I Scoooooooooooooooooooooooored!

I scored Executive Suite tickets to the Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers. I was invited to a business schmooze by the offspring’s pop, The Hubs. His associates didn’t want to couldn’t go so he hinted to the Sales rep that I needed to go being the hugest Oiler fan in River City. The Sales guy said “Bring her Along!” Yippee Kiaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!  I had never sat in an Executive Suite before! I could add this to my 52 new things this year! I have sat in the Skybox, Standing Room, Nose Bleeds, Terrace, Upper Deck, Lower Bowl and Club…but never Executive Suite for an Edmonton Oilers game! Was it as fabulous as the Skybox? Yes and No. I will get to that in a minute, but first the event complete with pics because inquiring Oiler fans want to know. Well, Evil Genius wants to know, so this is for him.

The fancy name plate on the main floor of Rexall Place told me I had arrived.

We walked into the room and were greeted by the sales guys who told us to help ourselves to the unending buffet and bar…. Bar? where?

Telus ordered Wings!

This may be hard for people to believe, but this was my FIRST BEER at a hockey game! I usually drink vodka when I am in the skybox…not that I am there all the time, just once. I am too cheap to spring for beer or hard stuff at Rexall.

The suite was wide but shallow. It had a bar on one side and buffet on the other. The private bathroom is a plus. There were two large screen TVs showing the game inside. The sliding glass doors opened up to two rows of seats surrounded by a rail keeping the riffraff out.

I sat in the front row because I didn’t want to miss the game. I take hockey seriously, unlike the guys who were drinking  working. I was one of 3 women there as dates. The other women were doing their nails… wow… Executive Suite hockey seats and they could care less!

My boys were on tonight! First Hall scores!

My phone told me in case I missed it.

The Eberle scoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooores

My phone confirms what my own eyes witnessed.

The most overpaid captain in the history of the Oilers then gets a penalty shot! Wooooohoooo

Naturally he misses…boooooooooooooooooo not that any of us were surprised. Oh Horcoff…

Bobby Clarke sat in front of me and if you squint you can see the Octane…Canada’s first hockey cheer squad…Really? We needed a Cheer Squad?

Here in Canada we do things Old School and shovel the ice during the whistle stoppages because we can’t afford Zambonis

Psych! We have two Zambonis because we are awesome like that, the shovelers are there because we are fussy about our ice.

The fan tribute at the end. This is my favorite tradition. The Czechs introduced this tradition of standing at centre ice and raising their sticks to the fans. Love it!

By the way, we won! We beat Philly 2-0 That’s right, Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuube got the shutout!


ok now for the comparison between the Skybox and Executive (Lux) Suites.

Skybox has beside the door parking – We parked 6 blocks away at the Thistle Curling Club for the Lux.

The Skybox has a separate entrance and private elevator to the suite. The Lux requires you walk amongst the riffraff in huge crowds.

The skybox was long and had 6 rows of seats. The Lux was wide and had 2 rows of suites.

Skybox had a better decorator – although each suite is kitted out according to the box owner’s taste. Skybox owner has better taste…and a broken cement truck on the shelf.

You can watch the play develop from the skybox. It gives a fascinating perspective of the game. From the Lux you feel like you are in the middle of the game and I could hear the boys yell at each other and the refs.

Beer came in regular size cans in the Lux, and baby cans in Skybox.

I could cross my legs and lounge in the Lux. It was a tight squeeze for legs up in Skybox…to be fair I am way lighter so my size may have something to do with it.

The Scotia Bank man I sat beside in the Lux – he was across the rail , a neighbor if you will, was pretending to be knowledgable about the team. I challenged him twice…hahaha I won.

The last time I was at a Philly game, I am pretty sure they Flyers were wearing those stupid long pants that made them look like Juniors. It was 25 years ago last light that the Oil won their 3rd Stanley Cup against the Flyers. It was also the FLyers in 1981 that Wayne Gretzky scored 5 goals on to have 50 goals in 39 games. Ahhhh the good old days. I love my boys but I miss my Oilers.

I think I prefered the proximity of the Executive Suite. I love hearing the game as well as seeing the game. My sister was correct in suggesting I would have a hard time slumming it with the peasants next time I get to go to a game again…She is right. I need to schmooze more with those sales guys and drum up some business for them at work.

Have a great weekend and keep your stick on the ice!

Hockey Fever, I have it BAD

Rexall-Place Edmonton Oilers at Night
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I’ve got Hockey fever and I feel helpless against it.

It is 30C outside and all I can think about is the season opener at Rexall Place with the Edmonton Oilers hosting the Penguins without Sidney Crosby. I have been following the Rookie training camp, with the baby Oilers in Penticton. I have been following the New York Ranger’s prospect chat on twitter and all I really want for Christmas is an honest to goodness chance for a decent playoff run. I haven’t had hockey fever this bad since the Dynasty Years in the 80’s.

I have an Eastern Team and a Western Team. I am not a Canada vs the world kind of fan. I am loyal to the Oilers and loyal to the Rangers, who are the Oiler’s East as far as I am concerned. I have had brief love affairs with the Red Wings while Stevie Y was there, he jumped ship and so did my feelings for the Wings. I despise Toronto and Montreal, I will NEVER cheer for Calgary – even when they make the playoffs and we don’t, I HATE Vancouver and the Sedin Sisters. I am happy for Winnipeg having the Jets back, but I won’t wear their cool new jersey and consider them the enemy. It’s Oilers or Rangers for me, after that I cheer original 6 unless it’s Toronto, because…I…just…can’t…

I was watching and reading several things about the Oiler’s draft pick, first over-all Tyler Nugent-Hopkins. He doesn’t even shave yet. He lowers the overall age average to 12. But DAMN can he skate. He will one day be a super star. Super star…. It has been a very long time since Edmonton has had a super star. Chris Pronger could be considered one, but Edmonton hates him so he doesn’t count. The last one was Mark Messier, my all time favorite. He left in 91, 20 years ago. Hall and Nugent-Hopkins are our next hope for greatness.

Edmonton Oilers, rebuilding since 1991. Hopefully we have re-built and the hockeygods have taken pity on us. We are hungry for playoffs and a couple of winning streaks. I am pretty sure it is the only thing that will satisfy my hockey fever. I need this universe. I can’t wait another 20 years.