The world is not flat and other revelations

Why did people think the Earth was flat? Clearly they never ran anywhere.

I can’t seem to run ANYWHERE without encountering hills. Not that this is a bad thing, it makes me stronger, makes my muscles shapely (ier) and it makes my heart healthy or it will give me a stroke – that is a toss up up there. But since I won’t wear my heart rate monitor, I tell myself that I am FINE.

I use to listen to nothing when I ran. But that was when I ran for 30 minutes. Now that my runs are longer I need more to pass the time away with. I like podcasts but now that the leaves are just beginning to break free in the valley, I feel like dancing – SO I started listening to music again and not just laying around on my floor like I did in high school. I listen to music WHILE I run!

photo (18)

After a while, the rotation becomes uninspiring and I find myself looking for new music.

I have several different playlists.

One for hills, one for LSDs (Long Slow Distance) it would also be suitable for the ‘other’LSD, and one for motivation or increased tempo runs.

Then I have the POWER songs. I save them for the end of the run because sometimes (every single time) I need a kick in the pants to keep going.

Trooper fits that bill – weird I know, and so does Clara and her Hen party singing Cee Lo Greens’ Forget you – only its Buck buck buck instead of words. It makes me smile and energizes me.

Today I decided I needed new (ish or new to me) music for my ipod. So off I went in search of music that would kick me into gear, You know what I have discovered? I have very eclectic listening taste.

My two favorites from today that made me insert dance steps into my run along with some kickin’ head moves were Fatboy Slim’s Rockafeller Skank (Always have loved that one but never downloaded it) and Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Damn that song is sexy and I run sexier when I am listening to it. Okay, in my head I am running sexier…but you are with me so maybe you can imagine my sexy running – or not Dad, just keep scrolling.

I downloaded 14 new songs today and I had a fantastic run. There is something about great tunes that feed your soul. I need to remember this because the next time I am in a running slump, I am going to create a new running play list, one for sexy running, and one for sexy dance moves running. That should motivate me!

Happy Running!

Oh and in case you are interested in my odd ball sense of music to run to, take a gander at my list for Sunday’s 13k:

  1. Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim
  2. Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5
  3. Pump it up – Elvis Costello
  4. Lose Yourself – Eminem
  5. Too bad about your girl – The Donnas
  6. Womaniser – Britney Spears
  7. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke
  8. I love it – Icona Pop
  9. Feel this moment – Pit Bull
  10. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
  11. Stompa – Serena Ryder
  12. Gone Gone Gone – Philip Phillips
  13. It’s a beautiful Day – Michael Buble
  14. Locked out of heaven – Bruno Mars

I feel like dancing so lets listen to Fatboy Slim shall we? And yes that IS Usher from 1999.



Throw Back Thursday: The 8 Track

While stuck in the snowstorm traffic jam at rush hour with my son, we started chatting about things he would be telling his kids. “When I was a kid, we paid for stuff with PAPER printed money”, “We listened to DIGITAL MUSIC”.

Then we laughed and he was telling me about seeing a Beatles album for sale in California when he was there on a band trip. He said it was expensive, $40!!!! I laughed and told him my $5 allowance would pay for a movie – $1.25 for Star Wars, lunch at A&W, and a record.

He asked if the record was vinyl.

umm…yes then I laughed. Records were vinyl and the needle was sharp. But sometimes you needed to put a penny on the arm to weigh it down to get the sound to work. He laughed and asked how I would take music with me in the car if this was before cassettes.

I thought about the time I received THIS for Christmas:

Orange and portable – ish. It took a billion D batteries or you could use the cord. I also received a selection of 8 track tapes for my enjoyment. I had The Carpenters, ABBA, and Shaun Cassidy – that’s right Da Doo Run Run.

I would crank my music and sing in front my mirror with my hair brush as the microphone. Over and over I would play my music until I would hear “THUMP THUMP THUMP” on the floor above me. My dad would yell “Turn it DOWN please” (we are Canadian – it never hurts to be polite) so I would turn it down. Then it didn’t look like I was singing so I would do something else while listening to it. Dad said he never minded the loud music it was the repetitious nature of my musical choices.

I still listen to music over and over until I know all the lyrics. Which is likely why I am AWESOME at music trivia or name that tune type games. Thinking back, 8 tracks sucked and I am glad Sony never made a 8track walkman.

The Top 8 reasons 8 tracks were stupid

  1. They were the size of a large sandwich. You needed a suitcase to haul them around.
  2. You couldn’t rewind them – or at least I couldn’t. I could only replay the entire track and not all the tunes on the track were good.
  3. If the tape pulled out – you were screwed.
  4. If you were lucky enough to have a player in your car, you had to have a suitcase full of music for your friends to choose from.
  5. Record stores would clear out old crappy 8 tracks for $1. My dad would buy these up and re-record over them. What my dad thought was crap, I thought was awesome. I would see a tape of some disco I wanted to listen to and he would have put the Limelighters or Glenn Yarbrough over top. Not cool when you are out with your friends.
  6. They never fit into your pocket.
  7. You needed a Head Cleaning tape and run it through your machine occasionally
  8. If you left your tape in the player for storage, you ran the risk of wow or flutter – it made the music slow in spots.

I found my true calling – Solid Gold Dancer

Once upon a time, in a land far far a way lived a little girl named Tourist. She lived in a magical place named Edmonton. This place was a small town in a big city, where hockey players were treated like rock stars and shopping malls were tourist attractions. Tourist liked to go places to sing and dance. One time, long before MacT was VP of player operations, even before he was coach, even before he played volleyball tournaments at Seba Beach, even before he was Captain, but after he was in prison…so the time in between when he was winning Stanley Cups, he dated Debbie Andrews. Debbie Andrews’ daddy had a car dealership, but Debbie liked to dance and her papa like to make money, so he built her an American Bar in Canada, it felt a lot like a Canadian Bar. So no one really understood the distinction.

After weeks of camp life, river guides and sunburns, Little Tourist liked to let loose. She would go to Denny Andrew’s American Bar, drink Paralyzers, flirt with hockey players and speaker dance. Speakers were placed around the dance floor with spotlights on them to encourage girls to dance. So Tourist did. It was her dream to do this:

She danced to the likes of George Michael, INXS, Cheap Trick, White snake, Def Leopard, David Lee Roth and Pebbles. She rarely had to buy a drink. She danced with Hockey Players who thought they were rock stars, Football players who wished they were hockey players, some dude from FireFly and his brother, and a Scott named Murdo who could wield a paddle on the rapids like no other. He had subtle moves – like Swayze in Dirty Dancing. In fact, he was quite smooth with those moves. He would never join Little Tourist on the giant speakers like the Hockey dudes, he preferred out of the spot light. Those were considered fun Saturday nights.

Pretty sure this is how Tourist looked when dancing.

Then one day a dragon came and ruined everything…bla bla bla… you know the story. Monster steals girl, girl needs to rescue herself, girl goes back to University and work her guts out forever, then one day she takes a break. She signed up for the 64 days of fun program.

Little Tourist never forgot her dream of being a dancer ho/go-go girl. She just needed to place it on the back burner for a while.

Then one day, when all the stress ended, Little Tourist was invited to a biker bar. The purpose was Karaoke. Shockingly enough, she was the only one who had been there before. In fact, when she walked in it was like an Episode of Cheers. People shouted (only one person) TOURIST! Of course Tourist knows everyone and shouted HEY! back-atcha! Tourist has friends who like to challenge her. They signed her name up for all kinds of songs and she went up in groups/pairs and solo to sing. Tourist knew she sang fabulous in her head, so she pretended to be in the car. Old 80’s music turned to magic as the night moved on. Creepy bar guys sat and stared at the only group of chicks in the place. Obviously Tourist was with a group of teachers celebrating the end of school so they started the night off with a kick-ass version of Alice Cooper’s Schools Out. Clearly they were superior to Alice’s version. They EVEN had an Air Guitar SOLO because Angus Young is awesome like that. She can Air Guitar with the best of them…and in some instance BETTER. I know it’s hard to believe – but true story.

Tourist, Trophi Girl, Chicken Hawk and the Entourage kept picking tunes and amazing the crowd. Soon fans started dedicating songs to the Entourage. Ray, an 84 year old fellow, kept singing love songs to Angel, Ryan the fireman came and started chatting up Superstar. Only tourist suspects Ryan isn’t a REAL fireman because firemen look like this:

You’re welcome.

Ryan the Fireman had on a NYFD hat. Tourist suspected he was a tourist too. Bulldog wanted to start a knife fight with Ryan Fire Dude, but Tourist said let Superstar enjoy the moment. So Ryan the fireman sang a song to Superstar and she got up to dance with him WHILE HE WAS SINGING IT, because she is awesome like that and obviously is a cougar.

But the highlight was when Tourist was called a Solid Gold Dancer. (Okay, I think the entourage all got called solid gold dancers, but I am pretty sure it was just to be polite because between you and me – Tourist was the best dancer.) She has experience from her speaker dancer ho/Go-Go Days. How did this happen you ask?

Trophi Girl and Karaoke Queen got up to sing Shoop. Don’t know it? Sure ya do. It’s a little Salt-n-Pepa:

The Entourage got up and made their way to the stage to dance.(I’d post a video of the fabulous dancing but it would be redundant because it was EXACTLY like the girls in the video because the Entourage is awesome like that.) Obviously Tourist was the best dancer and carried the team, although Angus Young could hold her own in ANY dance competition. After the song the Hostess said “Lets hear a big round of applause for Karaoke Queen, Trophi Girl and the Solid Gold Dancers.


It finally happened and all on the very first day of the 64 days of fun program. Tourist with the dream of being a speaker ho/GO-Go-dancer  became a Solid Gold Dancer.

And Tourist lived Happily Ever After.

Because really who doesn’t want to wear shiny spandex, headbands and have all those cheesy moves?

*Look for Solid Gold Tourist at festivals and carnivals this summer

I use to be a Rock Star

I was a Rock Star once.

My keyboard
Image via Wikipedia

Well…that may not be entirely true, but I was in a band. I was the only female – chic if you will – in a basement band. We didn’t have a garage to play in; our parents gave us a Rec Room. I was lead vocals and keyboard. We played Journey, Led Zeplin, original music , and an assortment of contemporary rock. Often we played in the leader’s basement. His name was Denis. His brother let me use his keyboard because my dad was not so interested in hauling our Mason & Risch Piano around to my friends homes. It was easier to cart around Denis’s brother’s keyboard than Ross’s drum kit. The rest of the band was made up of a cast of characters that mom refered to as “Huey Dewy and Louie” in spite of the fact there was only two other members, Paul and Renee.

I always had more guy friends than gals. I would be playing the piano in my basement rec room when the backdoor bell would ring. If my parents knew the guys were coming over, my dad would anser the door…always. The back door had one steep step. my dad on a good day stands at 6’2″. He would open the door and loom over the fella’s with his hands on his hips. He would glare at the guys in silence for about a minute and say things like “I have a gun and I know how to use it”, or “I know where you live”. My dad was a teacher and had that “teacher look” that was required for disappointment purposes. He used it on the guys all the time. The guys would laugh, ” Hahahaha Mr, E(dmonton) you are so funny!” “What ever you say Mr. E!” The guys would come to the rec room and tell me how lucky I was that my dad was such a great guy….

They would sit on the couch and tell me to play what I had been working on. Ross would tap out a beat with his sticks and Denis and I would sing harmonies. When we had it figured out we would head over to Denis’ house, but I would have to take my bike or borrow mom’s car because I was NOT under ANY circumstances ALLOWED to ride in Ross’ car. Dad had Ross as a student once….knowing him that way sealed the deal. NO BEING IN ROSS’s CAR EVER. That was fine. I prefered driving myself and still do. I LOVED cruising around Sherwood Park in my mom’s Datsun B210 Mustard Yellow with a baseball bat beside my seat…for just in case. You’d think the way my dad was over protective that guys were flocking in hordes to my house….not so Mr. E, not so. If they were, my dad had successfully scared them all away. As far as I was concerned, I was one of the guys…except with maybe Ross. Hindsight tells me dad may have been right, but I was oblivious. Besides, I had a certain set of standards. The guy I dated needed to have a job, not live in his car, his thighs had to be larger than mine ( I was a cyclist so boys with stick bodies just didn’t do it for me), AND go to school. Being a drop-out was just not okay. Therefore, Ross was off the radar on all accounts.

Our goal was to play in front of an audience that wasn’t our parents. HA! That never happened, only Denis was serious. The rest of us were just goofing around having fun. Eventually, Denis fired us all. I think he is a Country Singer or DJ or something. I saw him on a TV ad during the National Rodeo Finals in November.

Playing the drums the other day had triggered that memory. I hadn’t thought about those details in a very long time. Today I sat down at the piano and played for the first time in years…possibly 10 years or longer.

I ran scales and thought of my piano teacher and how she use to put pennies on my hands to keep them up. I heard “clicking” and remember how she would tell me to cut my nails. I was surprised at how easily everything came back to me. Then I opened some books of my offspring. They play and I do not. I can still sight read my way through a simple song. When I pulled out some more complicated classical…I stumbled.

Today I thought my “New Thing” should be Learn a New Piano Song. I have been feeling melancholy lately so I pulled out Feed the Birds by the Sherman Brothers. I had never played it before in my life, but I often sang it for my mom. Me and Mary Poppins go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. This was always one of my favorites. 4 tries of sight reading, learning the bridge separately, and 6 practice runs…I learned it. Several more practice runs and it will be memorized. I forgot how much I love playing the piano. I went a printed off some music. Classical music by Bach, Liszt, Mozart and Beethoven were found on free downloads. Sonatina in C was my first choice. All it did was made me miss the Mason & Risch, which had a rich sound like a honky tonk piano. Not classical like a Yamaha or a Steinway, but I loved it. It reminded me of THE Piece I played when the company came over. It was my concert piece. The Swallow opus 100 no 24 in G by Friedrich Burgmüller. Dad would always say…play it for me.

After hours a few minutes of searching (thank you University for teaching me awesome search techniques for impossible things) I found it in spite of not having all the title or the composer. The best news? I was able to download and print it. It is more complicated than I am capable of right now.

But practice makes perfect.


The Soundtrack for my Smiles

I have had this song running through my head today:

Yes, that’s right, Circus Theme Music.  I know you are jealous, admit it. Don’t you love days when you get a song stuck in your head and it lingers with you forever? Yesterday’s theme was Lady Gaga Raha HAHAHAHA, I don’t tend to leave the song in my head. I prefer to share it with the Universe. Be thankful you don’t work with me. I have a song for every occasion and burst into song at a moments notice. Luckily for me, my students find it fun and engaging, they often will join me until we reach frenetic levels and get out of hand. The other teachers in the room stare at me and smile at me in that pathetic way…you know what I mean, they look at me like I am certifiable, or worse.

Today was the kind of day that you had to sing or cry. I prefer to sing and laugh. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong today. Then we had a fire drill. Not the fun “chinese” chaotic firedrill where you jump out of the car and run around 3 times at a stop light. The REAL kind, where you stop what you are doing and head outside. For the record, it has been fairly nice weather, no snow yet, but the kids lips were still blue while we waited for the go ahead to enter back into the building. We warmed up with a song and dance number, not quite the Hockey Pokey, but darn close to it. Then all was well again. But that Circus Music kept ringing in my ears.

It is well known that I practice cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Changing thoughts to motivate and alter mind set. I need to apply this to D.J. in my head. I need a quick little list that I can switch to when the current song gets out of hand. Last year I came up with a theme song for my life. Now I think I need a sound track. Songs that my brain can flip through to take away the lunacy of my daily life and keep me happy and smiling. So right off the bat, NO COUNTRY MUSIC on my sound track. Aside from the obvious reason of making my ears bleed, country music is often sad and depressing. I don’t need that in my day. I need songs that will transport me to another place and time in a moments notice, or remind me of a person who puts a smile on my face. My sound track needs 11 songs, because for those of you who don’t know, 11 is MY NUMBER. I love every thing about it, including the fact Mark Messier wore it. Searching for 11 sound trackable songs will be easy. Narrowing it down to 11 is the hard part. I think I have it covered though and the Circus Theme song DID NOT MAKE THE CUT! Ready? I have make a downloadable soundtrack list on iTunes for those of you wishing to share my soundtrack. You can find it here and join me on ping.

My list of music is not my favorite music by any means. That changes daily. It depends on my mood. My list has specific songs that remind me of places, people and times in my life that are significant to me. If you are close to me, you will recognize yourself in my list. Here it is!

The Edmonton Tourist Sound Track to make me Smile

  1. The Muppet Theme Song – This pays homage to all my family but mostly my brother. We never missed an episode and could do every skit.
  2. New York State of Mind – Everyone who knows me understands why THIS is on my list.
  3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Not from the movie but about the movie. I hate Moon River, so this makes the list.
  4. Music to Watch Girls by – Oh Andy Williams! I love you and so does my mom!! I remember watching her dance in our kitchen to this song. I thought I had the prettiest mom in the world! Still do…
  5. Sway – by Dean Martin I danced with my Grandpa to this song, I was 14. Dino holds a place in my heart for many reasons.
  6. When You Come – Crowded House. Can I just say, Neil Finn one of the most under-rated song writers of all time? This takes me back to the beach, camp and all great things that happened the summer of 1988
  7. Wild Night – John Melencamp. Van Morrison is great, but I prefer this version. The summer of 1994 HUGE changes in my life, all of them good
  8. This is My Life – Firewater. Always makes me think of my friend Square. I admire a bazillion things about her and she makes me think and of course smile.
  9. Relator – Pete Yorn. This song was played constantly during my chrysalis stage.
  10. Pink Houses – John Melencamp. He played this song at a concert before he released it. I was with my BFs from high school. I loved those gals and in many ways still do.
  11. Linus and Lucy – Sunday dinners at Grandma’s surrounded by my family, with evenings filled with cribbage, smashes and roast beast.

Go ahead and critique it. Tell me what you would add, or better yet, make a list and ping me on iTunes. More music is always a good thing.



Flashmob Tourist Style

I was sitting at lunch yesterday with Trophi Girl and my new sidekick Wally Banana. Trophi Girl’s Blackberry buzzed, she checked her email and stared laugh. “Edmonton Tourist you HAVE to do this and blog about it!!!” she exclaimed.

What are you talking about? Apparently there is a Flashmob being organized for the Grey Cup festival in two weeks. Do you know what a Flashmob is? The Black Eyed Peas did one on Oprah. Take a peak:

Looks like fun doesn’t it? I checked out the website and looked at the rehearsal times. It really looks like a great time. I just don’t have the time to fit it into my schedule. I was thinking, that shouldn’t stop me from “Flashmobbing” when ever I feel like it! So I decided to incoororate it into my daily routine.

At work this morning, I was in the photocopy room, a colleague walked by and was humming a tune. I joined in with lyrics. Shortly thereafter, we were Flashmobbing! One more person joined in and it was a full on party! Then as quickly as it started, it ended. We left to go complete some work that required our attention, but we had smiles on our faces.

Fast-forward to lunch. I have a million and one songs ready for any occasion. I was inspired to sing “I like banana’s because they have no bones” because of my yogurt. Suddenly my knees and toes starting joining in. My sidekick Wally Banana’s shoulders started Flashmobbing too!

I have Flashmobbed with my offspring at grocery stores and parking lots. It is fun to do. I do get odd looks from people, but I don’t care. It’s part of what causes me to smile. One day I really want to be a part of an organized Flashmob. It might be fun to do for a year end wind up at work. One day I will do it. Hopefully soon, like next summer.

Meanwhile, I will watch my favorite Flashmob scenes and practice.

*edit November 24

The Flashmob happened Downtown tonight for the Grey Cup opening ceremonies.

Here is what it looked like from City Hall tonight. No I wasn’t there but it looked like FUN!

Give Me a Wink and a Smile!

My head has been swimming with Mission and Vision Statements for projects in my University Class.  It got me thinking about personal goals. If a business or an organization has a mission statement to remind them who they are and what they do. Maybe I need one to keep my focus and attain my goals too!

I could go to parties and say “that’s right, I have a mission statement”, and be all cool about it. I just reread that last sentence. There is nothing cool about telling people I have a mission statement.

But if I call it a Theme Song, then maybe I am on to something!

So let’s discuss the musical possibilities, shall we? I need to make a list of criteria that is important to me.

1.      The song must have a nice memory attached to it.

2.      The song must be catchy and make me feel like smiling

3.      At no point could the Wonder Girls ever have covered it. It would diminish it in my eyes.

4.      The song must have a good message to share with my Offspring, after all I still strive to be a positive role model and lead by example.

My first thought would be Brian Wilson by the Barenaked Ladies. Most days all I want to do is lay in bed. Let’s look at how it fits the criteria. 1> It has a very nice memory attached to it. Genetic Offspring often danced to it when he was two. He was cute to watch! 2> I only feel like smiling because of the memory – so I need to scrap this one already.

Brightside of the Road by Van Morrison 1> I have several great memories attached to this song. The most fun one is dancing barefoot in the park with several girlfriends on a hot summer evening. 2> I love Van – his music always makes me feel like smiling! 3> The Wonder Girls have never covered it, and if they have please don’t tell me! 4> Hmm This song is either about sharing a heavy burden with your love OR picking up a hooker in a dark alley.  Unfortunately this may be a fail.

Twist and Shout by the Beatles 1> This song has several great memories ranging from High School to Rock Band Friday nights with my family! 2> I always sing it loud and proud while smiling from ear to ear! 3> The Wonder Girls never covered it! 4> Not a stellar message. Just a dancing song. Rats – it’s a fail.

Wink and a Smile by Harry Connick Jr. 1> Again, several great memories from watching Sleepless in Seattle for the first time with my Honey. Going to Seattle with my sister for the best girls weekend ever – and when I say best – I mean I really hope we get to do it again soon! 2> The piano trills make me smile every time! I love how my shoulders keep time and its fun for me to sing!  3> The Wonder Girls have never covered this song!! 4> It fits with my life, from my Honey to my Offspring, from my Parents to my Granny. This song makes me smile and cry all in one. I even loved how it was placed as a theme song to Tom Hanks playing with his son Jonas on the beach in Seattle. It sends the message of family priorities. That will help me find balance. The perfect message for the Edmonton Tourist this year!  I think I found a winner!

Let’s listen shall we?

I want to hear what your theme song might be!

Are You Ready To Rock? …..sure?

When I was younger, around my high school era, I was a music snob. I was convinced that if you didn’t agree with me on great music then you had no idea what you are talking about. I likely wouldn’t have given you the time of day. The important things for me were 1> you had to be a hockey fan 2> you had to drink Coke 3> you had to listen to the same music I did.  As I reflect back on the music of my youth, I realize I did myself a great disservice. I still think I had fabulous taste in music, but expanding my horizons wouldn’t have hurt.

My Mom was very understanding. I would jump into the mustard yellow 1971 ,Datsun B210 and quickly change the music station to current Billboard Status. Mom was cool about it, and even enjoyed some of the songs that were in current rotation on the radio. My Dad, who was pretty cool and current about a lot of things, was NOT as accepting of current music as Mom was. I would jump into his family sedan, and quickly change the radio station and he would be firm and say “what do you think you are doing? I was listening to that!” So back to the Oldies station it would go. Hind sight makes me grateful because I can now win any sort of music trivia contest with my knowledge of oldies and beyond thanks to Dad. However, at the time it was so embarrassing!

The boyfriend I had at the time had the coolest brother-in-law. He was “old”, had kids of his own, and listened to current radio. He knew the top 40, he knew the concerts coming up and he watched music videos which were just starting to gain in popularity. He taught me about “cool” music from the 70’s, stuff I had never heard before! It was a great musical experience for me. I knew then and there I wanted to never get hung up on “oldies”.

Flash forward to Sunday, October 24, 2010.

I was picking up Chatterbox from a party. She hops into my car and flips through my iPod to find music SHE wants to hear. HEY! WAIT A MINUET! I was listening to that! That sounded familiar to my ears, only it was usually me hearing it from my Dad. It had become a full circle moment. The Child becomes the Parent. What happened to me being all cool about current music? What happened to the WHO singing in my ear “hope I die before I get old!”?

When I sit in the office and Chatterbox is on the other computer listening to her music, I usually say, I like that, who sings that? Or I have to download that song, do you have it? I try to be open to a lot of her music, and I do enjoy her tastes. But I have stopped being current! I never listen to the radio any more, I rarely pop up iTunes to see whats new. I have become a fuddy duddy. Isn’t that just craptastic. I have an amazing music collection, but it stopped growing last spring. I need to change that. Music is such an important aspect of my life. I need it to continue to BE important in my life.

The question is: How do I change that?  I just asked Chatterbox what is the radio station she listens to. Starting tomorrow, I will listen to the radio to and from work. I am NOT giving up my iPod, but to expand it’s collection I need to hear new stuff.

I just hope it doesn’t make my ears bleed.