Rube Goldberg vs Pez Dispensers

Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin
Professor Butts and the Self-Operating Napkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ChatterBox has been working for a while on a group project for science. A Rube Goldberg project ro be more precise. Apparently Rube was this guy who made things complicated. He is best known for a series of popular cartoons depicting complex gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. Picture Doc from Back To the future and his crazy convoluted way he made toast.

This is what ChatterBox and her friends have to make, only not the toast part – they have to turn on a CD player.

The assignment is to use six simple machines to complete the task. She has a lever, pulley, screw, wedge, wheel, and an incline. I’ve seen it. It looks complicated.

We spent the evening at the Dollarama finding tape, tie downs, dowels, and marbles. We saw every kid her her class there too. The problem with Dollarama is you go for one thing (tape) and leave with stupid stuff you don’t need ( Light Sabre). The music  in the background made me want to dance (Fleetwood Mac – Sing it Stevie!) but ChatterBox wanted to sword fight…. long story short we went looking for dominos.

Can you belive the Dollarama did not have DOMINOS! I KNOW! So we called my mom. My mom has an awesome tickle trunk full of things – she calls it the laundry room, but really it is a storage plaza. Filled with everything that is useful and everything that is not. The not useful stuff is dad’s.

Dad and mom do not share the same decorating taste, so Dad gets the laundry room. My dad collects cool stuff, like bobble heads, cowboy art, waterguns, superman stuff, and Pez machines. He has easily 1000 Pez machines ranging from Ariel to Zorro. He has them all filled with candy, lined up on special shelves,  labeled and arranged into sets. For example, there is a Pixar set, Star Trek, and even a Justice League set. He even hired a gal to come in and dust them every week (that would be his granddaughter). I like to go and just look. It is like being in a Pez museum. Every time I go to peek, I discover a new collection. Todays new one was the Hello Kitty set. He has people calling him all the time “Dad, I am at 7-11 and found the 3 Stooges Pez, do you have those?” “Hang on and let me check…yes I do, but thanks for checking for me!”

We all seem to have a vested interest in his Pez collection. What makes me think is, would a Pez dispenser be considered a Rube Goldberg machine? Have you ever tried to fill one full of candy? It isn’t simple. It IS easier to just eat candy out of the package. So is it? Tell me what you think.

May the Forth Be with You: International Star Wars Day

When I was wee… okay not that wee, I was 10. Star Wars was showing at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Edmonton. My mom thought my brother and I would like to go see it. We had no idea what it was about. Since it was just released the line up was down the block, it hadn’t reached the around the block 4 miles yet – that would be a week later. It was still a sell out show. We couldn’t find enough seats together, so my brother (8) and I took turns sitting on mom’s lap while she napped through the movie. My brother and I were gobsmacked! We had never seen anything so amazing and we were Jedi fans from the start.

We saved all our money, bought the action figures – RIPPED them out of their package and played with them endlessly. This was the beginning of a very long and very geeky Star Wars love affair. The brother has since switched to the Dark Side and loves Star Trek more. I have room in my heart for both, but love Star Wars, Empire and Jedi the most. With honourable mention of Chris Pine – Holy Hotness Batman!

May 4th is International Star Wars Day – May the fourth be with you…get it? With that I am celebrating my geekness with my favorite Star Wars picture laughs.

This time next week I will be on the Star Tours ride in Disneyland riding it endlessly in an attempt to see every possible scenario – doubt it that will happen – but I will try! Happy Fourth!

I don’t want any Chocolate…It Must be Serious!

I received some news on Friday that has upset me all weekend, and by upset I mean I don’t want any chocolate. I know…it MUST be serious.

A person I greatly admire and respect, is moving on to other opportunities. I want to be excited for her, but all I feel is an overwhelming sense of loss. I was prepared for her to announce her retirement very soon, and by soon meaning – within the next five years. That way I could be “moved on” first, not last. That is when I realized I am not in control of this situation.

We all know how I like to participate in decisions being made, and by saying decisions –  I really mean telling you what to do. After all I enjoy it when Bossy Boots comes out to play. I love making decisions for other people. I love it because it enables me to live vicariously through their lives. That keeps it safe for me. My life then continues on at a steady pace, with me reaching out to attain my own goals from a safe distance. I don’t get hurt that way.

Off she will go, to brave new worlds and new situations (yes I watched Star Trek this weekend, but I am not quoting it word for word!) and to delve into uncharted waters. I guess I am envious. There is a situation in my own life that has me thinking about change. The thrill of the challenge, building a team that would need me in a way I am not needed where I am. It sounds so tantalizing and exciting. I really want to be a part of it. But that is me ALL OVER! I am always wanting to be in the thick of it, then cry because I am tired or stressed. This time, I am holding my tongue. I am standing back and only wishing it was me. The reality of my situation is I have enough going on in my life, so I need to be thankful for the challenges I do have and not create more. The Pity Party is at the table next to me, I am not going to invite myself over this time.

I am going to congratulate my friend and wish her all the best luck the world has to offer. I will wave good bye with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face. I am not being left behind, I just have a different job to do. This Tourist needs to remember that.

Don’t Mess with the Temporal Prime Directive!

Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk, in a promoti...
Image via Wikipedia

In my spare time today….What the?!?! I had spare time? I HAD SPARE TIME! WOOP WOOP! I have just spent the last three weeks working 6 weeks ahead in my University studies. I finished yesterday so, indeed, I had SPARE TIME TODAY! You should have seen the Happy Dance! Yes I made a spectacle of myself but I digress…

So in my spare time today I had the luxury of reading other blogs. I have found some really great ones here on WordPress and have listed them in my Blogroll down on the right hand side of this page. Anyways… as I was saying, I was reading other blogs and they transported me to another place. I went for a run today in Central Park with The Bronxturtle and his arch nemesis The Tool, I went knee boarding with Open to Adventure somewhere down under, I went on a first date with Kat in Philadelphia ( she is going on 30 first dates in 3 months!)  and I learned about the first Mosque built on permafrost! It was a delightful afternoon! That is what I love about reading. Suddenly you are transported to another place and time.

I was musing about traveling to another place and time when I brought it up to Genetic Offspring. This is what he said ” if you go back in time and you change something in the past that somehow prevents you from going back in time in the first place, which really means you haven’t really gone back in time but yet you are there and changed something. Thus a paradox is created”

Did your eyes glaze over? I might have missed some of his quote because I may have drifted off for a moment. I try to listen to him, I really do, but sometimes I just don’t understand everything and my mind wanders.

Then it occurred to me. I have family and a few friends who live in the future. And by “future” I don’t mean Crazytown. I mean Australia! They are living in my tomorrow today! So I have a plan.

Australian friends and family, please send me the winning lottery numbers, I will pick those numbers today, then tomorrow it will be me who wins! I of course will split the winnings with you! Is this brilliant or what? Why have I never thought of this before? I am sure Captain Kurt, and by Kurt I mean Chris Pine NOT  William Shatner, would have something to say about the Space/Time Continuum or the Temporal Prime Directive. By the time he starts yapping at me I will be rich and not caring. And I might be drooling a bit, he is very easy on the eyes you know…

So, Who’s in?

While I am waiting for all the winning lottery numbers to start coming in, lets listen to Craig Ferguson tell you tomorrow is your future yesterday 🙂

Sofa Pizza Anyone?

Chapman as King Arthur in Holy Grail
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I have the Rainy Day blahs. You know what they are, drizzle days with no spark. It has been gray for a few days and it really brings my mood down. On the first day, I enjoy puling out snuggly sweaters, tucking in the cozy couch and listening to the rain. But several days of it and I am feeling the BLAHS. I have no reason to feel this way and it kind of annoys me because I have been riding the Tourist high for a while.  School is working out, I have my books, cracked them open and started reading. Working is going smoothly. My kids transition into school has been great. I leave soon for Paris. I am reconecting with friends. So why the BLAHS? I blame the gray sky. So to cheer me up I am making a list of my Top 11 Favorite Funny Movie Quotes. I need a laugh and a smile. Just thinking about these moments sends my honey and I into a fit of giggles. So, pop some popcorn and grab a bag of licorice and lets reminisce!

The Edmonton Tourist’s Top 11 Favorite Funny Movie Quotes!

  1. Some Like it Hot: Jack Lemmon kills me every time!!!! ( as an aside, have you ever noticed that the hotel in this movie looks like the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World?)

Jerry: Have I got things to tell you!

Joe: What happened?

Jerry: I’m engaged!

Joe: Congratulations! Who’s the lucky girl?

Jerry: I am!

2. There is Something about Mary: Really there was something about Ted!!

Mary’s Step Father to Ted: How did you get the beans above the frank?

3. Young Frankenstein: Poor lovable Igor… This scene makes my Honey howl with laughter just thinking about it.

Dr. Frankenstein: What is the name on the jar?

Igor: Abby

Dr. Frankenstein: Abby who?

Igor: Abby Normal

4.The Hangover: I am thankful Allan is not my brother-in-law…

Allan: Counting cards isn’t illegal it is just frowned upon…like masturbating on an airplane.

5. Couples Retreat: The Yoga instructor made me cry.

Yoga instructor: So I will transfer you my energy. I will transfer my karma. Here is my Karma on you.

Seriously more funny with the visual. But I can picture it, so just as funny in my head.

6. Monty Python The Meaning of Life: Organ Donation.

Organ Donor: But I am not done with my Liver!

7. Galaxy Quest: Hilarious if you are a Star Trek Fan or know a Star Trek Fan!!

Gwen DeMarco: Quick! Let’s get out of here before they kill Guy!

8. Notting Hill: Who doesn’t love Spike the greasy little roommate of Hugh Grant?

Spike: Just going into the kitchen to get some food, then I am going to tell you a story that will shrink your balls to the size of raisins.

9. Bridget Jones Diary: Sometimes you need to think before you speak.

Bridget Jones answering her phone: Wanton Sex Goddess with a very bad man between her thighs… MOM!!!

10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail: every second of it is funny, but this cracks me up and it was carried into Spamalot.

1st soldier with a keen interest in birds: Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

11. The Hangover: I know, I know, I already listed it but Allan is just a gem when it comes to quotes.

Allan: Just a pack of wolves roaming in the desert looking for strippers and cocaine.

Okay, I am feeling WAY BETTER! How about you? Please share your favorite movie moments…I can ALWAYS use a laugh. Besides, we seem to be traveling together in this tour group, it is always so much more funnier when shared with friends!