Getting my Geek on

TARDIS Mk VII (Photo credit: >Rooners)

I just peeked at the Calgary Comic Expo (comic con) line of of guests. I shared this information with Chatterbox and she screamed until she cried. When it was first announced, I was pretty pumped to see Stan Lee’s name there. How cool would it be to have him sign my Spiderman Comic  book? Then other names started appearing and I thought, huh, it might be fun to head to Calgary for this event. Then I saw John Barrowman! That is Captian Jack Harkeness from Torchwood! He has BEEN IN THE T.A.R.D.I.S. with THE DOCTOR! I now really want to go. Then I scroll down some more and discover something that made tears leap to my eyes.

Carrie Fisher.



One of my favorite authors of ALL TIME?

I can go, stand in line and meet her, pay a gazillion dollars for her autograph (hopefully on one of her books) how do I choose which one? Wishful Drinking or the Best Awful? Then I realize, I will be THE ONLY ONE THERE who doesn’t care that she is Princess Leia. Sure I was/am a massive Star Wars fan, but Fisher is my kind of funny and brilliant woman. She is the poster child for emotional eating. I adore her, and love her nutty mom more (Debbie Reynolds). But she is a writer and I am that kind of geek – well (insert David Tennant saying “well” here) sci-fi geek too but books are major geeky.

I suspect this may be the big family holiday we are going to be taking. Sad really, that it is in Calgary (sorry Calgary but you are not exotic enough for me to call you a destination holiday). But here is the thing. It interferes with some family stuff that is also really important. On a scale of more important than meeting Nathan Fillion? Yes. More important than John Barrowman? Yes. More important than the cast from the Princess Bride? Inconceivable, but yes. More important than meeting a favorite author of mine…hmmmm, okay YES but I don’t like admitting that!

Oh Carrie Fisher, Nathon Fillion, John Barrowman, Stan Lee and Ian McDiarmid (the Evil Sith Lord, the Emperor) I need to be in two places at once. Can any of you hook me up with a T.A.R.D.I.S., a DeLorian or a Time-turner please? Pretty Please?

All I can do is wish on Sat 5 and hope for the best.

Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.


Throw Back Thursday: The 8 Track

While stuck in the snowstorm traffic jam at rush hour with my son, we started chatting about things he would be telling his kids. “When I was a kid, we paid for stuff with PAPER printed money”, “We listened to DIGITAL MUSIC”.

Then we laughed and he was telling me about seeing a Beatles album for sale in California when he was there on a band trip. He said it was expensive, $40!!!! I laughed and told him my $5 allowance would pay for a movie – $1.25 for Star Wars, lunch at A&W, and a record.

He asked if the record was vinyl.

umm…yes then I laughed. Records were vinyl and the needle was sharp. But sometimes you needed to put a penny on the arm to weigh it down to get the sound to work. He laughed and asked how I would take music with me in the car if this was before cassettes.

I thought about the time I received THIS for Christmas:

Orange and portable – ish. It took a billion D batteries or you could use the cord. I also received a selection of 8 track tapes for my enjoyment. I had The Carpenters, ABBA, and Shaun Cassidy – that’s right Da Doo Run Run.

I would crank my music and sing in front my mirror with my hair brush as the microphone. Over and over I would play my music until I would hear “THUMP THUMP THUMP” on the floor above me. My dad would yell “Turn it DOWN please” (we are Canadian – it never hurts to be polite) so I would turn it down. Then it didn’t look like I was singing so I would do something else while listening to it. Dad said he never minded the loud music it was the repetitious nature of my musical choices.

I still listen to music over and over until I know all the lyrics. Which is likely why I am AWESOME at music trivia or name that tune type games. Thinking back, 8 tracks sucked and I am glad Sony never made a 8track walkman.

The Top 8 reasons 8 tracks were stupid

  1. They were the size of a large sandwich. You needed a suitcase to haul them around.
  2. You couldn’t rewind them – or at least I couldn’t. I could only replay the entire track and not all the tunes on the track were good.
  3. If the tape pulled out – you were screwed.
  4. If you were lucky enough to have a player in your car, you had to have a suitcase full of music for your friends to choose from.
  5. Record stores would clear out old crappy 8 tracks for $1. My dad would buy these up and re-record over them. What my dad thought was crap, I thought was awesome. I would see a tape of some disco I wanted to listen to and he would have put the Limelighters or Glenn Yarbrough over top. Not cool when you are out with your friends.
  6. They never fit into your pocket.
  7. You needed a Head Cleaning tape and run it through your machine occasionally
  8. If you left your tape in the player for storage, you ran the risk of wow or flutter – it made the music slow in spots.

My Fictional-Bucket List

Today bit. Not that I was surprised, but holy hell it hurt. The weird part was nothing negative happened. Just good stuff was said, yet the outcome was not one I had hoped for nor counted on. I fell for the 8th time and picked myself up for a 9th. I’m at a loss for direction at the moment, but there are some good things that came from this.

  1. I didn’t eat my emotions.
  2. I swam for 75 minutes instead.
  3. I engaged my kids in conversation about books.

I know that last one doesn’t make sense. I am the master of my thoughts. I can choose to wallow in self-pity OR I can change my thought patterns and move forward. I had been reading a cool list on Pinterst called Fiction-Bucketlist.

I asked my kids what would be on their list. The only rule was it had to be book-fiction, not movies or TV. Genetic Offspring immediately said “Walk into Mordor and say ‘Whatsup Bitches?'”. That was awesome.
We discussed various possibilities and Chatterbox wanted to follow the White Rabbit.

As a kid I would have loved to be Mike Mulligan and dig the basement faster and straighter than 10 men or drink raspberry cordial with Anne and Diana. I would have loved to be as eloquent as Charlotte living in the barn doorway or go to Kenner boarding school and be roommates with Sheila. My kids wanted to send a howler, be a starcatcher or a demigod and defeat medusa and fight Aries and send him to tartarus, and of course, drink ambrosia. Best of all, they wanted to scam Huck and Tom to paint the fence. I created a monster because they played this game for hours. It was great to hear them discussing books.

When I read a particularly great book, I think about the characters for days afterwards. I get swept away in story line possibilities and fantasize about outcomes that star me. This is something I often did for as long as I can remember. I have imagination down to an art. Some people call it fan fiction, but I never wrote these stories down. I would just play them in my head before bed and dream happily about the events that were unfolding. This made me think of my favorite ideas for my own fiction  bucket list.

  1. Visit Quinten’s to see who is sitting in the secret booth and have dinner with Ria and Colm.
  2. Nurse Jesse back to health and have him rescue me from myself.
  3. Go after Rhett until he gives a damn.
  4. Run through the Fire Swamp with Wesley.
  5. Paint London red with Aishling and Elizabeth.
  6. Walk in the garden with Mr. Darcy and encourage him to steal a kiss.
  7. Spend the day with Tony at Coney Island.
  8. Go back through the stones to find Jamie.
  9. Spend my summers on Martha’s Vineyard with Caitlin and Vix.
  10. Live in New York and chum around with girlfriends while having fabulous careers and a Mr. Big who pops round every now and then.
  11. Sweep Sirius off  his feet and save him from Bellatrix
  12. Sitting on the bench in the park, thinking my life is in tatters when he sits down beside me, takes my hand a smiles.


Compliling this list made think about re-reading some of my favorites, like Tara Road, The Other Side of the Story or Brooklyn. It’s a perfect night to do that.

What is on your fictional bucket list?


Fifty Fifty Me: Playing Catch Up

I am 26 books in and I better get crack-a-lacking on my goal of 52. It seemed so doable when I made the goal now it seems exhausting. In an effort not to panic, I am just going to play it cool. Read them as they come. I have been reading since I finished Wild. I needed to digest wild and think about it. I just couldn’t plunk myself into the next book very easily. Once I did, there was no stopping me. I enjoyed the last book. When I really enjoy a book and then finish it. I need to mull it over. It is hard for me to jump right into the next book with the same eagerness to read. It took a while, but I was able to move on after Wild.

I have been laid up with Bronchitis this week and when you are on vacation, nothing sucks more than being sick for part of it. What that has done is free up some time to read. I read 3 books this week and started another. I caught up on movies as well, 6 to be exact.

The Books:

The first one was The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlaine. It took me a fair bit of time to commit to liking this book. The early beginnings had me wondering what all the hoopla was about amongst my Goodread friends. The main character in the early stages was 16. With that comes bad choices and impossible situations.I remember being 16 and like the character I made choices that effected my entire life – and not for the good. On some level I could relate to the character, but most of me wanted to forget being 16, being naive, being stupid and mostly being seduced by older men. I understood the bad choices but I am pretty sure I knew the difference between morally right and wrong. i had the benefit of family teaching me the difference. This character did not.

As the story progressed I became more enchanted with the choices she was making. Eventually she set her life back to the moment of 16 – because 16 haunts you forever if you made stupid choices. The character rectified it all, making a huge impact on everyone in her life. That was when this story became the type of book I love, not being able to pt it down. The climax was marvelous.

The second book I read was Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Of all the books I read this week, this one I loved from start to finish. This was billed as a romance, but I never saw it as a romance. It was more about euthanasia and choices of others. I found this book to be a real metaphor for my life. No matter how badly you want something, other people’s choices affect you in a profound way. Wanting something bad enough and working towards that goal isn’t always enough when human choices are involved.  This is one of the hardest lessons I have learned on my Tourist journey. The characters in this book handled it remarkably well. It surprised me. Typically books turn out they would would hope them too. Maeve Binchy is a master of this never happening. The ugly duckling doesn’t become the beautiful swan, she just plods along, enjoying or dealing with what life throws at her. This is real life. You are dealt a hand and the purpose is to see what you make out of it, not throw them all away and get lucky by drawing a Royalflush. That never happens. I wish it did. So in an effort to find happiness, you look within – not externally. Buddha was right.

The final book was The Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. I really enjoyed the first book, but I was young and still hadn’t figured out stuff yet I thought I knew everything. I think I have moved beyond this type of book. I want more meat or substance from a book. The bottom line is I am busy, so I want a book that is worth my time, a book that makes me think. This book had New York going for it but that is no longer enough. 50/50 me challenge had opened my eyes up to new authors and genres. I can no longer go back to the books I loved in my youth.

Now that is not to say Young Adult books have left my peripheral vision. Fantastic Mr. Fox was recommended to me. I enjoy reading children’s books because I love to talk about them WITH children. Learning from children is an undervalued resource.

The Movies:

Since my love affair with the Avengers, more notably Tony Stark, I have watched 6 movies.

  1. People Like Us
  2. Bottle Shock
  3. Single man
  4. The Best Marigold Hotel
  5. Blade Runner
  6. Things you can tell by Looking at Her

Not only have my taste in books changed since the start of this project, but my taste in movies has as well. Lets just say, I appreciate art movies more than I did before. There isn’t one movie in that list that I enjoyed more than the others. I am crazy for superhero movies – not one of those is an action pack superhero movie with the exception of blade Runner. It comes close, but Harrison Ford got his ass kicked to often and there wasn’t enough swagger going on for my taste. When I watch sci-fi or action flicks, I expect the impossible. It’s fun to revel in the impossible for a while.

English: Chris Pine poses for a photograph at ...
Isn’t he just delicious?

People Like Us and Bottle Shock had the nicest eye candy. I still have a thing for the new young Captain Kirk aka Chris Pine. He has swagger and is sexy in all his roles. A man with swagger is delicious. Single man surprised me. The Best Marigold Hotel made me laugh because those old birds are delightful! I loved this movie as much as Calendar Girls. But the movie that made me think the hardest was Things You can tell by Looking at Her.

What struck me was the mire these women were all stuck in. It made me think that although people’s lives look better from the outside, we are all the same.


My Friend The Reader just put me onto a great site that helps determine your next read. It’s called Whichbook.

You choose from a list of options what you feel like reading, Happy/Sad, Predictable/Unpredictable, Optimists/Bleak an d a myriad of other choices. Then it shows you which book best suits your mood. Sounds perfect for me! I will be giving it a try for my next book.

As for movies? I HAVE to get to the theatre to see BRave, Batman and Spiderman. Although, what was wrong with Toby McGuire’s Spiderman? Those were great movies! Ah well….happy reading!


There’s not a lot going on

ChatterBox fulfilled a life long dream last Friday. She is only 14 and now needs to decide on another bucketlist item.

Part of our Big Adventure Tour was taking the trip to Rouleau Saskatchewan and seeing the spot where Corner Gas was filmed on location. I must admit, it was fun and somewhat hilarious. Some things were just made funnier given the background knowledge of southern Saskatchewan. For example:

  1. The famed surveillance bush Karen and Davis would hide their police vehicle behind was only a small bush because there is not a tree to be seen for miles. If you need a tree, you plant one yourself.
  2. Emma the Crossing Guard for the local school. We were the ONLY car on the road in Dog River, I highly doubt the need for a crossing guard. This made it that much more fun.

As we drove into Rouleau, ChatterBox was all excited because she recognized character’s homes from the show. We got out to look around and found the Foo Mart (the D fell off a very long time ago and it was renamed Foo). We found the Stoop – the Dog River Police and Mayor office, we saw Oscar and Emma’s hom as well as the softball fields and the curling rink. The biggest deal remains the Corner Gas Station itself. ChatterBox ran out of the car to quickly take photos. It was just like the tv series only now, it was real.

We wandered into the Corner Gas set and it was surreal. I expected Wanda to be sitting behind the counter. The shop owner invited ChatterBox to stand behind the counter then she encouraged us to visit the Ruby. It was cool. We sat IN THE BOOTH.

I know most of you have no idea what Corner Gas is. It was a big deal in Canada. It was never on the CBC – the channel that pities Canadian content. It had 1 million viewers per episode and it went into syndication in the States. All things unheard of for Canadian television with the exception of Hockey Night in Canada where original 6 home cities watched from across the border.I’m sure you all have your quirky home grown tv from your country – or not. For those of us who had Oscar for a grandpa and Hank as your nephew, it was pretty nifty.


Other than that…there’s not a lot going on.

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I found my true calling – Solid Gold Dancer

Once upon a time, in a land far far a way lived a little girl named Tourist. She lived in a magical place named Edmonton. This place was a small town in a big city, where hockey players were treated like rock stars and shopping malls were tourist attractions. Tourist liked to go places to sing and dance. One time, long before MacT was VP of player operations, even before he was coach, even before he played volleyball tournaments at Seba Beach, even before he was Captain, but after he was in prison…so the time in between when he was winning Stanley Cups, he dated Debbie Andrews. Debbie Andrews’ daddy had a car dealership, but Debbie liked to dance and her papa like to make money, so he built her an American Bar in Canada, it felt a lot like a Canadian Bar. So no one really understood the distinction.

After weeks of camp life, river guides and sunburns, Little Tourist liked to let loose. She would go to Denny Andrew’s American Bar, drink Paralyzers, flirt with hockey players and speaker dance. Speakers were placed around the dance floor with spotlights on them to encourage girls to dance. So Tourist did. It was her dream to do this:

She danced to the likes of George Michael, INXS, Cheap Trick, White snake, Def Leopard, David Lee Roth and Pebbles. She rarely had to buy a drink. She danced with Hockey Players who thought they were rock stars, Football players who wished they were hockey players, some dude from FireFly and his brother, and a Scott named Murdo who could wield a paddle on the rapids like no other. He had subtle moves – like Swayze in Dirty Dancing. In fact, he was quite smooth with those moves. He would never join Little Tourist on the giant speakers like the Hockey dudes, he preferred out of the spot light. Those were considered fun Saturday nights.

Pretty sure this is how Tourist looked when dancing.

Then one day a dragon came and ruined everything…bla bla bla… you know the story. Monster steals girl, girl needs to rescue herself, girl goes back to University and work her guts out forever, then one day she takes a break. She signed up for the 64 days of fun program.

Little Tourist never forgot her dream of being a dancer ho/go-go girl. She just needed to place it on the back burner for a while.

Then one day, when all the stress ended, Little Tourist was invited to a biker bar. The purpose was Karaoke. Shockingly enough, she was the only one who had been there before. In fact, when she walked in it was like an Episode of Cheers. People shouted (only one person) TOURIST! Of course Tourist knows everyone and shouted HEY! back-atcha! Tourist has friends who like to challenge her. They signed her name up for all kinds of songs and she went up in groups/pairs and solo to sing. Tourist knew she sang fabulous in her head, so she pretended to be in the car. Old 80’s music turned to magic as the night moved on. Creepy bar guys sat and stared at the only group of chicks in the place. Obviously Tourist was with a group of teachers celebrating the end of school so they started the night off with a kick-ass version of Alice Cooper’s Schools Out. Clearly they were superior to Alice’s version. They EVEN had an Air Guitar SOLO because Angus Young is awesome like that. She can Air Guitar with the best of them…and in some instance BETTER. I know it’s hard to believe – but true story.

Tourist, Trophi Girl, Chicken Hawk and the Entourage kept picking tunes and amazing the crowd. Soon fans started dedicating songs to the Entourage. Ray, an 84 year old fellow, kept singing love songs to Angel, Ryan the fireman came and started chatting up Superstar. Only tourist suspects Ryan isn’t a REAL fireman because firemen look like this:

You’re welcome.

Ryan the Fireman had on a NYFD hat. Tourist suspected he was a tourist too. Bulldog wanted to start a knife fight with Ryan Fire Dude, but Tourist said let Superstar enjoy the moment. So Ryan the fireman sang a song to Superstar and she got up to dance with him WHILE HE WAS SINGING IT, because she is awesome like that and obviously is a cougar.

But the highlight was when Tourist was called a Solid Gold Dancer. (Okay, I think the entourage all got called solid gold dancers, but I am pretty sure it was just to be polite because between you and me – Tourist was the best dancer.) She has experience from her speaker dancer ho/Go-Go Days. How did this happen you ask?

Trophi Girl and Karaoke Queen got up to sing Shoop. Don’t know it? Sure ya do. It’s a little Salt-n-Pepa:

The Entourage got up and made their way to the stage to dance.(I’d post a video of the fabulous dancing but it would be redundant because it was EXACTLY like the girls in the video because the Entourage is awesome like that.) Obviously Tourist was the best dancer and carried the team, although Angus Young could hold her own in ANY dance competition. After the song the Hostess said “Lets hear a big round of applause for Karaoke Queen, Trophi Girl and the Solid Gold Dancers.


It finally happened and all on the very first day of the 64 days of fun program. Tourist with the dream of being a speaker ho/GO-Go-dancer  became a Solid Gold Dancer.

And Tourist lived Happily Ever After.

Because really who doesn’t want to wear shiny spandex, headbands and have all those cheesy moves?

*Look for Solid Gold Tourist at festivals and carnivals this summer

Fifty Fifty Me: The Shadow Wife

So I missed a week of 50/50 me. Reading The Management of Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations in Canada by Vic Murray and Effectively Managing Human Services Organizations by Ralph Brody apparently don’t count. I don’t find it dry reading, I quite enjoy it and find it enlightening. However, it doesn’t fit the criteria for the challenge. First of all, you need to read it cover to cover – who does that with text books? Secondly, these aren’t the books I read for fun. They are work. Fun is different. Although making the effort to expand my genre exploration hasn’t always been fun. Science Fiction isn’t very fun for me, nor is fantasy. I need to put effort into it so I am able to follow the story line. My preference is the ability to be LOST in a book. When I say LOST, I mean the story sweeps me away and I can’t wait to spend time with the characters. I do not mean LOST as in “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?”Hello Lord of the Rings…

The book I read this week brought me back to my favorite genre. I love family relationship stories. I love a strong female lead. I love reading about places with such detail that I figure I could go there on vacation and find my way around.

I watched 6 movies over the past 2 weeks… I know 6!!! When I was suppose to be sleeping or writing papers. I no longer watch TV, I just don’t have the attention span for interest right now. But a movie? Now that is something I like to get lost in. But enough with the musings… let’s get on with it shall we?

The Book

The Shadow Wife by Diane Chamberlain was gobbled up by me in a couple of days. I read it over lunch at work and every spare moment at home. I was reading reviews on Goodreads by my friends and discovered this author through them. They love her…I can see why. This book was about two main characters intertwined through separate stories. They meet and their story connects. I became very involved in one story, then it stopped and started with the second character’s story. It would frustrate me because I never wanted to end and pick up the next story line. This is common for the books I prefer to read. Maeve Binchy is a master at it character development. I devour strong character building.

This story began with The lead’s parents in a commune in Big Sur. It reminded at first of a Barbara Delinsky novel called the Coast Road (also a good read). I like the whole hippy concept except the filth part, and the camping life part, and the lack of wealth part…okay in THEORY I like hippies, but I like to read about them and have coffee with them and learn about their life. I do not wish to be a hippy. Been there, done that to the best of my ability. I can peel logs, can food, grow food, identify edible plants in the wild, fish, and build a fire without the use of paper or fire starter. Trust me, I’d rather read about these adventures the relive them myself.

As this baby of the hippies grew up, her life changed into what I can identify with professionally. There was a twist at the end that blew my head off. The entire time I was reading this book I was thinking I like this book a lot, not sure I love it. By the end, with me not seeing the twist coming, I LOVED this book! I knew this writer always places twists into her books but there was no hint of it in this. I loved that – and now have ruined it for everyone because I am awesome like that.

When I read the twist, I was at work in the lunch room and yelled out “NO WAY!” That to me is the sign of a fun read. What more can you ask for? Surprise, independent strong females, family legacy, and beautiful scenery? Great summertime read!

This week  am tackling Oprah’s new book club – that’s right people she is back with an on-line book club! Wild by Cheryl Strayed. This book is uncomfortable for me at times. It is very relevant to me, but I am enjoying it immensely! I will let you know how it goes. This book places me halfway to the challenge of 50 books in a year. YAY! I have loved this challenge! It has brough me out of my comfort zone and into books I love. I never would have read Stephen King, The Room, or a multitude of other genres and storylines that have scared me in the past.

The Movie

I watched these movies over the past two weeks :

  1. Avengers
  2. Factory Girl
  3. Being Elmo
  4. Every Little Step
  5. Schindler’s List
  6. If Lucy Fell

Factory Girl was about Andy Warhol’s iconic Factory girl and the person she was in real life. All this movie did for me was make me see what a wingnut Warhol was and wondered how he paid for things. I love his art, but wow…

If Lucy Fell was an old school Sarah Jessica Parker movie – Boring….

Every little Step was a documentary of  the Chorus Line revival. I loved this. Pain, rejection, excitement all rolled into one. I have always fantasized about being on Broadway but I don’t have the strength it takes (nor the talent) to face rejection on a daily basis. Wow these people are amazing!

Being Elmo… Behind the scenes of being a Muppeteer? Are you freaking kidding me??? THIS WAS AMAZING and I cried. I loved seeing the Jim Henson Empire. I will watch this documentary over and over.

Schindler’s list. I was the only person left in the world who hadn’t seen this. It is now part of the Grade 12 curriculum in Alberta’s High Schools. Wow what a powerful movie. I found it interesting how he made enough money to save these people and then just before the war ended, so did the money. Divine intervention obviously played a hand.  4000 Jews live in Poland now, but 4 generations of Schindler’s Jews make up over 6500. Doing the right thing is never easy, but so important. If you haven’t watched this – you must. AND I can cross it off my 100 AFI list!

Then my favorite movie of the year. It is no surprise people. you all know how much I love superheroes and fancy myself as one. The Avengers was FREAKING AWESOME! Is it out on Blu-ray yet? I want it for Christmas Santa!! Please do yourself a favor, watch all the other movies first. This will help with the maximized enjoyment of the Avenger movie. Stan Lee I heart you.

This week movies? I have no idea. I have watched 42 on the year. I am in the mood for Brave but that isn’t until the 22. I want to see something that will make me laugh. Life has been hard this week, so laughter is in order!


Fifty Fiftly Me: Shopgirl

Participating in the 50/50 me project, (you can read more about it here) was difficult this week. I was POISONED and didn’t die. However that left me with little time to feel like reading. I had read one book and havent felt like reading since. Truthfully, I haven’t had the time. I am busy finishing up projects for my University Class. While be sick in be and loving the Netflix app on my ipad, I was able to watch a couple of movies this week. I watch Never Let Me Go and An Education. Moving on with the words first…

The Book

I read Steve Martin’s Shopgirl last weekend. I have always been a fan of Martin’s dry wit and humors look on life. I never considered him a writer so when Shopgirl appeared several years ago, it was aff my radar. While reading my first foray into Martin’s work, I realized I could hear his voice as he stood to the side narrating the story for his readers. I’ve always been a huge fan of his but never gave credibility to his talent as a writer. I found his style to be delicious, and his words that were strung together like a beautiful sonnet. I could identify with the main character and felt her pain, yet was removed enough to see the reason for it. I am surprised the female character was so likable aside from her sexual attributes, typically male writers miss the mark for me when it comes to female character development. Martin’s dry wit showed through the story and I smiled with pleasure. I am so pleased I decided to give this book a try. I liked it enough that I downloaded two more of Martin’s books with hopes of reading The Pleasure of My Company this week. I must be honest and say, I don’t think I will get much reading for pleasure done in the month of June. I shall keep my fingers crossed though!

The Movie

I was able to watch Never Let Me Go and An Education. Both movies starring Carey Mulligan. I am finding myself

Cover of "An Education"
Cover of An Education

becoming a huge fan of hers! I watched Never Let me Go because I read the book last week and am always curious how the movie translates onto the screen. This particular movie was fairly close to the book. Tommy is less awkward in the movie and Ruth is less of a jerk, but for the most part, I wished it had more narration to go along with the story. It needed more insight into Kathy’s feelings and thoughts. However, this movie didn’t even come close to how much I enjoyed An Education!

An Education is based on an autobiographical article for the Granta by Lynn Barber. I loved the character. She was an intellectual caught up in the fun and fantasy of being the girlfriend of a rich older man. I saw a parallel with my life except for the rich part of the older man. Her choices were better and I found myself admiring her tenaciousness. There wasn’t anything I couldn’t like about this movie. Fashion from music to writing and mishaps, all were fun to watch. I was disappointed with her choices but she righted them in the end and went on to learn from them. This is what we all hope to do but some of us are more successful at it than others. I need to place this movie in my top 10 of all time. I know I will watch it again and again. There is something so sexy about the male characters who turn out to be such disappointments in the end. This is a definite chick movie for smart gals who long to be swept off our feet because of brains not just looks.

Next week brings Avengers, the superhero loves of my life and possibly a book to finish reading…I hope.