What’s in a Name?

I was sitting in a staff meeting last week talking with a colleague (who I refer to as  Trophi Girl – her nick-name will make a great blog another day) …well laughing, not talking…about names. Names are important! So please spell it correctly! I always feel devastated when I spell someone’s name wrong. I really feel for kids when their parents give them a name with odd-ball spelling. Trophi Girl has unusual spelled name – easy to spell but there is an I where a Y should be. That’s ok, I can remember and spell it correctly every time.

We weren’t laughing about names of people though, we were laughing about business names. Both of us are in agreement that people who name their business should really ask people, friends and strangers to give feed back before buying the sign. Every time Trophi Girl drives down Whyte Avenue, she passes the Wee Wee Massage Parlor. This had me holding my sides in laughter!  She the explained it was WEI WEI Massage Parlor, now we have no idea if you pronounce it WEE or WAY or WHY , but to us it looks like it might be WEE.  Of course now I drive by it and laugh by myself in my car. Sure people stare, they want in on the joke too!

This had me thinking of other unfortunate names. I did some research.

1. Schickhaus Meats in New Jersey. Mr. Schickhaus, I recommend you make people say it slow not fast.

2. Hand Job Nails and Spa in Castro District, San Francisco, CA . PLEASE tell me you were inebriated when you chose that name!

3. Dildo Run Provincial Park, Newfoundland Canada. Ok, ok… they are Newfies and KNEW the  meaning and are still having a great laugh! Thus is the beauty of Newfie Screech!

4.   Some times words are not enough

5. Seriously? Your mom was ok with that name?

6. Must have been a tough name to go through school with!

7. Oh come ON! You are a contractor! You MUST hear the jokes!!

8. Really? That is the only Reputation you have?

9.This is my very favorite. I want to go here. It looks like they do a thorough check!

I now get the beauty of a numbered company. Names are important.