Hockey Fever, I have it BAD

Rexall-Place Edmonton Oilers at Night
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I’ve got Hockey fever and I feel helpless against it.

It is 30C outside and all I can think about is the season opener at Rexall Place with the Edmonton Oilers hosting the Penguins without Sidney Crosby. I have been following the Rookie training camp, with the baby Oilers in Penticton. I have been following the New York Ranger’s prospect chat on twitter and all I really want for Christmas is an honest to goodness chance for a decent playoff run. I haven’t had hockey fever this bad since the Dynasty Years in the 80’s.

I have an Eastern Team and a Western Team. I am not a Canada vs the world kind of fan. I am loyal to the Oilers and loyal to the Rangers, who are the Oiler’s East as far as I am concerned. I have had brief love affairs with the Red Wings while Stevie Y was there, he jumped ship and so did my feelings for the Wings. I despise Toronto and Montreal, I will NEVER cheer for Calgary – even when they make the playoffs and we don’t, I HATE Vancouver and the Sedin Sisters. I am happy for Winnipeg having the Jets back, but I won’t wear their cool new jersey and consider them the enemy. It’s Oilers or Rangers for me, after that I cheer original 6 unless it’s Toronto, because…I…just…can’t…

I was watching and reading several things about the Oiler’s draft pick, first over-all Tyler Nugent-Hopkins. He doesn’t even shave yet. He lowers the overall age average to 12. But DAMN can he skate. He will one day be a super star. Super star…. It has been a very long time since Edmonton has had a super star. Chris Pronger could be considered one, but Edmonton hates him so he doesn’t count. The last one was Mark Messier, my all time favorite. He left in 91, 20 years ago. Hall and Nugent-Hopkins are our next hope for greatness.

Edmonton Oilers, rebuilding since 1991. Hopefully we have re-built and the hockeygods have taken pity on us. We are hungry for playoffs and a couple of winning streaks. I am pretty sure it is the only thing that will satisfy my hockey fever. I need this universe. I can’t wait another 20 years.