super impressed because of your dedication and persistence. These aren’t attributes shared by most people. And because it’s usually a bazillion degrees below freezing around this time of year up in Edmonton, and you are still managing to get outside and come back alive. Yay you!

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