I’ll Have an Extra Hot Vanilla Latte or a Scotch please

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I must know a million people. Yes I understand that there is only one million people in the Greater Edmonton Area, but I am sure I know most of them. I went for groceries today and it took me better part of the day because I had to stop to catch up with friends and acquaintances. Before that I was on the phone visiting with an old friend whom I haven’t talked to in quite a while. It’s great catching up, but sometimes I miss the old way of long conversations with coffee.

Coffee, just the word sends tingles down my spine. There is nothing more decadent than a Venti Extra Hot Vanilla Latte to me. It is a guilty pleasure that I thank Starbucks for. I know lots of people who think of coffee as “just” a beverage. Those are the people who drink Nescafe or Folgers or heaven help me, Sanka. I feel like I should spit after saying that word. They prefer their coffee weak loaded with sugar and skim milk, because we must watch our fat intake. At this point, if you are one of those people who enjoy a bad cup of coffee, lets just agree to disagree and please feel free to tune in tomorrow, I understand. The deep, dark, rich full body taste of proper coffee is not your thing, I get it. I’ll see you here again tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by!

Now that they are gone, and true coffee lovers are left can we just take a moment please as I sip my decadent indulgence for a minute? Ahhhh. Just the taste alone is enough to relax the tension in my shoulders and make the world go away. The warm feeling that envelops my hands as I hold my mug because I never use the handle. I’ll just say it. Damn I love a great cup of coffee! And when I say “cup” I mean giant mug.

I can hear my mom at this point saying “how can you drink that stuff?”.  Very true mom. I didn’t always love coffee. In fact, coffee was foul-tasting for a very long time. Then why did I persist? There is something very social about coffee. I started drinking it in high school when I was a ski lift operator. It was the only free beverage available to staff and after a full day shift outside, warm liquid was a necessity. It was burnt tasting and powder whitener was gross. Add more sugar maybe that will help. No it did not. I learned to drink my coffee while it was steaming hot. So that was step one. Not very social but it was hot and that was important.

Then I graduated from school, found career work and learned about “planning meetings”. These were sessions where we were invigorated by conversation and excited by ideas and new concepts. I remember feeling so urban and sophisticated. We would drink coffee. That was before the espresso machines were in every coffee shop. That was before Coffee House’s. Then I had my very first Latte. A dear friend I worked with, who now lives on the West Coast, introduced me to the wonders of a latte. We would sit at a table in the coffee  shop and talk for hours. Thus was born the luxury and favorite pastime of cafe latte conversation. As a treat on the side, a chocolate covered coffee bean. I am drooling just thinking about it! The aroma of the coffee being brewed, the smell of the bean grinder, all heady for my senses.

The sad thing is I have let it go by the wayside. How could I do that? Sure I still stop by Starbucks and order my beverage of choice, Vanilla Latte or Cafe Misto. Then I take it into my car and drive away. I am busy and keep moving so I don’t sink. But I miss my girl friends. I miss sitting in my best friends living room just talking. Coffee was the excuse, really it was the getting together and talking  that I loved. We still get together, but it is with our husbands too. As much as we love those guys, it is not the same as girl time. I think that is part of the missing piece I am feeling. So I am going to make an effort to call her and make a date. Starbucks on an evening after dinner sans the kids and husbands. Sitting in arm chairs and catching up. Sounds so perfect, I just might cry.

Those of you reading and think you would also enjoy this ritual, email me! I want to sit and visit with you too. We will talk about our tourism adventure and what we are doing to shake up our lives! I’ll order two cafe lattes extra hot so they last longer during delightful conversation. If it is going to be a meatier conversation, I’ll bring a flask along too.

Which leads me to wonder what your decadent indulgence is…