There’s not a lot going on

ChatterBox fulfilled a life long dream last Friday. She is only 14 and now needs to decide on another bucketlist item.

Part of our Big Adventure Tour was taking the trip to Rouleau Saskatchewan and seeing the spot where Corner Gas was filmed on location. I must admit, it was fun and somewhat hilarious. Some things were just made funnier given the background knowledge of southern Saskatchewan. For example:

  1. The famed surveillance bush Karen and Davis would hide their police vehicle behind was only a small bush because there is not a tree to be seen for miles. If you need a tree, you plant one yourself.
  2. Emma the Crossing Guard for the local school. We were the ONLY car on the road in Dog River, I highly doubt the need for a crossing guard. This made it that much more fun.

As we drove into Rouleau, ChatterBox was all excited because she recognized character’s homes from the show. We got out to look around and found the Foo Mart (the D fell off a very long time ago and it was renamed Foo). We found the Stoop – the Dog River Police and Mayor office, we saw Oscar and Emma’s hom as well as the softball fields and the curling rink. The biggest deal remains the Corner Gas Station itself. ChatterBox ran out of the car to quickly take photos. It was just like the tv series only now, it was real.

We wandered into the Corner Gas set and it was surreal. I expected Wanda to be sitting behind the counter. The shop owner invited ChatterBox to stand behind the counter then she encouraged us to visit the Ruby. It was cool. We sat IN THE BOOTH.

I know most of you have no idea what Corner Gas is. It was a big deal in Canada. It was never on the CBC – the channel that pities Canadian content. It had 1 million viewers per episode and it went into syndication in the States. All things unheard of for Canadian television with the exception of Hockey Night in Canada where original 6 home cities watched from across the border.I’m sure you all have your quirky home grown tv from your country – or not. For those of us who had Oscar for a grandpa and Hank as your nephew, it was pretty nifty.


Other than that…there’s not a lot going on.

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I Need a Laugh

It has been a day. I need some humor in my life. I find some things incredibly funny, yet others question my sense of humor. Fair enough. Humor is a personal thing! Here are a list of 11 things that make me laugh. If you do not find them  funny…it’s okay…I am not making a personal attack on you. Some people will find some of these offensive.  Yes, I am Fluent in Sarcasm. It’s Comedy people! Laughter is a good thing so lighten up!

1.2.3. 4. 5.







And the bonus laugh….